The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython
The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython
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The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython

Last updated on 2018-05-31

About the Book


This is a book about IDAPython.

I originally wrote it as a reference for myself - I wanted a place to go to where I could find examples of functions that I commonly use (and forget) in IDAPython. Since I started this bookI have used it many times as a quick reference to understand syntax or see an example of some code - if you follow my blog you may notice a few familiar faces – lots of scripts that I cover here are result of sophomoric experiments that I documented online.

Over the years I have received numerous emails asking what is the best guide for learning IDAPython. Usually I will point them to to Ero Carrera's Introduction to IDAPython or the example scripts in the IDAPython's public repo. They are excellent sources for learning but they don't cover some common issues that I have come across. I wanted to create a book that covers these issues.I feel this book will be of value for anyone learning IDAPython or wanting a quick reference for examples and snippets. Being an e-book it will not be a static document and I plan on updating it in the future on regular basis.

The above snippet is from the Introduction of the The Beginner's Guide to IDAPython. I wrote this book in my spare time. It has been rewritten to cover changes made with the release of IDA 7. The price of the ebook is free (move the slider to left) but has a suggested price of $14.99.

Version Notes

Version 1.0 - Published.

Version 2.0 - Table of Contents and closing added.

Version 3.0 - Grammar fixes provided by Russell V. and added example of renaming operands.

Version 4.0 - Support for IDAPython 7.0

Version 4.1 - Bug fixes provided by Minh-Triet Pham Tran

About the Author

Alexander Hanel
Alexander Hanel

I work as a reverse engineer and malware analyst. I enjoy coding, reverse engineering, data analysis and a bunch of outdoor activities. I live in Boulder, Colorado. For more information about my work you can check out my blog or my code repository.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Intended Audience & Disclaimer
  • Conventions 
  •  IDAPython Background
  •  Basics
  •  Segments
  •  Functions
  •  Instructions
  •  Operands
  •  Xrefs
  •  Searching
  •  Selecting Data
  •  Comments & Renaming
  •  Accessing Raw Data
  •  Patching
  •  Input and Output
  •  Intel Pin Logger
  •  Batch File Generation
  •  Executing Scripts
  •  Closing

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