What Happens in the Renaissance Stays in the Renaissance (Festivals or Otherwise)
What Happens in the Renaissance Stays in the Renaissance (Festivals or Otherwise)
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Now for those of you who have never heard of or seen a renaissance festival, go into Google Images and look up the Colorado Renaissance Festival. That should give you an idea of what it’s like. Now if I describe clothing, there is a possibility of me mixing up eras, and I hope to be able to fix that at a later date of publication, but if I get that mixed up you will have to accept it because I’m not perfect. Also, I may mix up some of the renaissance terms because while the renaissance era is a big part of my life I can’t go around constantly living in it. There will be references to a lot of things that you may or may not quite understand such as different Shakespeare plays, things that traditionally happen at the renaissance festivals (Rene faires), and I’ll probably be including some of my favourite every day references from different fandoms if I want to. Now some of these may be based off of my actual experiences with the faires and some may not be but all the same I hope you enjoy my random little collection of renaissance based stories. Enjoy.

The Pirate’s Daughter in the Royal Court

I woke up in the middle of the night knowing that something was not right. It wasn’t based off of the sounds of clashing swords and cannons being fired, no, it was the sound of people climbing the side of the Quake. I knew that Leon and my father were shouting orders on the deck above. I also knew that I couldn’t stay down here while my home was under attack. I slipped into a blue gown and ran down the hall to the stairs. Frigid December wind hit me, immediately chilling me to the bone. Knights from Allastasia were fighting the people I had grown up around, the pirates from the Quake. I soon spotted my father and Leon. I ran to where they were standing. Two knights grabbed me when I was half way towards them. I screamed as I was dragged off of my father’s ship. The knights kidnapped me from my home with Leon’s proposal still fresh in my mind. After a week of riding, the moment I had always feared had come. I followed the knights in to Queen Elizabeth’s throne room. I took a deep breath and waited. The young ladies of court entered the room. The knights kneeled and I rolled my eyes. There was suddenly chatter amongst the ladies of court as the Queen came in. I looked at the Queen and sighed. She was wearing an emerald green gown with puffed sleeves and pearls covering her corset and sleeves, her hair was pulled up into an elaborate style. You would never see something like what she was wearing on the ship. I watched her closely though. She sat and a knight grabbed me by the shoulder and led me to where she was sitting. “Thank the lord that you all returned safely with Lady Chantee,” the Queen said. “My lady, Lady Chantee is in fact dead, but Lady Oceana lived on the ship for nine months, we suspect that she had a child on the ship. We suspect that this is the ladies child.” The knight nearest me said. The Queen stood. “Lady Oceana would never,” She snapped. “Lord Feo was with her.” The knight replied. The Queen considered this for a few and sat back down. “Lyra, Caylie lead the lady to the Zea chamber.” The Queen said to two of the ladies. The two girls quickly walked to me and took me away from the knights. I was glad to be away from the knights, but I was worried about what these girls were about to do to me. The two girls opened a door and went into the room. I hesitated and followed. One of the girls was drawing a bath, while the other girl was sorting through gowns. I studied both girls for a minute. One had a soft amber color hair and soft green eyes. The other girl had golden bronze hair and brown eyes. The one with amber hair walked over towards me and helped me out of my dress. She then saw a silver necklace that I was wearing. She smiled before taking it off of me. The girl with the golden bronze hair helped me out of my under clothes and led me to the bath. I washed quickly. The girl with the amber hair helped me into my under clothes, and then the two girls slid a sapphire gown over my head. The girl with the amber hair stepped in front of me as the other girl tied me into a corset. “My name is Lyra,” The girl with the amber hair said. The other girl finished tying the corset and stood next to Lyra. “I’m Caylie,” she said. They both looked me up and down for a few minutes before each grabbing me by an arm. The two girls dragged me back to the throne room. They curtsied and let go of my arms. “Welcome, Lady Isabella, Countess of Zea,” The Queen said standing. I shuddered. I couldn’t be a Countess. The other girls in the court were glaring at me. I suddenly collapsed. Caylie and Lyra were right there next to me. “My lady, I think that Lady Isabella needs to rest, she’s been riding for a week without much sleep.” Lyra said. The Queen nodded and Caylie helped me up. Lyra and Caylie lead me back to the Zea chamber. Caylie untied the corset and handed me a night gown. I changed and crawled into