Public Speaking For Quiet People
Public Speaking For Quiet People
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Public Speaking For Quiet People

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Last updated on 2013-03-23

About the Book

Why would introverts ever want to consider learning about public speaking? Isn't that for extroverts and people who like the sound of their own voices?

This book shows introverts

  • How they can make public speaking work for them
  • Why public speaking is the idea way for introverts to get their message across, louder than all the extroverts
  • What tools and techniques - as well as inner strengths they already have - they can use to make their presentations better than the rest

About the Author

Ben Chalmers
Ben Chalmers

Ben Chalmers is a Software Engineer based in Cambridge, England. He is an introvert, and spends a lot of his life wishing people would just go away and leave him alone to sit quietly and think. But he is also know for his skills in developing and giving presentations, both technical and non-technical. He has successfully co-developed a number of personal improvement courses including training in public speaking which have been exceptinally well received.

You can find him on the web at and

Table of Contents

  • Warning - Under Construction
  • Public Speaking For Quiet People
  • Are You An Introvert? - Am I An Introvert?
  • The Extravert World
  • The Introvert Mind
  • The Extravert Mind
  • How Introverts Can Speak Up
  • Introverts Have A Head Start When It Comes To Public Speaking
  • Finding Your Message
  • Making Your Message Memorable
  • Lets Start At The End
  • Turning Your Facts into a Story
  • But I Don’t Have A Hero?
  • Giving Your Presentation A Mythic Structure
  • Storytelling Techniques For Public Speakers : The Three Rules Of Three
  • “But My Content Is Boring…”
  • How To Write A Presentation
  • The Presentation Handout
  • I’m Too Shy To Speak In Public
  • Shyness - Rational and Irrational Fears
  • 4 Reasons To Be Confident About Your Presentation
  • Your Performance : Using The Stage
  • Your Performance : Using Your Body
  • Your Performance : Using Your Voice
  • Your Performance : Using Other People
  • Dangerous Distractions
  • Answering Questions
  • Coming Back To Earth
  • Taking Your Speaking Forwards

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