10 Prosperity Exercices
10 Prosperity Exercices
Adrian Harabula
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I want to personally thank you, for deciding to join Wealth-Club Romania! We are committed to giving all of the most powerful wealth building material available anywhere!

What you are about to learn over the next 10 weeks is the strategies that have been taken from reading over 1,000 books on prosperity and working with over 150 millionaires in the last 5 years. Almost all are first generation, self-made Millionaires and many are Multi-millionaires. If you qualify through the stages of the Club then you will get to meet many of them in the future, and be one!

I spent countless days with the Rich and Super-Rich asking them question after question about their thought processes and how they make their wealth. Much of what they do is very simple and obvious to anyone who is watching. But there is another side that is truly mind blowing, sometimes strange and certainly effective.

What I have found is that it is not the big things that they do a few times a year! The wealth is created from all of the tiny things they think and do every single day, 365 days a year.

Nothing they do is very difficult, but it is almost completely opposite of what the people who are struggling do.

Over the last 5 years I have personally applied those mindsets and skills to go from Homeless to financially free in 18 months. Where I got to travel the world living the life I always dreamed of working only a few hours a week.

In the last 3.5 years I have continued to use the information you are about to get over the next 10 weeks to buy multiple companies in many different countries, to live in my dream home, drive a fleet of Super Cars, wake up in the sun shine all year, travel to 3 different countries every month and hang out with the Rich and Famous.

The Wealth-Club Romania team wants you to have all of this and much more. We are committed to making the life of your dreams a reality.

Before you get to your dreams there will be many obstacles you may need to overcome. The biggest of all will be your internal programming that has conditioned you to think in a way that blocks your dreams or even worse attracts a life that you hate.

Many of us have been conditioned to think that before we move towards an amazing and prosperous life we first need to solve our current problems.

Those problems might be something like unpaid debts that are piling up causing fear and frustration, a broken down car, a job that is sucking away our life energy, a toxic relationship that is keeping us from moving on, a government that is destroying our business opportunities or the lack of education needed to get a high paying job.

What I have found from all of this research is that the opposite is true. The more we try to solve our current problems the worse they get. This is because anything we give our energy to expands.

At Wealth-Club Romania we encourage the opposite approach! A 180° shift in our perception towards a truly inspiring a prosperous life. This will bring in all of the resources needed to just blast through all the current frustrations and problems in our life.

We understand that this does not always seem easy and there will be times when it seems like you can’t go any further. That is why we wanted to create a Wealth-Club so that you will have support from our Wealth Team and all of the other members who are currently facing the same challenges or who have already passed through them.

We Are With You Every Step Of The Way!

How Does It Work? The Wealth-Club Romania we wanted to give you all of this powerful information, step by step in a way that is easy to understand and apply, at a speed that is fast and very comfortable so that you have time to adjust to your new life.

Every Sunday Night you will receive a new exercise that you will need to complete in order to get to the next stage. Every exercise is designed to build on the last and all are extremely important to making a total shift into wealth.

You will have 7 Days to complete each exercise, which will be more than enough time.

On Thursday Night you will receive a wealth philosophy which only requires reading. This will help you to think like the Rich and become Rich.

How Much Does It Cost? The 10 Week Process is our Gift to you!

We want to let everyone get into the first stages of Wealth-Club. Then anyone who qualifies by completing all 10 Stages will be invited to become a full member of the club and get access to all of our higher level membership programs.

For the higher level programs we will not ask you to pay from money you already have. What we want is to show you how to create new wealth using the strategies we give you and then you pay from the money we have shown you how to make.

You Make New Money, Then You Pay! We Don’t Get Paid Until You Get Paid!

This system will continue through our entry level programs (costing only 250 RON for a Training Day) right up to our exclusive Diamond VIP Experience Seminars (priced accordingly).

We will have exclusive Mastermind Trips - Skiing on the Beautiful White Peaks of France and Austria, Sailing in the Warm Sun on €20,000,000 Yachts in South of Spain with Celebrities, Supermodels and Super-Rich business owners sharing their knowledge, expertise and connections. Driving heart pounding, luxury Super-Cars through the twisty mountain roads of Italy, and many many other VIP Trips.

The high level programs will only be available to people who have proven that they have applied the philosophy and have made new wealth from those exercises and we know that you, can be one of the few who make it all the way!

How Much Time Does It Take? Most Exercises will take between 5 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour per week. Anyone who is serious about becoming Rich and Free will easily find 1 hour per week. For anyone who is really wants to make things happen faster we can offer recommendations of the best books on money, time management, sales, marketing and all other related subjects.

