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About the Book

About the Author

Jeff Franz-Lien
Jeff Franz-Lien

Jeff Franz-Lien is an IT leader with a sixth sense for transforming IT to achieve greater effectiveness and competitive advantage. He is a veteran of numerous transformative projects as well as a speaker and author on the subject. Jeff's specialty is succeeding in fast-paced, demanding, multi-project environments. To help rise above the chaos, Jeff developed PDQ, an agile methodology for IT programs.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: The Genesis of PDQ
  • Project Description
  • First Application of PDQ
  • PDQ Results
  • The Invention of PDQ
  • Goals for PDQ
  • Research Design
  • Project Evaluation
  • Chapter Two: Case Study - The First Application of PDQ
  • PDQ Principle 1 – Standardize on Agile Infrastructure
  • PDQ Principle 2 – Seek Agile Project Staffing
  • PDQ Principle 3 – Seek Agile Processes and Solutions (fewest constraints, most flexible, most timely)
  • PDQ Principle 4 – Daily Scrum Meetings
  • PDQ Principle 5 – Focus on Phases and Milestones
  • PDQ Principle 6 – Make Decisions with Limited Information
  • PDQ Principle 7 – Parallel Development and Progressive Elaboration
  • PDQ Principle 8 – Time-Boxing (macro and micro)
  • PDQ Principle 9 – Rapid, Empowered Decision-Making
  • PDQ Principle 10 – Rapid, Systematic Information Gathering
  • PDQ Principle 11 – Early Hands-On Work (Prototyping)
  • PDQ Principle 12 – Know When to Quit (when yield begins to decline - 80/20 Rule)
  • PDQ Principle 13 – Prepare Early for Tasks with Long Lead Times (even if unsure they will be required)
  • PDQ Principle 14 – Avoid Adding Too Much Planning Detail Too Early (progressive elaboration, rolling-wave planning)
  • PDQ Principle 15 – Modest Efforts to Improve Project Processes
  • PDQ in Review
  • Chapter Three: Literature Review
  • Origins of the Agility Movement
  • Information Technology Agility
  • Demand for agile IT intensifying.
  • Regaining IT agility.
  • Literature Review Mapping to PDQ
  • Chapter Four: Findings and Conclusions
  • Daily scrum meetings
  • Task Execution
  • Embedded Agility
  • Chapter Five: Research Extensions for PDQ
  • References

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