The SharePoint Governance Manifesto (The SharePoint Governance Manifesto - Sketch Edition)
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The SharePoint Governance Manifesto

Disruptive Governance thinking for the masses

About the Book

You can get 'The SharePoint Governance Manifesto' in both eBook and Printed versions.

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User Guide (Taken directly from the book):

If you thought from the cover image that it was about sailing, then sorry it's not, although it does get a mention.

This book is about the challenges, impact and approaches to implementing SharePoint Governance in your organisation.

The reality is that, although the basis of this book is Microsoft SharePoint, it is actually relevant to any social or collaborative platform (Yammer, IBM Lotus Connections, Jive, Huddle, etc.) that you and your organisation may be using.

Actually, there's a lot you can take from this book and apply to the Governance of pretty much anything!

I wrote this Manifesto to be three things for you:

1. Disruptive because the status quo really isn't delivering

2. Thought provoking because none of this is easy

3. Informative for both you and your organisation.

The disruption comes from the early chapters where we will "Poke the Box" as Seth Godin would say (Godin, 2011 <>) and highlight our challenges with Governance itself.

The mid-section of this book is more visual and questioning. It illustrates key points, both positive and negative, about our perceptions and the future of SharePoint Governance.

Finally, in the last section, we focus on being informative in a positively disruptive way. We will explore how you can apply my '7 Waves of Governance' in your organisation and projects. An approach to Governance which has been developed over the last 4 years and successfully implemented with a range of clients from SME to global organisations, as well as within a number of Microsoft partners. We will consider in detail how this approach works and the significant benefits of implementing and embedding SharePoint Governance within your organisation.

The combination of these insights and approaches will, I hope, be informative, engaging and offer practical advice that will help you deliver organisational value by positively disrupting your technology projects.

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About the Author

Ant Clay
Ant Clay

Ant Clay is an Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor and Trained Facilitator and one of a new breed of SharePoint 'business technology consultants'.

Working with clients to innovate and align technology investments to organisational outcomes whilst changing the way they work through facilitation, visualisation, Serious Games and organisational storytelling.

Known to ask clients repeatedly “Why?” until they breakdown and admit “they just don’t know”.

Ant consults, writes, coaches and speaks on a range of topics including SharePoint, Collaboration, Change Management, Adoption, Organisational Culture, Innovation Technology Platforms and Governance and delivers a number of innovative training and workshop sessions.

You can find out more at his website.


The SharePoint Governance Manifesto - Sketch Edition

The SharePoint Governance Manifesto and all the doodles I did for the book.

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The Book
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Table of Contents

  • Dedicated to…
  • Credits and Thanks
  • Foreword
    • Christian Buckley (Axceler), SharePoint MVP
  • Prelude
    • User Guide
    • State of the community
    • Governance versionality
  • Why?
    • Why did I write this book?
    • What is this crazy thing called Governance?
    • Why are SharePoint projects so complex?
    • A Sailing analogy
    • Beware of Governance snake-oil
    • Why Governance is failing
    • The celery effect
    • How the hell did it get so bad?
    • The future of Governance isn’t written down
    • A final thought on why you should read this book
  • The Visual Thesis of Kubernáo
    • Introduction
    • Thesis 1 - Be engulfed
    • Thesis 2 - Governance pirates
    • Thesis 3 - Bloody huge document
    • Thesis 4 - Why?
    • Thesis 5 - Banking crisis
    • Thesis 6 - Reflections
    • Thesis 7 & 8 - Visualise & socialise
    • Thesis 9 - The black hole
    • Thesis 10 - Certifiable
  • Disruptive Governance thinking for the masses
    • In at the deep end
    • Does size really matter?
    • Why waves?
    • Surf’s Up - Your Governance visualised
    • Surfing the seven waves of Governance
    • Nothing is original
    • A final word of caution…
    • Wave One - Business Alignment
    • Wave Two - IT Assurance
    • Wave Three - Project Governance
    • Wave Four - Information Governance
    • Wave Five - Change Management & Adoption
    • Wave Six - Social Business
    • Wave Seven - Kaizen
    • Adding some secret sauce
  • Governance Duct Tape
    • Will you take the Red or Blue Pill?
    • Make a Choice
    • Applying Governance
    • Governance Content
    • Governance Decision Making
    • In-line Governance
    • In Too Deep?
  • Governance Survival Kit
    • Surfboards, post-its, pens & other disruptive tools
    • Cool tools
    • Bad workshops can kill
    • Post-It Note Psychology
  • Apres Sail
    • Is this really the end?
    • Retrospective
    • Disruption lives here
    • Dirigi in finem
  • References
  • Who are Soulsailor Consulting?

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