The exercises will get tougher and more in depth as we progress into the program, so that there is time for everyone to get used to the new life and still feel challenged all the way.

Warning!!! When there is an exercise that you feel is not important, relevant or you don’t have the time to do it… It may just be a limiting belief popping up and trying to keep you away from moving to a higher level! We have beliefs locked deep inside that want us to stay on our current path. If there is any deviation then something inside us will do everything we can to stop the change.

The primitive mind of humans is designed to find a strategy that keeps us safe and alive, and then stick to that plan. To the brain, change could equal death so it should be avoided at all costs. The mind does not care about a Ferrari or world travel, it only cares about survival. Most people never change because they are deep wired to fear change. Our job over the 10 weeks and beyond is to convince the mind that being rich is better and safer in every way. Only then will we move to a better life.

That is why we need to be willing to push through our limitations and do the 10 week process all the way to the end. When you get there I promise you it will be worth it.

So please do the exercises fully! Surely 10 hours for a life transformation is not much to ask, is it? Commit to the program and we will do everything possible to make sure you get everything you desire.

We believe in you! Maybe even more than you believe in yourself!

Step 1 - Know Where You Are

Before we get started there’s this story I’d like to share with you:

A young boy walks into an ice-cream store with his dad. He looks at the counter, sees all the lovely colorful ice cream and, after taking some time to decide which one he wants, he asks for the single scoop mint chocolate. Being excited to eat the delicious ice cream on this hot day, his face starts radiating happiness.

They walk out of the store and go to sit by the water where the child could eat the ice cream. The father hands the cone to the little guy but, boy, the ice-cream was huge… His little hands struggled to hold it but just as he was about to take his first lick, the heavy ice-cream fell out of his hand. Tears start welling up in his eyes and you could see the disappointment on his face.

Being a nice man, his dad says: “Come back inside the store and I will buy you another one.” They go in and the boy is once again looking at the ice cream counter. He decides he still loves the one he had previously chosen and picks it again. But, just as he was about to settle for the single scoop mint chocolate, he looks over and sees the mighty double scoop. He raises his big eyes and looks full of hope to his dad.

Now put yourself in the dad’s shoes. If you were to see your little child looking up at you with his eyes full of hope, would you buy him the mighty double ice cream, knowing that his little hands could not hold the single scoop? You would know that he will drop this one even faster and he’ll feel even more disappointed afterwards. Would you set him up for failure? No, of course you wouldn’t!

Well, the Universe uses the very same rule. If you can’t handle what you already got, then you won’t get any more.

The goal of step number one is that you


Where we are right now is the reflection of what we are currently able to handle.

Then, our goal is to give you all the tools, skills, and resources you need in order to be able to handle more. We don’t get our next assignment until we’re overqualified for the current one.

Over the next 10 weeks, you’re going to learn all the skills and internal processes needed in order for you to be able to accept more.

We also want you to be able to have the knowledge and awareness so that you know this process is working. We want you to be able to look back one year from now and see exactly where you were when you began the process, so we can track your results.

Being able to see the exact results is what will keep you motivated throughout the process. Creating higher levels of wealth is not always easy and that is why we need as much as possible to keep us motivated, to keep us focused, and to keep us moving forward.


It’s time for the inventory so please grab a pen and paper (or open an Excel spreadsheet) and just write down:

  1. How much did I make in the last 12 months?
  2. How many hours did I work to attain that income?
  3. Divide income by hours and figure out how much your time was worth per hour.
  4. What are my current savings?
  5. What is my current debt?

For example: 1. €10,000 in last 12 months (€833 per month). 2. 2,500 hours worked (208 hours per month). 3. €4 per hour average income. 4. €300 current savings. 5. €1,000 current debt.


For example: 1. €24,000 in the next 12 months (€2,000 per month). 2. 1,500 hours worked (125 hours per month). 3. €192 per hour average income. 4. €3,000 current savings. 5. €0 current debt.

Keep the two side by side where you can see them regularly or when needed and this is how you can track your progress and prove that the system is working.


There are a lot of CEO’s Making €100,000 per year and they work 80 hours per week, 50 weeks of the year. When they say they make €100K it can sound impressive until you work out that they only make €25 per hour. Then you feel very sorry for them.

Personally, I would much rather have €40,000 and work only 1 hour per week from a business, because then you can add lots more of those €40,000’s.

