Arduino based physics labs
Arduino based physics labs
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Arduino based physics labs

Last updated on 2019-02-18

About the Book

lab book : Arduino based Physics experiments.

Check my other lab book: Arduino based digital electronics workshops An introduction to digital systems for small budgets.

About the Author

Dr. Veronique Lankar
Dr. Veronique Lankar

Dr. Veronique Lankar

Table of Contents

Acceleration due to gravity--------------------------------------------------2

Charge and Discharge of a 1000u capacitor in a 4.5K resistor-------6

Uniformly accelerated motion on an inclined plane ------------------12

Heat capacity of aluminum ------------------------------------------------17

Charge and discharge of a 0.7H inductor ------------------------------23

Inverse squared law of light -----------------------------------------------28

Magnetic field inside a solenoid as a function of current------------33

Food Cal in a marshmallow------------------------------------------------38

Newton's law of cooling-----------------------------------------------------43

Physical pendulum----------------------------------------------------------48

Simple harmonic motion of a vertical spring--------------------------53

Advanced simple harmonic motion -------------------------------------57

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