Antipatterns for… by Aino Vonge Corry [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Antipatterns for Retrospectives
Antipatterns for Retrospectives
Antipatterns for Retrospectives

Last updated on 2017-11-16

About the Book

This book will describe, in the style of anti-patterns, what often goes wrong in retrospectives and what you can do to help it. Based on 10+ years of facilitating retrospectives (and other meetings) this author wails about her bad experiences to anyone who will lend an ear.

About the Author

Aino Vonge Corry
Aino Vonge Corry

After a period of 10 years, where Aino did not know whether to be a researcher/teacher in academia or a teacher/facilitator in industry, she decided to start her own company, Metadeveloper, which develops developers, thus the name. Originally intereste in teaching maths, strange ways of the world moved her towards communication and facilitation which she does to such an extent that she had made all the mistakes possible in that field. And she would like to share these stories as a warning to other people wanting to facilitate meetings.

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