Investing In NFL Season Tickets
Investing In NFL Season Tickets
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Investing In NFL Season Tickets

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Last updated on 2017-08-13

About the Book

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Beyond The Book
    • Website Features
  • Definitions
  • 1: Introduction
    • What is a Seat License?
    • What Is Seat License Financing?
    • A Financing Example
    • A Story About Season Tickets
  • Q & A: Fast Answers
    • Are seat licenses a good financial investment?
    • Best seats for personal use
    • Best seats for resale
    • How to get front row seats
    • How to sell seat licenses for profit
    • How to sell tickets for profit
    • Best and worst ticket selling strategy
    • The secret to how I made a profit
  • 2: What Kind of Investor Are You?
    • Why Seat Licenses Exist
    • Investor Goals
    • No Surprises
    • A Fan’s Investment
    • The Super Fan - Selling Zero Tickets
    • The Busy Fan - Selling Five Tickets
    • The Broker - Selling Ten Tickets
  • 3: Fast Math
    • Bonds, Stadium Bonds
    • What Makes a Bond
    • The Complicating Factors
    • Financing Risk
    • In Summary
  • 4: Finance
    • Playing With NPV
    • A Real Example
    • A Loan From Your Favorite Team
    • Should Mortgage My House?
    • Does the Value Only Go Up?
    • Purchasing Power
    • Cash Crunch
    • Will A Seat License Increase In Price?
    • Inflation
    • Through Good Times and Bad
    • Making A Profit
  • 5: Modeling The Investment
    • Good Data Needed
    • Expected Ticket Price
    • Misleading data
    • The Good data
    • Which Model is More Beautiful
    • What You Need To Start
    • Some Assumptions
    • When To Use Financing
    • How It Impacts ROI and NPV
    • How It Works In A Competitive Marketplace
  • 6: Where to Buy
    • Team or Aftermarket
    • Risk
    • Best Seats in the House
  • 7: How to Make Money
    • First, Sales
    • When To Sell
    • How to Sell High
    • Second, Marketing
    • How Not To Lose Money
  • 8: Additions and Amenities
  • 9: Selling Seats For A Profit
    • Find The Line In The Sand
    • Forced To Sell
    • Ways To Sell
    • Realistic Expectations
    • Selling for a profit:
  • 10: Understanding The License Agreement
  • 11: What Could Go Wrong?
    • Cowboys
    • 49ers
  • 12: New 49ers Stadium
    • Product Offering
  • 13: Actual Sales Data
    • Summary
    • Details
    • Analysis
  • Appendix A - Stadiums now and upcoming
  • Appendix B - Ticket Brokers
  • Appendix C - Historical Ticket Sales Data
  • Sources

About the Author

Andrew Naylor
Andrew Naylor

Andrew Naylor loves attending local sporting events. During the day he manages cloud infrastructure for Silicon Valley startups. At night he operates a number of web businesses including Seat ValetVoting Domain Names and Vineyard For Sale. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Finance from San Jose State University and lives in Menlo Park, California.

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