€1,000 per hour allows anyone to have a pretty good life.

The real goal is to have Time and Money. So always keep the wealth ratio at the front of your mind:

Money (divided by) Time used to get the Money.

PS1: We encourage sharing the process of getting wealthy from inside out with as many people as possible, so please feel free to invite your friends to join our programme. All they have to do is to fill in the form on our web page.

PS2: In order to get access to the next step you need to confirm the completion of Step #1. So once your homework is done, please make sure you reopen this email and hit the confirmation button below until next Sunday.

Have a great life, full of joy and prosperity!

Sincerely, David

What if…?

Having clarity about where you really are right now and knowing where you want to go is essential to making the necessary changes. Remember to keep the current and future financial statements where you can see them often. Tracking progress makes it exciting :)

Before going any further with this program it is essential to look at what you are thinking about the whole 10 Week Wealth Program and about yourself.

As I am writing this I’ve been re-listening to my favorite audio program on money.

That program is by Joe Vitale “The Secret to Attracting Money”. Every time someone asks me which is my favorite wealth resource out of the 1000+ books I have read and hundreds of audio programs I always say this one.

I wasn’t really sure why it was my favorite until I re-listened to it today.

Joe started off in his program by inviting me to play…..

The What If Up Game!

He said that most people are living their lives in the mental state of

“What If Down!”

What if nothing ever works for me? What if things never improve? What if the program is a waste of time? What if I am doomed for failure? What if my circumstances are different so it doesn’t apply to me?

He then said:

For the rest of this program how about deciding to play the

“What If Up Game!” What if I am destined to be rich? What if this is the best program I have ever listened to and applied? What if this program is the one that brings me all the money I need and want? What if this program is the one that transforms my life from struggle to joy and abundance? What if this is the program that will finally let me leave my job and build the company I have been dreaming about? What if this is the program that I will rave about and for years and tell everyone about? What if my whole world is about to change so much in a prosperous way that everywhere I go people will be asking how I did it?

And it really is amazing that because of playing the - What If Up Game - Joe Vitale’s program did become the one that I loved and told everyone about.

I was living then in an old abandoned Coast Guard station, sleeping on top of my books to stay off the cold ground, with no money, no income, being so cold I had to sleep in my ski clothes. And this very programme took me to now living in my dream home in the South of Spain, driving Supercars, traveling to different countries several times a month, buying four companies, in four different countries in less than four years, and being friends with the rich and famous international business people.

In everything that I did since listening to that program, I did it while playing the What If Up Game. Expecting it to work and expecting “Me” to be the person who does get the rich and abundant life.

Even though most of the skills and philosophies that made me rich came from programs beyond Joe Vitale’s, I think that this one mindset shift to prosperous expectations in everything I did gave me the energy and enthusiasm I needed to make the exercises he gave me and everything else work.

It wasn’t even that there were any really special exercises in there; it was just the fact that I did all of them exactly as he told me to and beyond. The world is full of strategies that work if they are applied. There are a lot, and I mean a huge amount of people who are very rich in this world. What makes them different is that they expect everything they do to work so they do it with full commitment.

So I want to invite you to do the same and play the What If Up Game with this program and with everything else you do from now on.

Expect It To Turn Out Prosperously When You Take The Action

So ask yourself these questions and see how you feel…..

What if this 10 Week Wealth Programme is the one that sets me on a new path towards the life I have always dreamed of? What if this Programme will be the one to help me finally clear those old debts and move towards a full bank account? What if this Programme is the one that gives me the skills I need to build a highly profitable company that lets me work only a few hours a week and travel the world? What if this is the Programme that will let me finally have the time I want to spend with my children, take them on holiday and be with them as they grow into prosperous adults? What if this is the Program that lets me see the world in a whole new way, where every day is fun and a joy to live in? What if this is the time in my life where I finally make it and create stable, long term wealth that I can pass on for many generations?

And really feel the expectation for things to work out as you want them to. The mind will find the answers to any questions we give it, which is why giving it high quality prosperous questions will lead to a much Richer and more fulfilled life.

Money (divided by) Time used to get the Money.

PS: You can still invite your friends to join our programme. All they have to do is to fill in the form on our web page.

So have fun with this and be prepared with this mindset of prosperous expectation when Step 2 arrives in your Inbox on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!


Step 2 - Without a Vision People Shall Perish

I heard the other day that -

80% of people who buy self-development books or audio programs never get past the introduction.