the bed. I quickly fell asleep. “Lady Isabella, the queen wishes to see you,” Lyra said waking me up the next morning. She quickly helped me into a midnight blue dress with full skirts. She then tied the corset, and led me to the throne room. Lyra curtsied and left me. I walked into the throne room and waited. The Queen was sitting in her throne wearing a pale pink gown laced with simple gems. She stood when I entered. “Isabella,” The Queen started but the doors were thrown open. Leon was fighting to get out of the grip of two of the knights. “Let go of me,” He was yelling. He hadn’t seen me yet. “My Lady,” One of the knights said. “This pirate was found in the village terrorizing children. I say we hang him.” “No,” I said in my head. “Why not Isabella,” The Queen asked me. I realized that I must have actually said no out loud. “He’s a friend, and if you hang him I’ll run.” I whispered. “Let the man go,” The Queen said quietly. Leon looked up and saw me. His green eyes pierced my thoughts. The knights let go of Leon and he ran out of the throne room. “You are dismissed,” The Queen snapped at the knights. They quickly left the room. “Betrothed I assume,” She whispered to me after they were gone. “Not agreed yet, but he had proposed.” I said. The Queen nodded. “I seem to have forgotten why I called you here, for now, you are dismissed.” The Queen said smiling. I left the throne room and ran to find Leon. I spotted him in the court yard. “Leon, I have to speak with you,” I said running to him. “What happened?” He asked. I looked at his eyes and sighed. He was crying. “The attack to the Quake, knights grabbed me when I was running towards you. They claim that I’m a daughter of Oceana.” I said crying. He wrapped his arms around me. “They sunk the Quake,” he whispered. I looked up at him and frowned. Leon stood, took my hand, and bowed kissing my hand. He left me sitting on a bench alone crying. I went back to the Zea chamber. Lyra was sitting on the bed. “Lady Isabella, Princess Amber, Duchess Sarah, and Countess Rae wish to see you in the royal gardens.” I didn’t know where those were and she knew it. She quickly led me to the gardens and left me. There were three girls already there. Princess Amber approached me. She was wearing a purple gown with a sliver tiara. She looked me up and down. “Sarah, Rae, what do you think?” She asked the other two girls. One of the girls stepped forward. She was wearing a brown gown and had a journal tucked under her arm. “She’ll do,” The girl said. The other girl stepped forward. She was wearing a red gown and had her blonde hair down. “I agree with Sarah, as long as she’s here, she’ll be fine.” The girl said. The two girls walked away. “Here,” Amber said handing me a jewelry box. “Every lady in court wears matching necklaces. There is one for every color of dress you could possibly want.” Amber said walking away. I opened the box and was surprised. Inside was a set of silver necklaces laid with gems of all colors. I had never seen anything so delicate. I went back to the Zea chamber and fell asleep. Caylie shook me awake a few hours later. “A carriage was prepared for you, the Queen wishes you to go to Zea and start running things down there.” She said. I didn’t know what to say, but followed her to the carriage she mentioned. Lyra was already there and was sitting in the carriage. I climbed in and sat down. Caylie climbed in after me. “The Queen wants us to stay with you my lady,” Lyra said after the carriage started moving. I just nodded and looked away from the two of them. Six days later, we pulled up to a fancy home. I knew immediately that this would be my new home. Lyra and Caylie got out of the carriage. The two girls walked toward the estate. I looked around and saw a wonderful view of the ocean. That wasn’t what caught my attention though; there was a ship in the harbor. I knew the ship without even looking at the name of it. It was the Quake. I was saddened to see the ship. Looking at it, Leon wasn’t kidding about it being sunk. I wanted to go down there, and comfort my old crew, but I knew Lyra and Caylie wouldn’t allow that. I could tell just by looking near the ship that my father was hoping he would be able to fix the ship. I knew it wouldn’t be possible though. Caylie came over to where I was standing. “Let them know that your okay, my lady,” She said. I nodded. I started down the hill. Caylie followed me. I got to the harbor and ran to the Quake. My father was sitting on the dock crying. “Is he okay?” Caylie asked me. “He’s suffering loss, he lost me, and the ship the same night.” I whisper to her. My father doesn’t notice me. I walked to the ship sadly and inspected it. “It’ll take thousands to fix it,” I said crying. I felt a hand grab my wrist. “Get away, it’s because of people of your kind that our home is ruined and our captain’s daughter is missing.” Someone said. “Unhand her sir,” Caylie said. “Jake, let go of me,” I said trying to get away from him. He shoved me and I went flying into the sea. Caylie screamed making the rest of the crew notice what just happened. I heard a splash and felt arms around my waist. “Isabella, come on Bella wake up.” I