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Webapps in Go
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Webapps in Go

Last updated on 2019-07-07

About the Book

The book teaches you how to write web applications in Go without using a framework. It is possible to write a webapp without using any framework in Go. Each new concept will be explained via a valid code example. The book is based of a todo list manager I wrote in Go, and at any point in time, you can check the source code of the todo list manager.

This book is Open source at github

About the Author


Started programming six years ago. Love Python, Go, a FOSS enthusiast. Recently started my journey towards data science. Apart from programming, hobbies are reading, writing, cycling, photography or indulge in the endless philosophical discussions or about books. 

Table of Contents

  • Installation
    • System requirements
    • Install the Go tools
  • Tools
    • The toolchain
  • Hello, Go
    • Why Go?
  • Variables & Data structures
    • Variables
    • Constants
    • Elementary types
    • Underlying data structures
    • Important points
    • array, slice, map
  • Control statements and Functions
    • Control statement
    • Functions
  • Struct
    • Basics of Struct
  • Object-oriented
    • methods
  • Interface
    • Interface
  • Concurrency
  • Managing the Workspace
    • Packages
    • Internal deployment
  • Web Programming Basics
    • HTTP Methods
    • What is a template?
    • Static Files
  • Basic web application
    • Handling URLs
    • Serving static files
    • Homework
  • Designing our web app
    • The Design
    • Homework
  • Using databases in Go
    • Creating and configuring database
    • Installing sqlite driver
  • Accessing the database
    • Importing driver
  • Retrieving Result Sets
    • Fetching Data from the Database
    • How Scan() Works
    • Preparing Queries
    • Single-Row Queries
  • Modifying Data and Using Transactions
    • Statements that Modify Data
    • Working with Transactions
  • Using Prepared Statements
    • Prepared Statements And Connections
    • Avoiding Prepared Statements
    • Prepared Statements in Transactions
    • Parameter Placeholder Syntax
  • Handling Errors
    • Errors From Iterating Resultsets
    • Errors From Closing Resultsets
    • Errors From QueryRow()
    • Identifying Specific Database Errors
    • Handling Connection Errors
  • Working with NULLs
  • Working with Unknown Columns
  • The connection pool
  • Surprises, Antipatterns and Limitations
    • Resource Exhaustion
    • Large uint64 Values
    • Connection State Mismatch
    • Database-Specific Syntax
    • Multiple Result Sets
    • Invoking Stored Procedures
    • Multiple Statement Support
  • Database Encapsulation
  • An Example
    • Homework
  • Working with Forms
    • CSRF
    • Input Validation
  • Uploading files
  • Templates
    • Sub templating
    • Homework
  • Authentication
    • Cookies
    • Sessions
    • Users
  • Files
  • Routing
  • Middlewares
    • Example
  • Building an API
    • JWT
    • Making an API call
    • Formatting a JSON document
    • Testing API
  • Writing an client
    • Getting the token
    • Error handling
    • Example
    • Advanced Usage
  • Unit Testing
  • Version Control Basics
    • Using git
    • Branching
    • Remote

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