That is a scary statistic! It seems like the majority of people get a little burst of motivation to enroll into a program or buy a book, then very quickly get lazy and forget about it. In a few months they do the same thing again and they wonder why nothing in their life ever gets better.

But, by getting to this stage you have proven that you are not one of those people. So I want to congratulate you on this! You are already demonstrating one key trait of the people who attain great wealth. - “Persistence!” - and the ability to stick with something “Until” you get the desired results.

And before I give you the exercise for this week, I want to remind you to check if you have any - what if down? - questions before doing it. That will be evidence of a Lack belief that is trying to keep you where you are.

So what could you do right now to be in a mindset of….

What If Up?

What if the exercise this week really does make a big difference and starts to set a new course in my life? What if by taking action every week and following this program all the way I get to live the life I have always been dreaming of?

Now that you are ready I wanted to tell you about a very powerful quote from Mark Twain, that I have repeated at all of my seminars for the last 4 years, and I really found it to be very true.

“I Can Show Any Man How To Get What He Wants! I Just Can’t Find A Man Who Knows What He Wants!” Mark Twain

That is why I wanted this exercise to start your new habit of knowing what you want. Then later in the program I can give you the steps to get it.

I remember when I lost what I thought was my dream at the age of 23. This happened because I hadn’t prepared myself to handle the wealth when it arrived!

As a result, I lost everything that had taken 7 years to create, and had to give up my life in California hanging out with Movie Stars, Pop Stars and Supermodels, had my home repossessed, and ended up moving back to Ireland in the Winter, with no money, no income and lived in an old abandoned Coast Guard station.

For the next nine months I didn’t have any dreams of the future. I just had thoughts about how I messed up my one chance and how I could get through each day. After trying so hard last time, I really didn’t care about stupid dreams anymore. It wasn’t until I was down to my last €50 and was running out of food that suddenly I knew I had to figure something out, and I had to do it fast!

So I pulled out some books and quickly looked through the autobiographies of Richard Branson, Andrew Carnegie, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and found out that all of them were Visionaries. The first skill they had was the ability to craft a huge vision of their life which gave them the motivation needed to do whatever it took to make it into a reality.

Despite my frustrations and feeling of defeat, I worked over the next few months at becoming a visionary and having the ability to know what I want in every area of my life.

…and this is still the first thing I notice with all of my friends who have created multi million Euro business and real estate empires. They are always building visions of every part of their life and business. My Rich friends always have a notepad and some pens ready to create their vision in more depth and…they have reminders of their visions all around them.

When I started to do this process again it felt like ever getting a warm bed and being able to walk into the supermarket and buy whatever I wanted was a huge stretch. But because I took the time to really develop this skill I have now moved into a life that is much better in every way than I ever put on any of my dream boards and goal lists.

As we go deeper into the programme we will have exercises that really help to create huge visions and give you the tools to make them into reality.

$ £ € Exercise $ £ €

Start Looking for Images of your desired life. Google Images is a very simple and great way to find the most specific pictures.

  1. Begin by changing your phone home screen to something you want in the future that is very prosperous, such as the car, home, vacation, watch, dress, shoes etc.
  2. Change all of your computer screen savers and desktop pictures to something very prosperous that you want in the future.
  3. Create a photo album on your computer with at least 10 pictures (and as many as you want) of things you want to create in your life and experience. Pictures of people dancing, partying on the beach, any material items, helicopter, yacht, people you want to meet and any skills you want to build. Then get into the habit of looking through this album when you have some relax time. If you can add it to your phones photo album then do that. (iPhones and Androids can do this easily).
  4. Make at least 1 Vision board to put in your home. Ideally make several to keep in locations where you spend a lot of time such as the office, bedroom and kitchen. To make a vision board it may be ideal to use a large cork board if you have one or can get one easily. If not, then get on large sheet of paper 1meter x 1meter. Or using printer paper and stick 6 or 8 sheets together.

Then cut pictures out of magazines or print them from Google or Yahoo Images and stick them on. It is useful to have something for Health (fit body picture, people smiling and healthy food), Money, Gold, Silver, Travel, People to meet, Skills to build. Relationship with partner and children, Home, Car, and anything that reminds you of something you would like to Contribute to the world.

This exercise can seem simple and fun. It is! …and it is very powerful to start your mind focusing on new higher level and better quality of life. Pretty much everyone who has been in self-development for any length of time has heard about doing this, but very few of those people have actually done it!

Action is the key to improvement!

