Secrets of Aesperia Book 1/2: Stratalian Ambitions
Secrets of Aesperia Book 1/2: Stratalian Ambitions
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Secrets of Aesperia Book 1/2: Stratalian Ambitions

Last updated on 2013-03-24

About the Book

Life is not all big bads and dark mysteries, sometimes regular life happens even when greater threats loom. Hollia has awakened Rhulan the sorceress; who has agreed to be her tutor. However Hollia is not alone, she has her friends Yumi, Pima, and Amia looking out for her, and one shy youth named Haki. While dangerous forces may conspire, Hollia must also deal with a jelous school rival in the form of a young witch named Yurataki.

Join Hollia and her friends in the two previously un-seen short story collections gathered here in chronological order. The Lost Chapters and Haki's Ambitions.

About the Author

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