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Rock And Roll Is Dead

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About the Book

In November 2009, I took part in Nanowrimo(National Novel Writing Month). And wrote this novel.

It’s called ‘Rock And Roll Is Dead’, and it’s about a band who go on a journey. (it’s worth noting that, while it doesn’t contain any sex or violence, it does contain lots of swears – if that’s likely to offend, best get someone to edit it for you first). It's been available as a downloadable PDF for a while, and lots of people have read and enjoyed it, so let's do it properly, eh?

All the Twitter and blog content in the book was ‘real’ - it was posted to the web as I went along, and the Twitter responses are real responses from real Twitter users – none of that interaction is ‘faked’ (other than the characters being fictional… if you see what I mean.)

[NOTE: Due to uncertainty over the VAT changes in Europe, if you're in the EU but not in the UK, PLEASE don't pay anything for the book. Download it for free! I've just set the suggested price to free while the status is clarified.]

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