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100 Days of Techstars

About the Book

Techstars is a thirteen week, mentor driven tech accelerator that takes early stage startups and attempts to cram two years growth, development and learning into  three months. Think of it as a cross between startup boot camp, and The Masons for tech.

There's actually very little information out there on what it's like to be part of a Techstars programme. I mean what it's really like. Not the broad strokes of a write-up after the fact, or a weekly blog. I know what happens to a company when it goes through an accelerator. What happens to the people?

Inspired by a comment made by John Bradford, the Managing Director of Techstars London, I decided to record my experience on a near daily basis. I omitted Saturdays, partly because there usually wasn't a whole load to write about, but mainly so I wouldn't feel obliged to write when I was with my family. I also appear to have missed one Sunday.

This book is a compilation of that journal. A blow by blow account of being at Techstars in diary format, warts and all. 

100 Days of Techstars is provided for free and there is absolutely no obligation to pay for it (Give First is an integral part of the Techstars ethos), but if you fancy buying me a coffee by way of thanks then feel free to drag the slider to the right a little before you hit Add Ebook To Cart ;)

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About the Author

Dom Davis
Dom Davis

Despite some claims I am not the Dom Davis. He is, I believe, an American football player. It amuses me that during my more active periods online I have more Google juice than him. I am CTO and co-founder, of a software startup and I am a Techstars Alumni. I believe I hold the distinction of being the first person to blog near daily during a Techstars programme, the result of which you'll find in this book. I describe myself as a geek, pedant and sarcastic git. I'm also a rabid mac fanboy. I'm not sure if any of that is relevant.

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
    • 100 Days of Techstars
    • About The Author
    • Dramatis Personae
    • Dates and Times
    • Day 0: Next Stop London
  • Week 1
    • Day 1: Treasure Hunt
    • Day 2: Daddy needs a new pair of shoes
    • Day 3: The first rule of CTO club…
    • Day 4: Screw the diet
    • Day 5: Week 1 Summary
    • Day 7: Week 2 Prologue
  • Week 2
    • Day 8: Mentor Madness
    • Day 9: Marathon, not a sprint
    • Day 10: If I had a hammer…
    • Day 11: Putting the Tech into Techstars
    • Day 12: The Team
    • Day 14: N’arch - A city in sync
  • Week 3
    • Day 15: The 19 day working week
    • Day 16: Half day!
    • Day 17: Techstars is like bodyboarding
    • Day 18: Blood, sweat and tears
    • Day 19: Spent…
    • Day 21: Manflu
  • Week 4
    • Day 22: Rise and Fall
    • Day 23: Wheel 2.0
    • Day 24: ?- happy(yolanda)
    • Day 25: Manic
    • Day 26: Late!
    • Day 28: I missed a day!
  • Week 5
    • Day 29: Panic!
    • Day 30: Dom likes cheese
    • Day 31: Clueless
    • Day 32: Patient 0
    • Day 33: It’s a family affair
    • Day 35: Weekend off
  • Week 6
    • Day 36: Headaches
    • Day 37: Foundations
    • Day 38: CTO Club
    • Day 39: Fringe Benefits
    • Day 40: The Story So Far
  • Christmas
    • Day 42: Reboot
  • Week 7
    • Day 43: We’re back!
    • Day 44: The best laid plans…
    • Day 45: Variety is the spice of life
    • Day 46: The brutal truth
    • Day 47: Making progress
    • Day 49: Breaking point
  • Week 8
    • Day 50: Stuff has been achieved
    • Day 51: Mentor Sanity
    • Day 52: All green!
    • Day 53: Not playing any more
    • Day 54: Haircut One Hundred
    • Day 56: Noise and bouncing
  • Week 9
    • Day 57: Strategy
    • Day 58: 1 Month Left!
    • Day 59: Big Knowledge
    • Day 60: I pledge allegiance…
    • Day 61: It’s Friday - release!
    • Day 63: The Model Commuter
  • Week 10
    • Day 64: Cluster
    • Day 65: 15 seconds of fame
    • Day 66: Connections
    • Day 67: Flow
    • Day 68: 3 Weeks Left!
    • Day 70: Ex Machina
  • Week 11
    • Day 71: Chef
    • Day 72: Drive
    • Day 73: Circling the drain
    • Day 74: Awesome
    • Day 75: Normal For Norfolk
    • Day 77: Final Leg
  • Week 12
    • Day 78: Acting classes
    • Day 79: Vertigo
    • Day 80: Hypothetical question
    • Day 81: Tonight Matthew…
    • Day 82: I think we’re ready
    • Day 84: (Bonding)
  • Week 13
    • Day 85: ZOMG! Number 10!
    • Day 86: The Urban Geek Pack
    • Day 87: Speakers Corner
    • Day 88: Calm before the storm
    • Day 89: Demo Day! Crash…
    • Day 90: Fin!

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