And if you’re one of the people who can’t wait for tougher challenges then be sure that they are on the way. Each week will get progressively more advanced and always fun :)

Important! Please be sure to take the time to really do this fully. Then when you have completed it open this email again and confirm that you have completed it before Saturday so that you will be put forward for the next exercises.

Thank you for choosing to create your prosperous life with Wealth-Club Romania!

Have a great week!


The Magic 51%

What percentage of the day do you think that most people think about prosperity?

What percentage of the day do you think that most people think about scarcity?

I remember one specific day which I woke up extremely frustrated about how my life was. When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was the bare and dull walls of my tiny bedroom. I walked out of my room into the bathroom which I could barely fit into as it was so small, the paint was peeling off the roof as there was no window to let the steam out. Then went into my kitchen/living area and just looking around made me feel defeated.

What frustrated me was that I felt like I was doing everything the prosperity books had been telling me to do but I was still living a life that I hated. It was getting to the point I was ready to give up on it all and just accept that I was not supposed to live an abundant fulfilling life.

When I went out into my car, I started the engine and the CD player started automatically and it was playing an audio series I had just purchased by Randy Gage, (author of “Why you are dumb, sick and Broke and how to get Smart, Healthy and Rich!”).

He started talking about this magic 51%. That when you finally get your daily life to be focused on prosperity 51% that will be the point when you whole life turns around. At that time I thought I was actually thinking about prosperity 80% of my day so he must be talking complete garbage.

Then he said… “start really examining your thoughts for the rest of the day and notice how many times you feel prosperous and think about how much abundance you have, how often you see prosperous images around you, how many thoughts are about moving forward towards a better life”.

So I accepted the challenge…

First thing I noticed was that the area I was driving around was all old run down government housing built with old red bricks and paintings of men with guns on the side of them all.

When I pulled into the petrol station to fill up the car, a young man in a nice suit and a new BMW pulled up beside me. I remember looking across and feeling embarrassed and ashamed of my old run down car.

When I went to the bank to get some cash out I remember noticing all the nasty smells coming from the people around me who were sweaty, drunk and had been smoking. While standing in the line all that was running through my head was how frustrating it was having to stand here and wait to take out £20.

This went on all day just noticing that everything I was looking at was poverty!

The houses I saw, the clothes of the people, how they spoke, the news that was on in the car and shops, people complaining about problems beside me while I was waiting for lunch and all the nasty thoughts I was having about it all…

After the final analysis I realized that I had only been thinking prosperity for about 10-15% of the day. All the rest was filled with scarcity words, pictures and feelings.

At this point I said, this has to change. Now!

I didn’t care what it was going to take; I was going to get over that magic 51% no matter what!

First thing I did was to turn off the Radio and get rid of my TV. Then I put the prosperity Audio programmes I had onto my phone and started to listen to them all day when I was not talking to someone. I realized that

if I didn’t have enough prosperity thoughts of my own I could borrow those from other people.

Then I started to make Vision boards. Lots and lots of them. I actually covered my whole apartment with the vision boards. I put them in front of my desk when I was working, I put them beside the cooker so I could see them when chopping vegetables, I put one in front of the Ironing Board.

I even put one on the ceiling above my bed so that it was the last thing I saw before going to sleep and the first thing I saw after waking up. That one actually fell on my head many nights and I took that as a sign that my prosperity was coming at me so fast that nothing could stop it. It was nice to be woken up by my dream life… :)

All day long when I was at home I only saw Ferraris, Bentleys, Million Euro Mansions, Nice Suits, World Travel, Expensive watches and all other wonderful luxury items that made me feel great when I looked at them. I would even walk from room to room holding a board in front of me because I was committed to getting over that 51%.

Then instead of going home after work, I would go to the Radisson or Hilton and just sit in the Lobby and have a cup of tea for hours until the bar closed. It was amazing how much that started to shift my belief that things were changing. Just watching all the wealthy business people coming in and out in their nice cars, and I now started to feel a part of that.

As I stayed over the 51% focus on prosperity for a few weeks, things started to change. Slowly at first, but then I started getting new ideas about how to increase my income.

Every month after that point my income increased. It went from monthly income of €500 slowly over the next few months to €1000 then quickly from €1000 to €2000 to €4000 to €8000+ faster and faster.

In the beginning stages it was a lot of effort to keep my thoughts and the things I saw in my life focused on prosperity over 51% of the time. But as my income increased it became natural.

