DevOps: A Workflow by Justin 'J' Lynn [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
DevOps: A Workflow
DevOps: A Workflow
DevOps: A Workflow

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Last updated on 2013-01-15

About the Book

DevOps: A Workflow seeks to provide a flexible, comprehensive, prototypal software delivery system inspired by the ideals and methodologies presented in DevOps: A Manifesto. In taking a holistic approach, DevOps: A Workflow tightly integrates Development and Operations roles to form a single team whose sole purpose is the timely delivery of working, reliable services and infrastructure.

All of the policies, procedures, and toolset integrations featured in DevOps: A Workflow are focused on the singular goal of delivering working, reliable services and infrastructure. Yet, the workflow described is redressable and provides for questioning of purpose. Each suggested procedure, integration, and policy defends itself with reference to its reason for existence, allowing for reflective and informed customisation. Additionally, an exclusive focus on Open Source solutions (with mention of services such as PagerDuty, Datadog, and Amazon Web Services) takes the notion of customisation for your needs even further, allowing true evaluation and mutation of functionality.

DevOps: A Workflow shows you how.

Structure in Progress

  • Introduction
  • Bird's Eye View
    • A Virtuous Cycle
    • Software Eats the World
    • There and Back Again
  • Straight to the Source
    • Software Development Processes
      • Definition of Done
      • Source Control
    • The Delivery Pipeline
      • Continuous Integration
  • Environments
    • Interfacing with The Delivery Pipeline
    • Functional Monitoring
      • Automated Resolution
      • On-call and Rotations
    • Persistence and State
      • Maintenance
      • Mutation
  • Of Particular Environments
    • Research and Development
    • Integration and Production-like
    • Production
    • Uberprod
  • Environmental Protection
    • What
    • Where
    • When
    • Who
    • Why
  • Feedback Loop
    • Jitsu
      • Instrumentation and Introspection
      • Doing it live (or, we do what we must because we can)
    • Kaizen
      • Regular Reporting
      • Metrics
      • Analytics and Intelligence
  • Breakdown
    • Technological
    • Human
  • Epilogue
  • Share this book

About the Author

Justin 'J' Lynn
Justin 'J' Lynn

Justin Lynn, known to his friends and colleagues as 'J', is a Co-founder and the Princpal Engineer at Infrastructory with several years of professional experience and a lifetime of interest in the art of designing, building, implementing, and running large software systems. His current environment of choice is GNU/Linux, for both server and desktop use. His programming language and community of choice for the last eight years has been Ruby and its ecosystem. As for system configuration tools he prefers Opscode Chef. On any given day you can find him fixing broken electronics, doing IT work, planning for the next expansion of his client's systems, working on his or other people's various open source projects, or indulging in a good book.

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