Scala on Android
Scala on Android
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Scala on Android

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Last updated on 2014-04-24

About the Book

Android development is fun, but the code is often fragile and too verbose. With the help of Scala, you can build better apps: cleaner code, safer constructs, less crashes. Moreover, you will be a lot faster! Less code to write, less to tests and maintain. Scala is the best tool to get productive at Android development.

In this book, you will learn the ins and outs of Scala development for Android, from installing the tools to publishing the app, with a lot of tips to improve your code.

For Android developers

Tired of seeing NullPointerExceptions? Frustrated by AsyncTask everywhere in your code? With a nice introduction ot the language, you will soon feel at ease with Scala and get faster at writing Android applications. Scala code is a lot smaller than the equivalent Java code, see the sample chapter if you don't believe me. Your code will be safer, faster and a joy to read.

For Scala developers

Interested in Android development? Reulctant to go back to the Java land? You will learn how to develop for this fun platform without writing one line of Java. As a bonus, you can even ignore Eclipse and use SBT and your editor of choice instead. I will go deep into how the development environment works and how SBT can help you automate most of your tasks.

What you will find in this book
  • How to set up your environment
  • Creating your first application from scratch
  • Using Scala's powerful features to improve Android development
  • How to tweak you development environment to get faster
  • Unit testing techniques

The book is not finished yet, but you can buy it right now, and you will receive the updates for free (a LOT of content is coming!). I released it to get your feedback as soon as possible. Help me make this book awesome :)

About the Author

Geoffroy Couprie
Geoffroy Couprie

Geoffroy Couprie is an independent consultant in software security and performance. He develops in native and web environments, and concentrates on mobile platforms these days. He released Pilot SSH, a remote administration tool, available on iOS and soon on Android.

Table of Contents

  • Setting up the development environment
    • The Eclipse setup
    • The SBT setup
  • Create your first app
    • Generate the application’s code
    • A first peek into the code
    • Choose your target
    • Run it!
  • The power of Scala
    • Use implicit type conversions
    • Traits
    • Option
    • Case classes and pattern matching
    • Futures and Promises
  • Unit testing
    • ScalaTest
    • Junit
  • Common tasks
    • File handling with Rapture
    • HTTP requests
  • Optimizing the deployment
    • Tweaking Proguard
    • Fast boot for the emulator
    • Fast rendering for the emulator
    • Emulating x86 devices
    • Android x86 on VirtualBox
    • Preinstalling the Scala libraries

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