All of the meetings I now have are in Luxury 5* Golf Clubs and Hotels, I get to travel everywhere in Beautiful Luxury cars, live in a home better than what I had on my vision board at the time. All the people I work with including my friends talk only about prosperity and moving forward.

So it is naturally over 51% every day now with no effort required.

This is one of the Reasons why it is so much easier for the Rich to keep getting Richer. Because there comes a point when 80-95% of your life is focused on prosperity and money is drawn rapidly to people who live like that.

So I would ask you to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and how often you see and think about prosperity and work towards getting to the Magic Number! 51%.

Have a Great Weekend!

Best Wishes,


Step 3 - Can you handle the Money?

I keep hearing people say that they want more money. They say “If I had more money then my life would be different”. But let me ask you…

If I Offered To Give You €25,000 Each Month For The Rest Of Your Life… Would You Want It?

Would you even know what to do with it? Would you even enjoy spending it?

If you instantly said “Yes! Of course I would want it”, then now is the time to prove to me and more importantly - Yourself - that you do actually want the money.

You see…money goes to people who can offer it certainty and who have a nice warm cozy home already designed for it. Then when the money is treated with respect it will call all of its friends to come and join the party.

So what you are going to be doing this week is to Spend €25,000 per month. If you really do want the money then this will be a very fun exercise.

You will know if you have any internal conflicting beliefs about actually getting new wealth if you find that this exercise is anything other than fun.

It is Extremely Important that you don’t think about some fantasy life. Make this exercise about what you will do from today now that you have just received your first payment of €25,000.

€ £ $ :) :) :) EXERCISE :) :) :) $ £ €

  1. You have just received €25,000 and you need to allocate that money or it will be taken away from you.
  2. Take out some paper and a pen (or on your computer) and write out a list of what you will do with that money from today in your real life. What do you do first? What do you need to buy right now?
  3. Now make sure that all €25,000 is put somewhere and think about how you would feel about doing this now that you have the money (it will come faster than you think so the better you prepare the faster it will come).
  4. Make sure and do 6 months worth of spending to get to the next stage. If you want wealth to come faster then please do 12 months.


Month 1

€2,000 on clothes at the Armani Store €3,000 at the dentists to get teeth fixed €2,000 deposit on new apartment beside the park €2,000 on first months rent in new apartment €2,000 to fix up apartment before moving in €3,000 to David as a gift for helping me create this wealth ;) €5,000 for new Ducati Motorbike €1,000 health and beauty weekend getaway (nails, hair, mud bath, detox, spa). €1,000 night out with friends to celebrate my new life. €1,500 Monthly Expenses (food, electric, taxis, phone bill, water) €2,500 Savings

Total €25,000

Month 2

€2,000 Rent €1,500 Monthly Expenses (food, electric, taxis, phone bill, water) €2,500 Savings €3,000 Omega Watch €3,000 Marketing Online Course €2,000 Trip to Greek Islands for 10 Days with Girlfriend/ boyfriend €2,000 Hugo Boss Store €2,000 Canali Suits x2 €2,000 Prada Shoes x4 €1,500 Skydiving Course €1,000 to Momma to treat herself to a holiday €2,000 for annual private Health Insurance

Total €25,000

Month 3 … etc. etc. etc.

Important! Please have fun with the exercise and make sure when you have completed it you open this email again and confirm (by clicking the button below) that you have completed it before Saturday so that you will receive the next exercises.

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a prosperous week!


PS: Remember: “Until we can handle what we have, we won’t get any more.”

Is it Right to be Rich?

With all this talk of spending, there is a question that many people may be asking

…is it even right to be rich?

Or is it nobler to be poor?

I always find it fascinating that there are so many people in the world who spread the idea that we have been sent to earth to suffer. And if we do a really good job at suffering in this lifetime then in the next life we will get all the goodies that we missed out on.

When I first started to desire wealth, I would see a picture of a Ferrari and thought it was amazing. If you asked me, I would have said that without any doubt that I would love to have one and that my life would be better in every way.

Then one day a friend asked me if I was going to be Rich…..

And I said… ”if I need to be!”.

What I was really doing was avoiding the question, without even realizing it. On one side it looked like I was working as hard as I could to get more wealth. But I couldn’t even admit that I really wanted to be Rich.

It wasn’t until I attended a seminar on wealth that I first heard about limiting beliefs that we have around money. At the time it didn’t really mean very much to me, as I thought I didn’t have any beliefs that were preventing me from accepting wealth. I just thought that if the supermarket would give me a pay raise then I could get a new car.

