Applied Analog Electronics
Applied Analog Electronics
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Applied Analog Electronics

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Last updated on 2019-02-17

About the Book

This textbook is for a first course on electronics. It assumes no prior electronics experience, but does assume that students have had calculus and high-school physics. Drafts of the book have been used for several years at UCSC. A key idea of the course is that students need a lot of design experience and hands-on work, rather than a lot of theory. The course is centered around the labs, which are a mix of design labs and measurement/modeling labs.

The book is also intended for people to be able to learn from without a course, and many of the recent changes are to make the book more useful to hobbyists and students on a limited budget, by changing the labs so that they can be done without expensive lab equipment. The equipment needed is described in the Preface, which is included in the free sample chapters.

My blog discusses the development of the course and the book, along with many other topics.

The book is currently in final form for the 2019 offering of the course. I am offering 25¢ (US) for the first report of each error in the book (more for big errors). [About 170 errors, mainly typos, have already been reported through this mechanism—there are marginal notes in the book for things that still need to be fixed.]

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607 pages

302 figures

12 tables

479 index entries

142 references

About the Author

Kevin Karplus
Kevin Karplus

Kevin Karplus is a Professor of Biomolecular Engineering at University of California, Santa Cruz, where he was formerly a Professor of Computer Engineering. His education is in math (B.S. and M.S.) and computer science (Ph.D.), but he has taught a wide variety of subjects, including VLSI design, discrete math, digital logic design, computer architecture, technical writing, desktop publishing, bioinformatics, and applied electronics.

He writes a blog that discusses his courses and writing (among other things) at

Table of Contents

See sample PDF file for Table of Contents and some sample chapters.

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