Exploring Scrum: Patterns that Make Scrum Work
Exploring Scrum: Patterns that Make Scrum Work
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Exploring Scrum: Patterns that Make Scrum Work

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Last updated on 2013-12-30

About the Book

This version of the book is the 50% solution: and provides 80% of the Value. I hope that you find it useful as it is, and I also hope you will provide some good feedback so that I can improve it... Dan  ;-)

Scrum is the most common, and popular, Agile Development framework in the world. Like all frameworks, Scrum encapsulates a number of Patterns -- each representing a proven solution to a common problem. Most of these Patterns come from outside Scrum, and are the real lessons of Scrum; they can be used and combined in other forms for various reasons. For example, two of these lessens are that difficult work should be done by Well-Formed Teams and that proper Governance requires a strict Accountability Model.

This book accomplishes two main goals:

  • It shows, by using Patterns, how Scrum has changed throughout the years -- how it has changed from Original Scrum to Modern Scrum. In the process, it explains many of the misunderstandings about Scrum, particularly with respect to the Product Owner role.
  • It shows how to Scale Scrum through the use of Patterns and uses the Patterns as the basis for evaluating several Scrum Scaling Frameworks -- including Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

By focusing on Patterns and not the details of Scrum, this book will give you a deep understanding of why Scrum works and how it can be Scaled for your Organization.

About the Author

Dan Rawsthorne, PhD, PMP, CST
Dan Rawsthorne, PhD, PMP, CST

Dan is a true pioneer in the Scrum community, with years in the trenches as an expert focused on agility, use cases, and object-oriented technologies.  He got involved in Scrum very early, is Certified ScrumMaster #27, and Certified Scrum Trainer #8 -- he's been doing this for a long time! Dan has held nearly every available role in software development including Coder, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Architect, Team Leader, Project Manager, QA Director, Engineering Director, and more.

Now he is a Trainer, Coach, and Transformation Agent who helps Organizations improve themselves through the application ofScrumand other agile techniques. Dan’s PhD in Mathematics guides him to look for underlying problems; his military background helps him understand the importance of teamwork and empowerment; and his common sense tells him that change must happen in small, manageable bites.  

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Original Scrum
    • Pattern: Well-Formed Team
    • Pattern: Team Coach
    • Pattern: Business Owner
    • Pattern: Agile Product Development
    • Original Scrum Discussion
  • Modern Scrum
    • Pattern: Team Leader
    • Pattern: Subject Matter Experts
    • Pattern: Definition of Done
    • Pattern: Forecast, don’t Commit (and others)
    • Modern Scrum Discussion
  • What We Learn from Scrum - the Principles
  • Scaling Patterns
    • Pattern: Generic Development Teams
    • Pattern: Distribution Team
    • Pattern: Consolidation Team
    • Pattern: Program Team
  • Patterns for ‘Big’ Organizations
    • Pattern: Management Team
    • Pattern: Cross-Cutting Workgroup
    • Pattern: Community of Practice
    • Pattern: Integration and Evaluation (I&E) Team
  • Evaluating Frameworks
    • Analysis of the LeSS Framework
    • Analysis of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Book Versions

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