Then over the next few weeks I kept reading more and more about this and decided to explore what I actually believed about having money and I listened deeply to what the people around me were saying about their desire to have money and people who were Rich.

I heard people saying things that sound crazy to me now, but at the time I thought they made sense. People were saying things like:

• Humans are a disease on this planet, destroying everything in our path. That the world was perfect before humans and it would be much better off without us.

• There is a limit of the amount of material goods we can produce. So for one person to have lots of nice things then others must have to do with less.

• Money is a zero sum game. For one person to win another must lose. The goal of business is to put your competition out of business and get as much money from all the suckers as possible, doing anything necessary.

• To be successful you have to cheat, steal or do business with the government.

• The Higher Power, God, Allah, Buddha, Thor, Zeus etc. wants people to suffer in this life, struggle in poverty and then if they have enough pain and sacrifice in this life they will be allowed into the magic place for an eternity of bliss.

• Some believe that having nice things and “showing off” makes people hate you. Or makes you a Pitzy.

• When they see a woman in a nice car, instantly say that she just romanced her way to wealth.

• To be Rich you need to Work Hard so you won’t have any time for your partner, fun or your family.

• Money can’t buy you love! Money doesn’t make you happy!

• Many people go around asking ‘Would you rather be Rich or Happy?” which means they think that you have to choose between being Rich or Happy. That you cannot have both.

• Rich people have fake friends who only like them for their money.

• Rich people are boring.

• Rich people don’t deserve their wealth. It should be taken from them and shared equally between everyone.

• Rich people exploit poor workers. Poor people are forced to be like slaves, having miserable lives while the Rich just sit on the beach, drinking out of coconuts.

• If I made or won lots of money I would just give it away.

When I became aware of these beliefs I started to think deeply about my own perceptions about money….

…..And I had almost all of these ideas about money within me.

They are programmed into our minds 7 Days a week, 52 weeks of the year from newspapers, radio, TV, schools, governments, churches, family and friends. So it is almost impossible to avoid them.

What is amazing is that the beliefs we hold inside us will determine the actions we take and what we will do with money if we ever manage to get it.

Over the next few weeks we will look at the most powerful and limiting of these and I will explain to you what all of the wealthy people I have met over the years believe about money and about people who are rich.

Just by being aware of the prosperous version will be enough to start making a shift in your ability to bring new wealth into your life…and keep it!

It is not what we don’t know that hurts us. It is what we think we know that just ain’t so that hurts us.

So be ready for a total shift in perception for the rest of this programme. Also notice if any of these beliefs creep into your mind when you are Spending your new €25,000 each month. If you found that exercise difficult or have not yet completed it then I would be certain it is because you have many of these beliefs deep inside.

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a prosperous week-end!


Step 4 - Where Would You Put Your New Wealth?

Now that you have been managing all of your new income the next question is….

Where Will You Put The New Wealth?

Everyone I talk to that the seminars wants to have lots of new goodies in their life. But very few are willing to give up their old life…

This week’s exercise is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you get to demonstrate how committed you are to a new life of prosperity. Moving to a higher level takes a leap of faith in many areas.

Just a few days ago I was sitting in my kitchen enjoying the view of the sunset over the ocean. It was beautiful and relaxing.

Then all of a sudden I heard this loud crash inside my living room, then lots of loud banging. As there was no one else in the house I felt a large amount of fear and didn’t really want to go and find out what it was.

After looking around for the next few minutes I realized that the noise was a bird stuck in the Chimney. Over the last few months this has happened many times and I have set them all free. So I just started to tap the side of the chimney to get the Bird to come down all the way and I would set it free just like all the others.

As I tapped it, and I could hear the bird struggle to try and get higher. Then I tapped again and the bird kept struggling more and more to try and get back where it came from.

For the next few hours I kept trying in the hope that it would make a small leap of faith and come down all the way so that it could be set free.

I was already looking at the wide open door, where I could see the clear blue skies and the trees blowing in the fresh wind. But the bird couldn’t see any of that. It was experiencing a self-made cage, which was dark and nasty.

If only I could have let the bird know that all it had to do was take the risk. Make a small leap, and I would send it out into freedom.

Sadly that bird was so scared that it wouldn’t make the leap, it would rather stay locked in the small cage than take the risk which would have set it free.

This incident got me really thinking about all the times in my life when I was scared to take the leap and missed out on the real opportunities that could have set me free much sooner.