heard a voice say. “Why did you save her Leon?” Jake yelled. “Isabella, wake up, you girl, does she have anyone else with her?” Leon asked. “No, we arrived in the village less than an hour ago, and she wanted to come here.” Caylie said. “Get the captain,” Leon said to someone. I heard people running. I let my eyes flutter open. “Leon,” I gasped. “Don’t sit up Bella,” He whispered. “Caylie, I’m fine. You should go get Lyra.” I told Caylie. She shook her head. “Mark go up to the estate and find a lady-in-waiting named Lyra,” Leon yelled. I saw Mark nod and run off. “What’s going on?” I heard a rough voice say. I didn’t care what Leon said, I jumped up and ran to hug my father. “Captain Shamus, your daughter in perfect order like I promised.” Leon said laughing. “Isabella,” my father said hugging me. “You’re soaked,” he muttered. “Blame Jake sir,” Leon said quietly. My father nodded and let go of me. He hadn’t noticed my gown yet. “Royal Court made,” he whispered. “My lady, I’m sure we shouldn’t be out here much longer.” Caylie muttered. “Caylie, go home. Lyra should be here in minutes and I shall be fine.” I told her. Caylie hesitated then left me. “Captain, she saved my life earlier in the week.” Leon told my father. “You knew?” My father snapped. “I didn’t trust her at first, but Jake’s stupid mistake made me remember how much she meant to everyone on the ship.” Leon said. My heart fell. I knew this would have happened. “What happened to Lady Oceana?” I asked turning to my father. He looked at me dazed. “How do you know about that?” He asked. “The Queen said that I was her child.” I whispered. “That’s why I got sucked into the Royal Court otherwise I would have been hung.” I said about to cry. “It is true, you are Lady Oceana’s daughter, but you are also my daughter.” My father said. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Lord Feo was killed before Lady Oceana was brought onto the ship for her safety. She became pregnant with you, and died giving birth.” My father said. I felt my heart drop. “So I’m a pirate, yet my mother was a countess.” I was scared. Leon grabbed me around the waist before I could do something stupid. “Yes,” my father whispered. I was back at the estate. I was freaking out though. Caylie wouldn’t come anywhere near me. Lyra was worried. Leon hadn’t tried to talk to me before I left. I knew I should tell the Queen what I had found out, but I didn’t want to. A week after my father had told me the truth; I went down to the harbor again. This time, I was alone. The Quake wasn’t there though. No one was. I sat down on the shore and put my feet in the water. I didn’t know what I would do. No one in the village really knew who I was. I sighed happily. I heard a trumpet sound though. I jumped when I heard them. I saw a carriage followed by knights enter the village. I quickly ran back up to the estate. The Queen… in Zea, that wasn’t good news. I heard a familiar noise. Cannon fire. I ran out to the garden and saw that the Quake was firing at the shore. I started panicking more. “Lyra, get a horse saddled. I need to get to the harbor. Keep the Queen distracted,” I told her. I quickly changed into a better outfit for what I was about to do. I ran outside and met Lyra who was waiting with a horse. I quickly rode to the shore where the Quake was. I hadn’t done this kind of thing since I was young, and I never could really swim. I rode the horse to the end of the dock and jumped. I flew through the air and tried to fly onto the ship. I hit the side and climbed on. Leon was sitting there not paying attention. Other than him, no one was on the deck. I slipped past him and down to the lower decks where the cannons were. I saw my father and knew to avoid him. Delton saw me and waved before shooting the cannon again. I shook my head in anger. He looked disappointed in himself then. He quit shooting the cannon. Word spread quickly through the crew and soon no one was firing the cannons. I went to the top deck and groaned. I wasn’t anywhere near the shore. I knew that the ship was leaving Zea. I prayed and jumped off the ship. I tried to swim, but I couldn’t. I was choking on water when there was a splash. Delton helped Leon get me back on the ship. “She’s not back,” Leon said. “Yes,” I whispered. Leon looked in shock. Delton didn’t say anything. “We’ll get a long boat and take her back to shore.” Leon said after a while. Delton nodded and the two of them got to work. Soon the two guys were rowing me back to shore. Leon took my arm, and Delton took the horse that Lyra had saddled for me. The two boys led me back up to the estate. Lyra’s eyes widened when she saw me come back up. The Queen was there with Amber, Sarah, and Rae. The Queen smiled, but Amber, Sarah, and Rae looked freaked out. “My lady,” I said starting to curtsy. I suddenly felt out of breath and started to fall. Leon caught me before I hit my head on the stone that we were standing on. “She was drowning that’s why we are here; I saved her and then led her home.” Leon told the Queen when I fell. I felt him lift me and carry me inside the estate. The Queen and the other girls of court were given rooms. Dinner wouldn’t be for