30 Ideas in 30 Days
30 Ideas in 30 Days
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30 Ideas in 30 Days

Last updated on 2014-05-16

About the Book

This is a series of blog posts from March 2010. I had hit upon the idea of undertaking a series of thirty day projects rather than do a grand 'New Year's resolution'. This thirty day project was simple: have an idea, tell people the idea. One a day for thirty days. 

There are some great ideas in here. There are some not so great ideas. Some of the ideas have been made into real projects. Most haven't. But I thought the project was an interesting one, and other people seem to have thought so too. I've been interviewed on radio, in newspapers and featured on other blogs about it. People seem to remember it and I do get asked about it. 

I thought I'd collect it all together and turn that into an ebook so that anyone can download it, read it, share it around and do whatever else they'd like to do with it.

About the Author

Andrew Dubber
Andrew Dubber

Andrew Dubber is Professor of Music Industries Innovation at Birmingham City University. He's a member of the Centre for Media and Cultural Research, and is Award Leader for the MA in Music Industries (which can be studied online via distance learning from anywhere in the world) and also runs the MA in Music Radio.

He is the founder of New Music Strategies, a pan-European music consultancy and strategy organisation focusing primarily on non-commercial and social projects that use music to improve lives. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors for Bandcamp.

He can be found online at http://andrewdubber.com

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The other way of following first
  • Now we’re up and dancing
  • Idea 1: Keymash
  • Idea 2: Radio Alerts
  • Idea 3: Only Famous (a romantic comedy)
  • Idea 4: Modcasts
  • Idea 5: Numberless calendars
  • Idea 6: SpringCleanr
  • Idea 7: Street Gallery
  • Idea 8: Smart business cards
  • Idea 9: Recordings in Concert
  • Idea 10: Vinyl scanner
  • Idea 11: Photo stack-and-scan
  • Idea 12: A box of cool
  • Idea 13 Karaoke-Tube Celebstar Idol
  • Idea 14: I Made You a Tape
  • Idea 15: Newspaper download codes
  • Idea 16: Pebble splash
  • Idea 17: Digital Radio - somewhere useful
  • Idea 18: Public Domain music collection
  • Idea 19: Blog cast-list automator
  • Idea 20: The Retirement Pile
  • Idea 21: Nationalise EMI
  • Idea 22: The Stainless Steel Rat (the movie)
  • Idea 23: Wordpress Bandcampify template
  • Idea 24: Rollercoasters as public transport
  • Idea 25: Next-gen personalised music radio
  • Idea 26: New Music Trust
  • Idea 27: Tamagotchi Gardening
  • Idea 28: Charity shop clothing subscription
  • Idea 29: Now Playing - social music app
  • Idea 30: House of spare ideas
  • Mixtape for You by Ray Kuyvenhoven
  • What can you do in 30 days?

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