API Product Management
API Product Management
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API Product Management

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Last updated on 2018-09-22

About the Book

Valuable and accessible products and services are the most important assets for any business, especially in the digital economy.

Through clear step-by-step explanations and real-life examples, you’ll learn the foundations of the API Product Management methodology.

It will help you to create, launch, and run digital products customers love.

About the Authors

Andrea Zulian
Andrea Zulian

I'm a product manager, agile coach, digital transformation consultant, and entrepreneur. I help companies and organizations to succeed in their digital journey applying Lean methodologies and intrapreneurship. As Team Leader and Senior API Product Manager for a leading telecommunications company in Europe, I developed and applied the API Product Management methodology launching successful digital products for the digital economy.

Amancio Bouza
Amancio Bouza

Amancio has received his PhD for his thesis on recommender systems, machine learning, and Semantic Web. He has several years of experience in tech startups, IT companies, and companies across different industries as Enterpreneur, Product Manager, Product Owner, Technical Lead, and Software Engineer

Table of Contents

    • 1. Foreword
    • 2. Preface
    • 3. About the Authors
  • I Setting the Stage
    • 4. Introduction
      • 4.1 What is API Product Management?
      • 4.2 Why are API Products Hard?
      • 4.3 What Will You Learn from this Book?
      • 4.4 Is this Book for You?
      • 4.5 How is this Book Organized?
    • 5. Why API
      • 5.1 Digital Economy
      • 5.2 API Economy
    • 6. Beginners Guide to API
      • 6.1 What is an API?
      • 6.2 Anatomy of an API
      • 6.3 What is a Digital Product?
      • 6.4 Paradigm Shift: From API to VPI
      • 6.5 What is an API Management Platform?
      • 6.6 Who are the API Stakeholders?
      • 6.7 Summary
    • 7. Understanding Digitalization and Digital Transformation
      • 7.1 What is Digitization?
      • 7.2 What is Digitalization?
      • 7.3 What is Digital Transformation?
      • 7.4 Summary
    • 8. Two Breeds of API: API Products and API Solutions
      • 8.1 Two Breads of API and Paradigm of Change
      • 8.2 API Solution is the Bread of Operations
      • 8.3 What is an API Solution?
      • 8.4 What is the Business Value of API Solutions?
      • 8.5 API Product is the Bread of Tactics
      • 8.6 What is an API Product?
      • 8.7 What is the Business Value of an API Product?
      • 8.8 Summary
    • 9. Case Studies
      • 9.1 Identity
      • 9.2 Smart Catalogs
  • II API Product Design
    • 10. Human-Centered API Design
      • 10.1 What is Human-Centered API Design?
      • 10.2 Three Stages of API Program Maturity
      • 10.3 API Workshop I: Learn API
      • 10.4 API Workshop II: Asset Discovery and API Product Ideation
      • 10.5 API Workshop III: API Ideation and Validation
      • 10.6 Case Study: Identity
      • 10.7 Summary
    • 11. Value Proposition Interface Canvas
      • 11.1 What is the Difference Between Value Proposition and API
      • 11.2 Foundations of Value Proposition Interface Canvas
      • 11.3 Value Proposition Interface Canvas
      • 11.4 Case Study: Identity
      • 11.5 Conclusion
  • III API Product Strategy
    • 12. Product Vision Board
    • 13. Product Lifecycle Management
    • 14. Ambition Matrix
    • 15. Stakeholder Management
    • 16. Business models
    • 17. Goal-Oriented Roadmap
  • IV API Product Execution
    • 18. Lean API Product Development
      • 18.1 Foundations of Lean API Product Development
      • 18.2 Overview of the Lean API Product Development
      • 18.3 Prototype-First in the Lean API Product Development
      • 18.4 Analytics-First in the Lean API Product Development
  • V Closing
    • 19. Hierarchy of API Design Principle
      • 19.1 Deliver Value to the Customer
      • 19.2 Provide Good User Experience to the Customer
      • 19.3 API Interface Design & Architecture (aka Philosophy)
    • 20. API Product Pitch for Everybody
      • 20.1 Daily API Product Pitch
      • 20.2 How to Pitch an API Product?
      • 20.3 Effective Structures for an API Product Pitch
    • 21. Conclusion
  • Notes

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