Rock And Roll Is Dead

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About the Book

In November 2009, I took part in Nanowrimo(National Novel Writing Month). And wrote this novel.

It’s called ‘Rock And Roll Is Dead’, and it’s about a band who go on a journey. (it’s worth noting that, while it doesn’t contain any sex or violence, it does contain lots of swears – if that’s likely to offend, best get someone to edit it for you first). It's been available as a downloadable PDF for a while, and lots of people have read and enjoyed it, so let's do it properly, eh?

All the Twitter and blog content in the book was ‘real’ - it was posted to the web as I went along, and the Twitter responses are real responses from real Twitter users – none of that interaction is ‘faked’ (other than the characters being fictional… if you see what I mean.)

About the Author

Steve Lawson is primarily a musician. But he plays bass on his own a lot of the time, which makes him an unusual sort of musician.

He also writes, teaches, lectures on bass-things, improvisation and how best to understand the changes to the music ecosystem that have happened thanks to the internet.

He lives in Birmingham, has one son, one wife, and releases a startling amount of new music.

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