API foundations in Go
API foundations in Go (Engineer)
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API foundations in Go

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Completed on 2018-06-19

About the Book

This book is the distillation of more than a decade of web development experience. The knowledge behind it is powering some of the top-tier web sites in the world, serving millions and billions of requests. If you're thinking of writing an API today, and want to start with your right foot forward: this is the book which should give you all the tools you need. When you choose Go, you're ready to scale from the start.

About the Author

Tit Petric
Tit Petric

I'm a seasoned veteran of software engineering. Interested in performance optimization and problem solving. High traffic, high availability, virtualization, docker - these are the categories in which I live.


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Reader Testimonials



In general it was quite easy to follow and gave me a good bunch of confidence to attack some more web dev with golang. Including copying all the code, writing it for practice, it took about 4 hours of focused effort.

Tsuhg wo Ho
Tsuhg wo Ho

Four stars

Good book

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • About me
    • Why Go?
    • Who is this book for?
    • How should I study it?
  • Setting up your environment
    • Networking
    • Setting up a runner for your Go programs
    • Setting up Redis
    • Other services
  • Data structures
    • Declaring structs
    • Casting structs
    • Declaring interfaces
    • Abusing interfaces
    • Embedding and composition
    • Limiting goroutine parallelization
    • Slices
    • The slice operator
    • Allocation by append
    • Copying slices
    • Using slices in channels
  • Organizing your code
    • Suggested package structure
    • What to put there?
    • Format your source code
  • Encoding and decoding JSON
    • Encoding structs into JSON
    • Decoding JSON contents into structs
    • Nested structures
    • Anonymous structs
  • Serving HTTP requests
    • Setting up a simple web server
    • Routing logic
    • Routing and middleware with go-chi
    • Advanced middleware - CORS
    • JWT authentication middleware
  • Parallel fetching of data
    • A simple API service
    • Making it parallel
    • Some tips
  • Using external services (Redis)
    • Client library
    • Talking to a Redis instance
    • Worst case scenario
    • Let’s scale it
    • Connection pool
  • Using external services (MySQL)
    • Quick start
    • Goodbye simplicity
    • Simplicity redux
    • Connection pool
    • Scaling MySQL beyond MySQL
  • Test driven API development
    • Creating a simple API
    • Testing an API
    • More detailed testing
    • A note on testing
    • Implementing the complete API
  • Your first API
    • Putting the API together
    • Benchmarking it
    • Profiling it
  • Running your API in production
    • Configuration
    • Building an application
    • Embedding binary assets into an application
    • Serving embedded files via HTTP
    • Deploying an application
    • Creating a Docker image
    • Exposing run-time information
  • Resources

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