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The 360 Deal

The 360 Deal

A collection of genuinely helpful advice for people starting out in the music industry

The 360 Deal Edit


About the Book

New Music Strategies has brought together some of the most forward-thinking musicians and industry people to each contribute 360 words outlining the best advice they can give to young musicians and new music industry workers. The advice they themselves would want to hear if they were just getting started in music now.

Rock star or professor, DJ or classical violinist, record label exec or community music worker - here's a group of people who have been where you’re at in one way or another, they know a bit about what lies ahead, and they have useful knowledge to share.

The book will grow over time as more advice from musicians and music business professionals from around the world are collated and added to the project. We're working towards 360 contributions.

360 articles of 360 words for $3.60 (more if you wish). That's our 360 Deal.

All proceeds from this book go directly to Music Basti – a youth-run charity based in New Delhi that brings music workshops to children affected by extreme poverty.

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Table of Contents

  • About this book
  • Andrew Dubber
  • Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  • Len Arran
  • Shawnté Salabert
  • Matthew Hawn
  • Simon Warner
  • Maartje Glas
  • Mark de Clive-Lowe
  • Chris T-T
  • Danny Fahey (aka Fallacy)
  • Mark Tavern
  • MJ Hibbett
  • Faith Gonsalves
  • Steve Lawson
  • Peter Jesperson
  • Dave Seaman
  • Fiona Talkington
  • Martín Giraldo
  • John Kieffer
  • Cary Caldwell
  • Ian Rogers
  • Jan Bang
  • D.D. Jackson
  • Bruce Houghton
  • Nancy K. Baym
  • Syd Schwartz
  • Dave Douglas
  • Derek Sivers
  • Ashley Stubbert
  • Emily White
  • David Carter
  • Louis Barabbas
  • August Engkilde
  • Bruce Warila
  • Kiran Nagesh
  • David Chislett
  • Chris Anderton
  • Lars Meilling
  • Federico Novick
  • Mark Roach
  • Clutch Daisy
  • Alun Parry
  • Benji Rogers
  • Erin McKeown
  • Johny Lamb
  • Nick Fitzsimons
  • Ozz LP
  • Saskia Troccoli
  • Ed Waring
  • Tony Whyton
  • Ric Neale
  • Peter McLennan
  • Ben Carrigan
  • Craig Hamilton
  • Martin Atkins
  • Simon Barber
  • Ruth Daniel
  • Brendan Smyth
  • Dave McGuire
  • Robin Valk
  • Stuart Bell and Richard Dawes
  • Marcus O’Dair
  • Celia Hirschman
  • Peter Banks
  • Rod C. Taylor
  • Gareth Main
  • Jez Collins
  • Tom Atkinson
  • Martin Cloonan
  • Gareth Farry
  • Ariel Hyatt
  • Rich Huxley
  • Rick Rogers
  • Stephen Hutton
  • Mike Chunn
  • Petter Frost Fadnes
  • Mark Bliesener
  • Danny Hagan
  • Mick Glossop
  • Simon Grigg
  • Paul Gray
  • David Mitson
  • Lars Winther
  • Mikko Kapanen
  • Jon Ostrow
  • Trevor Reekie
  • Nigel Powell
  • Andrew Watt
  • Tom Jackson
  • Jamie Bullock
  • Neil Cocker
  • Steve Henderson
  • Dean McCarthy
  • Jennifer Otter
  • Ian Wallman
  • Janet Fisher
  • Jon Stewart
  • Matt McGinn
  • Christian Howes
  • To be continued…

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About the Editor

Causes Supported

Music Basti was set up in 2008 to connect at-risk children and youth (formerly 'street' children) with enjoyable learning and exchange experiences through music. Through sharing the voices and experiences of at-risk children and youth, it is possible to mobilize community change and action on issues of poverty and powerlessness.

Music Basti was set up in 2008, to connect at-risk (formerly ‘street children’) children with enjoyable learning and exchange experiences through music. The environment inhabited by at-risk children and youth profoundly lacks positive and empowering relationships with the community, as well as positive role models. It does not foster the development of critical life-skills such self-confidence, communication and cooperation, and as a result, does not promote self-worth or identity, integral to a healthy life. The education being accessed by these children and youth is also extremely limited in content, quality and delivery. In the absence of a reliable support network, community engagements established through culture can play a powerful role. Music Basti is a project that seeks to network the music industry with at-risk youth and children through life-skills building projects. These are aimed at enhancing self-esteem, communication and confidence for at-risk youth and children, but equally to enhance the first-hand contributions of musicians and other artists in building a shared community.

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