Investing In NFL Season Tickets
Investing In NFL Season Tickets
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Investing In NFL Season Tickets

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Last updated on 2017-08-13

About the Book

About the Author

Andrew Naylor
Andrew Naylor

Andrew Naylor loves attending local sporting events. During the day he manages cloud infrastructure for Silicon Valley startups. At night he operates a number of web businesses including Seat ValetVoting Domain Names and Vineyard For Sale. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Finance from San Jose State University and lives in Menlo Park, California.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Beyond The Book
    • Website Features
  • Definitions
  • 1: Introduction
    • What is a Seat License?
    • What Is Seat License Financing?
    • A Financing Example
    • A Story About Season Tickets
  • Q & A: Fast Answers
    • Are seat licenses a good financial investment?
    • Best seats for personal use
    • Best seats for resale
    • How to get front row seats
    • How to sell seat licenses for profit
    • How to sell tickets for profit
    • Best and worst ticket selling strategy
    • The secret to how I made a profit
  • 2: What Kind of Investor Are You?
    • Why Seat Licenses Exist
    • Investor Goals
    • No Surprises
    • A Fan’s Investment
    • The Super Fan - Selling Zero Tickets
    • The Busy Fan - Selling Five Tickets
    • The Broker - Selling Ten Tickets
  • 3: Fast Math
    • Bonds, Stadium Bonds
    • What Makes a Bond
    • The Complicating Factors
    • Financing Risk
    • In Summary
  • 4: Finance
    • Playing With NPV
    • A Real Example
    • A Loan From Your Favorite Team
    • Should Mortgage My House?
    • Does the Value Only Go Up?
    • Purchasing Power
    • Cash Crunch
    • Will A Seat License Increase In Price?
    • Inflation
    • Through Good Times and Bad
    • Making A Profit
  • 5: Modeling The Investment
    • Good Data Needed
    • Expected Ticket Price
    • Misleading data
    • The Good data
    • Which Model is More Beautiful
    • What You Need To Start
    • Some Assumptions
    • When To Use Financing
    • How It Impacts ROI and NPV
    • How It Works In A Competitive Marketplace
  • 6: Where to Buy
    • Team or Aftermarket
    • Risk
    • Best Seats in the House
  • 7: How to Make Money
    • First, Sales
    • When To Sell
    • How to Sell High
    • Second, Marketing
    • How Not To Lose Money
  • 8: Additions and Amenities
  • 9: Selling Seats For A Profit
    • Find The Line In The Sand
    • Forced To Sell
    • Ways To Sell
    • Realistic Expectations
    • Selling for a profit:
  • 10: Understanding The License Agreement
  • 11: What Could Go Wrong?
    • Cowboys
    • 49ers
  • 12: New 49ers Stadium
    • Product Offering
  • 13: Actual Sales Data
    • Summary
    • Details
    • Analysis
  • Appendix A - Stadiums now and upcoming
  • Appendix B - Ticket Brokers
  • Appendix C - Historical Ticket Sales Data
  • Sources

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