a few hours, and neither Delton nor Leon would leave until after it. I smiled and thought back to dinners on the Quake. Soon Delton and Leon left the estate. Amber, Sarah, and Rae all went to their rooms. “Isabella, I need to speak with you.” The Queen said before I could leave. “Yes my lady,” I said quietly. “It starts with the report I got from Caylie, then it includes the pirates that were here a few minutes ago. Caylie says that you are in fact Lady Oceana’s daughter, but you are not Lord Feo’s child. It confuses me, but you are the only heir we have. Also I wanted to speak about the pirates. You must leave them, they tried to destroy your home today and you’re still with them. Forget about the pirates.” She said. “Yes my lady,” I whispered trying not to cry. The Queen dismissed me and I ran towards the harbor. I knew that they wouldn’t have left yet. I ran to Leon tripping on my satin skirt along the way. I skidded across the ground for about two feet before I found the two guys. Leon jumped over the side of the long boat and grabbed me. I was crying, not from the pain, but from what the Queen told me. Leon was holding me against his chest as I told the two guys what happened after they left. Delton was the one who suggested it. I stayed on the long boat with the two boys as they rowed back to the ship. I would be home again. Camden grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the ship he then pulled Leon and Delton on board as well. I slipped away before anyone realized that I was on board. I changed into my normal gown. I went back onto the top deck and saw that everyone was drinking. It was a normal thing on the Quake. Leon handed me a goblet and said a toast. I wasn’t paying any attention to that though. Almost everyone on board was drunk by the time you couldn’t see land anymore. I was getting tired and dizzy. Leon carried me to my cabin and started kissing me. We both fell asleep wrapped up in each other’s arms. When I woke I could hear a fight on the deck above. Someone stood above my bed, but Leon was still next to me. It was a knight. Leon was asleep so I’d have to fight this battle on my own. I grabbed my sword before getting out of bed. “You are to come with me my lady,” The knight said. He had his sword drawn. “Never, you’ll have to fight to get me to come with you.” I responded. The knight lunged towards me. I blocked his attack and fought back. I was better than him. Suddenly he caught me by surprise and I was down. He grabbed me and carried me out of my cabin. I was screaming for Leon, but he was still fast asleep. I cried out as the knight dragged me through the crew’s cabins. I screamed as they dragged me off the top deck on the ship. I cried as they dragged me back onto a royal ship and shot at the Quake again. I screamed as I saw my ship sink for the second time in a month. I cried as I thought about my friends and family that were on that ship. The knights threw me onto the ground on the ship and sailed back to land. My heart had just been broken again. I woke up on the deck of a ship I had never seen before. I sat up and saw that we were close to the shore of Zea. I sighed and prepared to be yelled at. Lyra had assisted me the next morning. She tied my corset and left my room. No one had talked to me since the stunt with the pirates. “Isabella Maria Rozwela, you are charged with the act of piracy, betraying the trust of the Royal Court, and threatening the Queen of Allastasia. You are to be hung on Saturday, the 25th, at three and thirty.” A knight said as soon as I got down stairs. I had known it was coming. I nodded and walked past him. I didn’t care if I was to be hung or not. I ran down to the harbor. The Quake wasn’t there. I ran past where the Quake normally docked and to the forest right outside of the village. I sat down on the ground and cried. I would die alone. I took a deep breath and calmed down before deciding to walk further into the forest. By the time dinner rolled around, I was lost deep in the forest. I was born for the sea, not land. It started raining then. I couldn’t breathe as it was because of my corset, now I had to find the estate, and get out of here. I suddenly felt light headed and fell. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t see much of anything. I passed out from the lack of air. My corset was torn off of my chest and I could breathe again. I took a minute before I came around. A guy was leaning over me. I didn’t recognize him at first. “Isabella, what have you gotten yourself into?” The boy asked. “Besides an appointment with the stocks, and losing my family…” I paused. “You don’t have that appointment anymore mate; I got you into the clear.” The boy said. I finally recognized something about him. “Captain Demos,” I whispered. “No actually, not the captain, try his son Lucas.” The boy said. The boy grabbed my hand and helped me stand. “You’re actually quite lucky I live out here, otherwise you would have been wonderful bear bait.” Lucas said. I remembered why I quit talking to Lucas now. “I want to go home,” I whispered. “As far as I know, your home is the estate where they will question you about where you have been