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The Secret to Faster Growth, Larger Yields, and More... Using Electricity!

About the Book

Electro-Horticulture, also known as electroculture, describes a class of effective, yet seldom-used methods for accelerating plant growth, boosting crop yields, and more!

In this book you will start by learning about the history of electroculture by studying the early experimenters who used "Earth Battery" technology to increase their yields from approximately 30% to 300%. Once you have an idea of the amazing successes that are possible, you'll start learning about the science of electroculture. From there we'll cover the following topics:

  • The effects that electricity has on soils, microbes, and plants themselves
  • A comprehensive listing of the benefits of electro-horticulture
  • Application ideas ranging from season extension to drought protection.
  • Instructions on how to build a system yourself
  • And more!

By reading this book you will get 3 things:

  • A thorough understanding of the science behind the remarkable effects of electroculture
  • A hands-on appreciation of what's possible.
  • Ideas for how you can apply this technology to your own garden or farm.

When you're done reading and start experimenting, you can expect to see enormous returns on your investment!

Thank you!

I'd like to give my thanks in advance to all of you who chose to puchase this book! Feel free to get in touch and interact with me and I would gladly assist you with anything you need regarding your exploration of electro-horticulture.


- David Wechsler

Founder, ElectricFertilizer.com


About the Author

David J. Wechsler
David J. Wechsler

David Wechsler is the founder of ElectricFertilizer.com. He holds a Masters' Degree in Electrical Engineering and has been an avid gardener for more than 10 years. With interests in science, appropriate technology, organic gardening, permaculture, energy medicine and more - his work at ElectricFertilizer.com is meant to showcase his interests in uniquely remarkable technologies for improving landscapes, gardens, and farmland.

Reader Testimonials

Justin N
Justin N

Been reading your book. Enjoying it throughly.

Lisa H
Lisa H

Excellent book because there are zero books out there with this information. But the author did not make it a paper book. and you cant seem to print it out. bumber. Hopefully he puts this into print and contacts me for a free copy. LOL Thank you though. Excellent.


I'm reading an amazing book that explains how atmospheric electricity affects all life on earth and how it can benefit life if we utilize it. If you think this is a bunch of hooobily jubillee read up on the Faraday cage. There is solid proof to back it up.


This is not only a well-researched, well-written book, but it has something for everyone. It has soil chemistry and electrical physics for the scientifically minded, plant physiology for the biologist, and electro-horticulture history for the history buff. If you just want the facts, there are step-by-step instructions on how to construct and best utilize this really cool idea. While this agricultural technology has been around for a long time, David Wechsler should be commended...


Anyone who watches their garden grow has probably noticed and increase in the perkiness and vigor of their plants after an electric storm. In Electro-Horticulture David Wechsler gives us a better understanding of this phenomena. We are apprised of the science and history of Electro-Horticulture. Wechsler's enthusiasm is contagious. After reading I feel eager and fully enabled apply the principles of Electro-Horticulture to my seedlings using an old cell phone charger and iron nails.

Table of Contents

    • Credits
  • Preamble
    • My Story
    • Purpose of This Book
    • Potential Benefits of Electroculture
    • Thank You!
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Growth Using Electricity?
  • Chapter 2: Electricity & Nature
    • Electric Agriculture is a Normal Part of Nature
    • Atmospheric Electricity
    • Telluric Electricity
    • Interrelated Energy Systems Working Together
    • Biological Effects from Natural Electric Phenomena
    • Summary
  • Chapter 3: The History of Growing with Electricity
    • 18th Century
    • 19th Century
    • Contemporary Experiments
    • Summary
  • Chapter 4: The Fundamentals of Soil Science
    • The Structure of Soil
    • The Nutrient Cycle
    • Soil Bacteria
    • Summary
  • Chapter 5: Electrical Properties of Soils
    • Electrical Resistivity and Conductivity
    • Summary
  • Chapter 6: Soil Electrochemistry
    • Electric Fields and Soil?
    • Effect on pH
    • Summary
  • Chapter 7: Benefits of Electroculture On Soil
    • Soil Structure
    • Water Capacity
    • Oxygen Content
    • Nutrient Availability
    • Summary
  • Chapter 8: Electroculture And Soil Bacteria
    • Microbial Transport Effects
    • Changes in Metabolic Activity
    • Enhanced Reproductive Activity
    • Stimulation of Aerobic Bacteria
    • Summary
  • Chapter 9: Mechanisms of Plant Electrophysiology
    • Electricity and Polar Cells
    • Electrophysiological Effects
    • Electrical Signaling
    • Electrochemical Signaling
    • Summary
  • Chapter 10: The Effects of Electroculture on Plants
    • Genetic Responses
    • Metabolism
    • Growth Hormones
    • Increased Number of Roots
    • Nutrient Uptake Rate
    • Water Intake
    • Improved Water Retention
    • Flowering
    • Summary
  • Chapter 11: Benefits and Applications
    • Electro-Tropism
    • Growth Rate
    • Improved Fruits and Vegetables Size
    • Crop Yield
    • Taste of Fruits and Vegetables
    • Nutritional Value
    • Healing Response to Disease
    • Summary
  • Chapter 12: New Application Ideas
    • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    • Attraction of Pollinators
    • Season Extension, Frost and Drought Protection
    • Rapid Food Growth in Survival, Disaster Response, and Quarantine Situations
    • Accelerated Cleanup of Contaminated Soils
    • Summary
  • Chapter 13: Try It Yourself!
    • What You’ll Need
    • Assembly
    • Installation
    • System Operation
    • Summary
  • Chapter 14: Ideas for Further Experimentation
    • Questions
    • Summary
  • Chapter 15: Conclusion
    • Natural Organic Growth Stimulation
    • A Vision for the Future of Electroculture
    • Thank You
  • Appendix: Get Involved
    • Make Some Discoveries
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Special Thanks
  • Notes

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