Among Bright Stars...
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Among Bright Stars...

About the Book

Consciousness streamed back into her body. The regular clockwork thump of her heartbeat thudded in her ears, and in a surge, Nadia Korelia rose up naked, covered in translucent, scintillating blue goo. Dark auburn hair clung to wet curves. She stepped out of the upgrade tank, which sat in Dr. Turhan Korelia's home laboratory. Though well past need for improvements, Nadia already possessed military grade enhancements, ever since GenKon injected his daughter with the telepath virus, Turhan insisted on these routine suffusions in diluted Raidun90. The upgrade tank allowed him to perform diagnostics to a Morningstar's systems, and make molecular alterations. A robot's positronic brain wasn't built of the same stuff as a humans. No telling what GenKon's animal (feline) based virus had done to his daughter. If need be, he could've purged the offensive modification. Against his better judgment however, Turhan never did so. “How do you feel Nadezda?”

More for propriety's sake, than reasons of modesty, Nadia pulled on a short satin cerulean kimono, emblazoned with a silvern phoenix. She hardly bothered to tie-close the garment, draped over voluminous, outward pointed tits, bouncy, not quite contained as she shifted her stance on the heated floor. Her mother would've preferred Nadia be more demure regarding her generous womanly body. Only Nadia hadn't been programmed to feel shame. Morningstars were given to stride around as if they resided in the Garden of Eden. “Fine Papa,” she smiled and stretched. “These Radiun90 bathes are always quite rejuvenating.”

Removing an instrument, one of the many he himself constructed, a necessity because of his completely new technology, Turhan said as he waved the device over his daughter. “Hold out your right hand, and wiggle your little finger.”Nadia did as her father instructed.

Turhan consulted his readout. Grumbled to himself, not that his grumble indicated any sort of problem. The readings were where they should be, he just hated the notion of Uric Kreis messing with his daughter and her extraordinary brain. “Coordination seems OK... No positronic errors. Now move your big toe on your left foot.”Unsurprisingly, both Nadia's digits did just what they should.

“I'm going to tell Sharr this weekend.”

“If you think he's ready to know what you are.”

“He is.”

Turhan cleared his throat. “You know,” he grinned. “Your Maa isn't very happy about you and Sharr going off alone for the weekend?”

Nadia rolled her bright blue eyes. “Maa does understand that Sharr and I've been having sex, a lot of it for awhile now, right?”

“Ambika's just sort of – ”


“Old fashioned.”

“I'm a grown woman. Aren't I?”

“Of course, and more than capable to make up your own mind.” Assured Turhan, ever pleased by the miracle that was his daughter. “But it doesn't change the fact, Ambika wants you to slow down a bit. We both like Sharr. Wouldn't want to frighten him off.”

“Learning what I am won't scare him. I know it.” Nadia then added with a touch of unhappiness. “Besides, it’s not as if I could get pregnant...”

“Don't be so sure --”

“I find it highly unlikely.”

“Maybe so...” Turhan ruminated. “But I think Morningstars are intended to be fruitful and multiply...”

“You don't like talking about it. Do you?”

Turhan brooded. “What? That a voice from on high directed me toward invention of Raidun90.” And then in a booming baritone he quoted.” ‘I give you power to create life out of lifelessness. From the Earth’s clay, forge a woman, she who shall be Eve to a New humanity, and become mother of Stormangels!'. Scientists aren't supposed to listen to Heavenly agencies, yet here I am sent on my great journey, because voices in my head told me to leave my home. Good to, otherwise I would have been caught up in the revolution which exiled the Shah...”

About the Author

Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson

Rodney C. Johnson lives in Westbrook, Ct. with his two beagles, Zoey and Bentley, plus the family cat Gretchen. He enjoys reading and writing. He considers himself a “Foodie”. His love of Science Fiction was driven by Star Trek and Frank Herbert’s classic work DUNE. In his free time, Rodney C. Johnson is an avid collector of books, new or used. Mostly Science Fiction books (Sci-Fi), but he will read anything, provided it catches his interest. It's not about the genre - it is about if the author paints a vivid picture with his words.

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