all day, but I know you still refer to the Quake as your home.” Lucas said. He kissed my hand and bowed slightly. He led me somewhere. I didn’t know where. We were back in the village near the harbor. “As I think about it, maybe I should have helped you put your corset back on before leading you back here.” He whispered. I giggled a bit and saw a ship that I recognized quite well. “The Moon is here?” I asked Lucas. He nodded. “I would not have known about your appointment with the stocks had my father not told me when I came to town earlier this evening.” Lucas said. A knight climbed off the Moon. I hid behind Lucas quickly. “Don’t worry Isabella; they are searching for you since you disappeared. The fact that you shall return home half naked worries me a little, but you shall be fine. I’ll leave you with the knight and take my leave. It’s better if you are not seen with any of us for a while.” Lucas said. He bowed and led me to the knight. He bowed at the knight and left. The knight grabbed my arm and led me back to the estate. “Lady Isabella,” Caylie shrieked when she saw me. I was still without my corset. “The Queen requested to see you, but alas we must get you into dry clothes and a better corset.” Caylie said. She grabbed my wrist and led me out of the court yard. “What happened to your corset my lady?” Caylie asked me when we were alone. “I couldn’t breathe and had passed out. A young lad who lives in the forest saw me and took my corset off of me so that I could breathe again. I believe we forgot to grab the corset on the way out of the forest.” I told Caylie. She sighed and took me into my chamber. Soon I was laced into a blue satin gown and corset. Caylie led me to the great hall where the Queen was sitting. “Lady Caylie, you are dismissed.” The Queen said when we entered the room. Caylie curtsied and left. I took a deep breath and curtsied before walking to where the Queen was sitting. “Isabella, all charges against you have been dropped. I’m sure the young lad who saved your life explained that to you. All charges against the lad have been dropped as well.” The Queen said. “My lady, what were all the charges?” I asked her. “You were charged for being a pirate, as was the lad.” She replied. “But I did not call you here to talk about the charges held against you.” “Why did you call me here then my lady,” I asked. “Well, as you are of marrying age, you are to marry.” The Queen said. I tried not to make a sound. “I do know about your betrothal to the pirate, but that must be broken.” The Queen said. I tried not to cry. The Queen dismissed me and I ran to my bed chamber. I couldn’t handle not being with Leon. I threw myself onto my bed and cried. I cried for a while. It was supper time when Caylie came into my chamber to help me prepare. I had quit crying before she came to my chamber. When Caylie saw me though, she knew something was wrong. “I shall say you caught cold in the storm today and that you wish for your dinner in your chamber.” She said after taking one look at me. She left my chamber and I continued to lie upon my bed. Lyra came into my chamber minutes later with some supper for me. I had started eating while Lyra drew me a bath. I ate my supper and took a bath. Lyra helped me into a night gown and tucked me into bed before speaking. “The pirate shall come back to save you, I know he will.” She whispered before leaving my chamber. I had hope that something good would come within the next few days. I slept soundly that night knowing that what Lyra said was true. I woke early the next morning. I found a leather journal that I had had all my life. I wrote down just what I needed to. Lyra knocked upon my door thirty minutes later. I allowed her to enter. She pulled a forest green gown from my wardrobe. I slid out of bed and she helped me dress. She tightened my corset and made my bed for me. I walked to the dining hall to eat breakfast. As soon as I finished eating, I took a walk. I was breaking rules but at the time I did not care. I walked through the village and tried to get to know some of the townsfolk. I spoke with many that day. Caylie found me around dinner time. She took me back to the estate. Dinner was served and as soon as the meal ended, Amber, Rae, and Sarah decided to go for a walk in town. I went with the girls from court hoping that they would help me find a nice young lad to marry. I still didn’t want to give up on Leon, but I knew I had to. We walked through shops for hours looking at priceless jewelry, and clothes. Amber bought us all matching white satin gowns. I had never owned something so fine. As we were walking back to the estate I saw Haye from the Moon. I waved slightly as he ran towards the Court. “Lady Isabella, I must speak with you quickly.” He said gasping for breath. Amber, Rae, and Sarah continued walking. “Make it quick Haye, I must be getting back.” I snapped. “It’s about Leon. He’s in the stocks now.” Haye said. I gasped and ran. I didn’t care. Leon was my love and he was in the stocks about to be killed. Haye ran after me. I got to the estate and ran to where the stocks and gallows were. Haye wasn’t kidding about were Leon was. I lunged towards him