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Startup Sacrilege

for the Underdog Entrepreneur

Don't identify with the mainstream startup world? Working on a startup outside of a tech hub or in an unfashionable industry? Maybe that makes you an underdog entrepreneur. This book is for you.

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About the Book

Written based on experiences from founding a successful startup accelerator in an emerging tech hub, from talking to lots of other entrepreneurs and community leaders arond the world and from teaching entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor.

Startups and community organizers outside of the mainstream are being misled. Startup Sacrilege includes lessons learned and solutions, especially for startups and community organizers outside of established tech hubs. It's an alternative view that challenges startup world assumptions and makes suggestions for what to do instead. 

Here are a couple of recent articles about the book on Tech Cocktail and The Next Web.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Only Fools Rush In
    • Ten Other Reasons to Read This Book
    • You Won’t Learn About
    • Have You Had One or More of These Experiences?
    • Keeping Score
  • I. Is There Enough Diversity in Tech?
    • Can Startups Learn Something from the Cambrian Explosion?
    • Groupthink and Antidotes At Home and Abroad
    • What Increases the Diversity of Things Startup People Build?
    • Why Aren’t There More Startups in My Location?
    • Redefining Community
    • Cars and Crocodiles
    • Mass Extinctions
  • II. Your Invisible Tribe
  • III. The Irrational Goal
    • Alternatives to a Single Rationality
    • Selling Shovels in the New Gold Rush
  • IV. Local Heroes
    • Build for Local Problems
    • Build Your Support System
    • Excuses, Excuses
  • V. Investor Change
    • Who Needs Whom?
    • Investor Pressure
    • Beware of Some Investors in Small Markets
    • Collaborate with Non-Traditional Investors
    • What You Can and Cannot Control
  • VI. Accelerator Glut, Or Central Planning?
    • Breaking My Own Rule
    • The Way Accelerators Are Viewed Is Bizarre
    • Different Sides of the Story
    • Mismeasurements
    • How Else Could We Measure Accelerators?
    • Stop Trying to Build Another Y Combinator
    • Motivations
    • Lack of Focus
    • When You Think There’s Only One Way, You Miss Opportunities
    • An External Innovation Model
    • Ditch Demo Day
  • VII. Pitch Event Controversies
    • Life Starts After the Pitch
    • Eradicate the Startup Pitch Event
    • Hard to Checklist a Startup
    • How to Hack the Startup Pitch Event If You Want to Win One
    • How to Prevent Your Pitch Day from Being Hacked By the Startups That Read the Above Section
  • VIII. Idea Thieves
  • Founder Immigration
  • Test Prep
  • After Accelerators
  • Alternate Funds
  • Peer Pressure
  • Go Local
  • In Summary
  • Epilogue
  • A Request
  • A Brief Glossary
  • A Brief Anti-Glossary
  • Thanks
  • About the Author

About the Author

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