Aphorisms for Either Idiots or Peasants
Aphorisms for Either Idiots or Peasants
Brandon Hall
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Before You Proceed

Aphorisms are starting lines, not finish lines.


## Advice > Humans give great advice in terrible ways. We speak in one dimension, write in two, but grasp things in three.

Much advice is not taken for need of more explanation.

For efficiency, invest in Rube Goldberg machines.


“Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it,” but when we know only history, we are often caught off-guard.


A dialogue is more than an exchange of monologues.

Man does not communicate as well as he thinks he does.

Implicitly conveyed messages will be misunderstood.

Contradicting Ourselves

We speak of science but listen for magic.

Getting others to do something

Send them beside the thing and let gravity do the rest.

To Learn

Ask “stupid” questions.

Of Man

Questions are embarrassing reminders of Man’s insufficiency.


Be wary of he who says, “I trust not only in myself, for I trust in my fellow man also,” for what has been fixed in their doing this? So what if the matter has been abstracted some: is not Man still trusting in Man?

More Money, Less Money

Money that is quickly gained is quickly lost.1

Playing Games

Some games make losers of all who play them.

Winners play games they are willing to lose.


Specifics are believed, generalities distrusted. Smells are mysterious, farts are unmistakable.

A frosted window pane makes us curious while a clear one makes us indifferent.

To see things clearer, sometimes you must take off your glasses.

Diffusion endears what cohabitation incoheres.


Make time for the untimely.

Budget an hour and it will require but a minute. Budget a minute and it will require an hour.

Assume when you wish to be disappointed.


Read the words, miss the sentence.

Saying Something

A rich family history is conveyed whenever a person implies something. Say a thing flatly and you’re a jerk. Heavily imply it and you’re a son of a bitch.


To think is not to think well.

On a related note:

Few lose sleep wondering if someone else is wrong.

To Whom the Person in the Mirror Laughs At

No person is more deserving of mockery than one who cannot laugh at themselves.


He that can admit of his vulnerabilities is less vulnerable than many.


## Business > We must figure out how to raise our costs. We are a nonprofit, after all.

You must love your market long before your market loves you. (Assuming it ever does.)

The Communist Persuasion

Not content to leave the poor, poor, the Communist enters the scene then leaves them poor, sad, and angry.


1Upon posting a blog about this aphorism, I learned from my friend Arturo Vergara that, despite how I thought of this aphorism on my own, it is also, word-for-word (aside from being in Spanish?), a Mexican folk saying.