Schematics: Generating custom Angular Code with the CLI
Schematics: Generating custom Angular Code with the CLI
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Schematics: Generating custom Angular Code with the CLI

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Last updated on 2018-08-23

About the Book

Besides creative aspects, programming also involves performing boring repeating tasks. Some of them can be solved by creating reusable libraries. For the rest, we can leverage code generation. This is what this book is about. It shows how to make use of Schematics, the code generator behind the Angular CLI to generate custom Angular code. Using an example, you will learn how to scaffold a new Schematics project, how to work with templates and how to manipulate existing code.

About the Author

Manfred Steyer
Manfred Steyer

Manfred Steyer is a trainer and consultant with focus on Angular. He regularly speaks at conferences and Google recognizes him as a Google Developer Expert (GDE). Furthermore, Manfred wrote for O'Reilly, Microsoft Press, the German Java Magazine and windows.developer.

Since he started with web development in the late 90s, he worked as a team lead in the area of web based software projects and taught at an university of applied sciences. Manfred blogs at []( where you can also lookup the provided (In-House) trainings and consultancy services.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Used Version
    • Angular Labs Project means Changes ahead!
    • BETA-Book
    • Help to improve this book
    • About the Author
    • Acknowledgments
  • Generating Custom Code with the Angular CLI and Schematics
    • Goal
    • Scaffolding a Collection for Schematics … with Schematics
    • Adding an custom Schematic
    • Schematic Factory
    • Templates
    • Building and Testing with a Sample Application
  • Modifying NgModules
    • Goal
    • Utility Functions provided by the Angular CLI
    • Creating a Rule for adding a declaration to an NgModule
    • Extending the used Options Class and its JSON schema
    • Calling the Rule
    • Testing the extended Schematic
  • Extending existing Code with TypeScript’s Compiler API
    • Walking a Syntax Tree with the TypeScript Compiler API
    • Providing Key Data
    • Adding a new constructor
    • Adding a constructor argument
    • Deciding whether to create or modify a Constructor
    • Putting all together
    • Adding Rule to Schematic
    • Testing the extended Schematic
  • Frictionless Library Setup with the Angular CLI and Schematics
    • Goal
    • Getting Started
    • Adding an ng-add Schematic
    • Adjusting the Build Script
    • Test the Schematic Directly
    • Test the Schematic via an npm Registry
    • Extend our Schematic
    • Conclusion
  • Seamlessly Updating your Angular Libraries with ng update
    • Introducing a Breaking Change
    • Creating the Migration Schematic
    • Configuring the Migration Schematic
    • Test, Publish, and Update
    • Updating the Library

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