but a knight grabbed me from behind. I tried to get free of his grip when Haye pulled out his sword. “Let the lady go my lord,” He said stepping in front of me. The Queen’s knight let me go and I ran towards the stocks. “Leon, what happened to you?” I asked crying. “True love,” He whispered. Haye watched me closely. “Isabella, find a way. Anyway, to get home,” Leon whispered. I started crying. “I won’t let them do this to you,” I whispered. Haye grabbed me then and pulled me away from Leon. I was fighting Haye to get back to Leon, but I knew there was no use. Haye was stronger than me. He held on to me while I struggled to go back to Leon. Haye picked me up and carried me inside the estate. I was still crying and trying to get free. Lyra was the one who saw Haye. She quickly motioned for him to follow her and led him to my chamber. Haye set me down and I ran to the door. Lyra was in front of the door though so that I couldn’t get out. I was crying and trying to get out of my chamber. “Isabella, we have a plan. Leon shall be saved. Don’t worry, right now though, you must remain calm. You must act like royalty in this case. We shall find a way to free you soon.” Haye said grabbing my shoulders. I shook him off of me. “Lady Isabella, what the lord says is true.” Lyra said. “Why do you care about Leon Lyra,” I asked her. “Lyra, you have to tell her.” Haye said. “Tell me what?” I asked Haye. “Lyra and Leon are twins.” Haye replied. I felt light headed and dizzy then. Haye caught me as I fell. “Maybe it would have been better not to have told Lady Isabella until after we retrieve my brother from the stocks.” Lyra snapped at Haye. “Doubtful, the lady needed to know.” Haye said. He set me down on my bed. Haye left my chamber leaving Lyra and I alone. “I never told you for I thought it would be safer for you to not know.” Lyra whispered. I understood what she meant. “Then that means,” I started. “Yes my lady, I was born on the Quake.” Lyra said. I looked up at Lyra with new thoughts in my mind. “We must get you down to the court yard, the Queen wished to see you.” Lyra said looking away. She grabbed the white gown that Amber had bought for me and helped me into it. Lyra then led me to the court yard where the Queen was. I noticed that the rest of the court was wearing their white gowns as well. Lyra curtsied and left us. I stood with Amber and the other ladies of court. Leon was brought in front of us. “For acts of piracy and attacking the members of the royal court, Leon Lash is to be hung at two and thirty on the twenty-third of December.” A knight said. I took a deep breath in knowing that that was today. I saw Haye in the crowd. I also saw some of the others from both the Quake, and the Moon. Haye winked at me, and I knew what I had to do. I started mumbling about not being able to breathe and fell to the ground. Knights and ladies of the court alike surrounded me. Haye was next to me soon after my fall. “He’s fine, Des cut him free.” He whispered. Then he looked at the others. “Her corset is to tight, remove the corset and the lady shall be fine.” He said. The knights stared at him. Haye untied my corset and I took a deep breath knowing that it was the only thing keeping Leon alive. The Queen looked ashamed. Caylie who stood on the other side of the Queen came to my side. “I believe when I helped the lady prepare, I must have tied her corset to tight. My apologizes, my lady.” She said. Haye nodded. “The Lady shall be fine now.” He told the crowd. Everyone turned back to the stocks where Leon had been. Leon was gone though. “The pirate got away.” A few knights screamed. Haye disappeared into the crowd. A lot of the villagers looked angry. Caylie helped me stand and led me to my room. “You lied, why?” I asked her. “It was all a part of the plan. Your loving betrothed is safe now thanks to you.” She replied. “Is he safe?” Lyra asked us. “Your brother got away fine. Lady Isabella saw to that.” Caylie said. Lyra smiled and looked at my gown. “Your beautiful white satin gown, ruined.” She said. “But alas, the ruined gown helped save your brother.” Caylie whispered. I smiled at my two ladies-in-waiting. They had become like family to me. Caylie helped me out of the white gown and got me a dark blue satin gown from my wardrobe. Lyra did my hair while Caylie tied my corset. I smiled at both girls as they led me to the dining room. “I have decided that there must be a ball for Lady Isabella to choose her husband.” The queen said at our arrival. I didn’t like the idea, and Caylie and Lyra knew it. “All will be fine my lady,” Lyra whispered. I prayed that it would be so. The Queen made every lady in the court get a new gown. My gown ended up being navy blue satin with silk emerald green accents. Lyra had a new soft pink gown and Caylie had a new violet gown. When the night of the ball came, Lyra helped me dress. We then walked to the ball room where we were to meet with the rest of the Royal Court. Lyra and Caylie went into the ball room while I was forced to stand outside. The Royal court entered the ball room slowly. I was supposed to be the last to enter. The Queen entered the ball room, and I was supposed to