Riding Rails with AngularJS
Riding Rails with AngularJS
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Riding Rails with AngularJS

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Last updated on 2013-11-02

About the Book

We are selling this book along with the code at: http://www.fullstack.io/edu/angular/rails/. The book itself is available here on leanpub as well.

About the Author

Ari Lerner
Ari Lerner

Ari Lerner is a Founder of FullStack, a full-stack engineering and development shop that works with all parts of the stack. He enjoys all parts of the development ecosystem, from infrastructure deployment through to front-end application development and optimization. He co-manages defnewsletter.com and ng-newsletter.com. He lives in the sunny part of San Francisco.

Follow him on Github: @auser or Twitter: @auser

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • About the author
    • About this book
    • Organization of this book
    • Additional resources
    • Conventions used in this book
    • Development environment
  • Setting up our Rails app
    • Setting up our user model and authentication
    • Setting up our sharing model
    • Setting up a test harness for our Rails app
    • Testing WelcomeController
    • Building the session API
  • Angular in the Rails asset pipeline
    • Preparing to integrate the app
    • Fetching articles
    • Building the ShareService
    • Interacting with the session API
    • Building the share API
    • Client-side validation
    • Creating a directive
  • Angular using Rails as an API
    • Using the almighty Yeoman
    • Configuring Yeoman proxy
    • Developing the app
    • Developing Shareup
    • Securing the app (as much as possible)
    • CORS-based auth in the Rails app
    • Authentication
    • Implementing front-end signup
    • Implementing back-end login
    • Implementing front-end login
    • Making an authenticated API call
    • Getting current user data
    • Using $resource
    • Deploying the app
    • Conclusion

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