follow her. People had been clapping in the ball room. They announced my name, and I started my way down the flight of stairs into the ball room. Many were clapping. I didn’t notice the pirates yet. Music began to play. Lords bowed and ladies curtsied. I watched as the dancing began. “Lady Isabella, would you like to dance?” A man asked me. I nodded and danced with the lord. “I’m assuming you don’t recognize me Bella,” The man said while we were dancing. I shook my head. “Figures, last time we spoke you were quite a bit younger.” He said again. I thought back. “I still don’t believe that we have met sir,” I whispered. “Let’s just say that you have many friends hiding here tonight, which plan to get you out.” The man said bowing before he walked away. At first I didn’t know what he meant. Soon I understood what he meant though. I saw plenty of familiar faces. I saw Tris from the High Flyer, Marn from the Mister, Alex from the Quake and plenty for others that I knew. Leon wasn’t there, nor was Haye but that was to be expected. “Lady Isabella, that actually sounds strange to be saying considering I have always called you Bella or Isabella.” Tris said when I ran into him on the dance floor. “I have to say, doing well for a pirate’s daughter.” Marn said later. Alex grabbed me eventually. “Stroke of twelve, find me. They expect about half of the crowd to retire for the evening. They will take the decoy and will think that you are still here. Most of us plan to leave then, but we might have to leave a few more people than wanted to behind.” Alex said. He let go of me and continued dancing around. At eleven and forty-five, I saw Alex checking his pocket watch. It was almost time for the plan to be put into place. I saw a few people who looked like me. I hadn’t seen Lyra in awhile though. I kept looking around for my lady-in-waiting but couldn’t find her. Finally I found Lyra in a gown identical to mine. I finally understood who the decoy was. The clock struck twelve and I found Alex. He was bowing to the Queen. I watched as I recognized more people. Alex walked towards me and took my arm. “What did you tell her to be able to pull this off?” I asked him. “I told the Queen that you were my younger sister.” He whispered. “You are so going to pay for that,” I grumbled. Horses stood waiting for us. “You’re kidding right?” I asked him. “Nope, I did not know you had a slight problem with horses.” He said helping me mount. “Not much anymore.” I said frustrated. He smiled and mounted a steed of his own and we rode off. “How did we not get caught, I mean there were people from at least ten different crews at the ball tonight,” I said climbing onto a long boat. He climbed in and sat down rowing us out. “We did not get caught because none of the ships are near the shore.” He said. I watched as the cliffs grew larger, and the shore shrank. I then saw what he meant. Almost every pirate ship I had ever been on was anchored behind the cliffs. I laughed and accepted the hand that pulled me onto the ship. Leon ran from where he was and kissed me. I hugged him wishing that I wouldn’t ever have to let go. I was led to my cabin and was able to change into a dress of my own choosing for the first time in weeks. “Why did Lyra be the decoy, she looks quite a bit like me, I know but still it’s a risk?” I asked after awhile. “We’re leaving now. The others shall meet us in Rothworld.” Leon said. I realized that the ship was moving. I hadn’t understood why though. I was happy, I was home. Leon’s hand reached for mine. I smiled and grabbed his hand. The chilly January wind picked up. Leon pulled me into a cabin to get me out of the cold air. Leon wrapped his arms around me after making us both some tea. I smiled and kissed his cheek. Leon smiled and grabbed both my hands standing up. I stood up with him. He had his hands around my waist, and was spinning me around. “You missed most of the ball that was dedicated to you, so I thought you and I could have our own dance.” He whispered. I laughed and danced with him. Normally the ship was full of laughter, but until we were in Rothworld, I knew that there probably wouldn’t be much laughing. Leon and I danced for hours. The sun was starting to rise when we finally quit dancing. Leon kissed me and I went to my room on the ship. I fell asleep before I even hit the pillows. I woke up with the sun shining brightly in the window of my cabin. I rolled out of bed and slipped into a soft pink dress. I ran up onto the deck and looked around. I could tell that we weren’t far from Rothworld. Delton was standing on the deck talking to Alex. They both turned to look at me. “Bella, welcome home,” Delton said walking over to me to hug me. Alex turned away to hide his grinning face, as everyone on board knew how much I hated to be hugged. “Where is Leon?” I asked Alex. “He sailed ashore with your father and a few others earlier in the morn. We didn’t want to wake you so we let you sleep.” Alex replied. “Leon wished never to leave your side again, but he did have to follow his duty as first mate. We were to steer the ship over to Rothworld and then take a boat to the island when you awoke.” Delton cut in. “Follow orders, remember when neither Leon nor my father are around I am your captain.” I said laughing. Delton took hold of the wheel and steered us towards the island of Rothworld. Alex helped me into a long boat as Delton threw the anchor down. Delton joined us and helped Alex row us to shore. Alex hopped out of the boat and grabbed my hand. He pulled me onto the dock of Rothworld and smiled. “Have fun m’lady,” Alex said dropping my hand. I ran towards the pub where Leon would be with most of the crew. “One for m’lady dear sir,” Leon said as soon as he saw me. “Isabella it’s wonderful to have you back!” Issac yelled across the bar. Everyone was laughing and cheering just like always. This was why I had first fallen in love with the Quake. I knew plenty of people in the pub, from different ships. It was wonderful to see that none of them had gotten captured back in Zea. Haye came up next to me and smiled. “Can I speak with you in private m’lady?” he asked. I nodded and followed him outside the pub and down the road a little. “What is it you wish to speak about?” I asked him. “I heard rumors and I wanted to see what you think based off what they say.” He told me quietly. Haye was a fun loving kind of guy. There wasn’t a serious bone in his body. “What rumors?” I asked wondering what the word was amongst the others now. “I heard rumors that Lyon proposed. I’d like to know if ‘tis true, and if so I’d like to advise you on your decision.” Haye told me softly. “‘Tis true, Lyon did ask for my hand in marriage, alas I have yet to answer after everything happened in Allastasia.” I replied with a soft smile. “If you should be kind enough to hear me say while ‘tis not my place, you should take his hand. ‘Tis clear that he loves you greatly, perhaps greater than any other man ever could; with that in mind, marry the chap. It’s clear that he is where your heart lies.” Haye grabbed my hand and smiled before softly kissing it. “While ‘tis a bold statement, I do wish to take his hand, but alas I am scared to accept with Queen Elizabeth insisting I leave the pirate life behind.” Haye nodded. “I’m sure we could convince Lyon to change more into a man of the court and have the two of ye marry still.” He smiled. “It would be difficult to convince Queen Elizabeth of his loyalty,” He nodded and sighed. “I understand completely. Queen Elizabeth could have you hung for being here alone. We don’t want that, but we want you home. You are only at home here with us and that’s why we took you far away from Zea.” Haye told me grinning. “I feel bad for Lyra though, she risked getting discovered for my sake even though she really shouldn’t have.” “She felt as if that was the best thing she could have done for you or anyone else. She wanted you to be with Lyon again. Her poor brother loves you more than anyone and she wanted him to be happy.” Haye said starting to walk me back towards the pub. “Speaking of Lyon, you should go speak with him. The boy wants you to be with him now.” “Gladly I shall go, but I must be taking advice and I will be accepting his hand.” I quietly told him entering the pub. Lyon came over to me smiling and softly kissed me. “What is the matter sweet heart?” Lyon asked me softly. “We must speak privately.” I quietly told him. “Of course, let’s go down to the inn down the road. Martch would gladly let us use a room to speak if that’s what we wanted.” Lyon replied smiling softly. We walked to the inn and Martch gave us a room just like Lyon said he would have. “What do we need to talk about Bella?” Lyon asked. “Yes,” I smiled and softly kissed him. Lyon seemed surprised at first and I smiled. “Yes I’ll marry you,” Lyon took a seconded to figure it out fully before kissing me. I smiled and hugged him tightly. “Bella, I was starting to think that you would never answer, or that you would answer with a no.” He sighed. “The only thing that we need to worry about is what Queen Elizabeth will say.” I told him crying. “Elizabeth will just have to suffer with our happiness. We are best when we are together, and nothing can ever change that. This is who we are Bella,” Lyon smiled. He took my hand and lead me out of the inn and back down towards the pub. If we were to marry then we’d marry with everyone we loved around us. With all the ships docking in Rothworld, everyone was here. Lyon squeezed my hand and smiled. “Your father can have us wed within thirty.” He smiled. Captains, royalty, or pastors were the only ones really able to wed people. I nodded and Lyon smiled leading us to my father. “Captain, I would like to request that you wed Isabella and me before night falls,” Lyon told my father. It took him a few minutes of thinking about it but he gladly agreed. All members of every crew that was on Rothworld was pulled together to celebrate. My father preformed the ceremony and every pirate cheered. It seemed as if everyone had been waiting for this for forever.

Over the years we’ve had close run ins, three children, and at least five ships sink. Lyon and I didn’t care though, we were happy. That’s all that truly mattered. We keep sailing in hopes of out running Queen Elizabeth and her men. We never returned to Zea again.