For over a year I had been dreaming about moving to Spain and living in the sun all year as I hated living in the cold dark and rainy City of Belfast, but I almost had a great life and didn’t want to risk losing what I had.

When I came back from a 6 week adventure trip in Australia and New Zealand, I was dreading returning to Belfast. My home was very nice but every day just felt like there was so much more that I could be experiencing in life.

A few hours before my flight landed back in Belfast someone had broken into my home and taken around half of the possessions out of it.

At that point I remember all the lessons I had been reading from the prosperity books, such as Stuart Wilde, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Randy Gage, Charles Filmore, Catherine Ponder, or Brian Tracy. They had all been talking about the vacuum law of prosperity and the need to release the old life before the new life would start to come to us.

A hand filled with coal can’t pick up the diamonds.

So as soon as I saw the locks off my front door I called my friends and told them to come around and take anything that was left in my house as I was leaving now. Up until this point, I had been doing little bits of the prosperity lessons and now it was time for a real change.

I decided to jump in with both feet, and gave away 1,000’s of books, a Tag Carrera Watch (€3,000), Van Der Bauwede Watch (€4,000), the rest of my furniture, a Lexus, and all of my clothes that wouldn’t fit into the one bag that I was taking, and pretty much everything else I owned.

Then I went to the airport and moved to Spain that day with one bag. That was a huge leap that really did scare me, but I knew it was time to make my life the way I wanted it.

I had lots of pleasant opportunities to move into my ideal life, but I was scared and I had to wait until I got some pain to move me into my dream life. This is usually what happens.

Sometimes losing the job is what we needed to make us start the new business, or it gets us to read the books and take the new training. It is better to make the changes before the pain comes, but only a few do that, and they are the ones we all read about and watch in movies.

After I gave away all my old stuff, my life went into overdrive and it became better in every way than I ever could have imagined.

From today I would like to ask you to do a smaller version of this clearing out process until you get comfortable with it, and be willing to make some space for the new prosperity that will come into your life.

Releasing the old while we have a vision of the new is one of the fastest ways to move towards a more prosperous life.

€ £ $ :) :) :) EXERCISE :) :) :) $ £ €

Start looking for all of the parts of your old life that you are willing to release so that all the people, travel, money, cars, homes, experiences from your new life can start to come to you.

Go through your house and find all the old:

• CD’s • Books • Magazines • Clothes (if you don’t feel excited to wear an item then seriously think about giving it away) • Random Possessions • Paperwork • Letters • Garbage • Delete all old emails (email Inbox should be at 0 every night so at least get a lot of them deleted or moved into labels) • Delete old contacts from your phone • Hide or delete poverty focused people from your Facebook page

Clear them out and just give them away, and trust that this will open the path to attract new expected prosperity from unknown sources.

I personally don’t like giving away money, because money is a seed that needs to be grown. I do, however, love to give away all of my possessions that I have used, enjoyed and now want other people to enjoy.

When we first do this it is great to start with small items and then when we build trust it becomes more fun to see how much we can give away with the knowledge that we will be getting something much greater.

Important! Really get stuck into this exercise and do what you can to push your limits. Then make sure when you have completed it you open this email again and confirm (by clicking the button below) that you have completed it before Saturday so that you will receive the next exercises.

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a prosperous week!


Are Humans A Disease On This Planet?

What do you think?

Are Humans A Disease On This Planet?

Or Are We Just On A Journey… …To Higher Levels Of Prosperity?

How many times have you heard the idea that humans are destroying everything in their path? Creating pollution, killing all the animals, tearing down the forests to build malls.

On the surface it certainly looks like humans are on a path to self-destruction and they are taking all of the other species in the world with them. If humans hadn’t come along then the planet would still be perfect.

This is understandable because we see pictures of nature and it does look so beautiful and it appears that all of the world’s other species are working in harmony with each other.

I remember in my early twenties this was a very strong belief of mine and I set out on a mission to stop the humans destroying everything and start to live with nature again.

For many years I had been talking about how bad it was to live in towns and cities and that we would all be better off living back in nature. Sleeping under the stars, catching our own food, eating berries, having showers under the waterfalls…

With this idea in mind I decided that it was time to put it to the test, live like a prehistoric man and then come back to the world to convert everyone to join me.

So I packed my bag, purchased my plane ticket and headed off to Canada where there would be almost endless forests, rivers and lakes.

I joined up with 10 other people who wanted to have the same experience. Ready for the start of a new life.

We got a lift to one of the large lakes that led to a web of rivers that would flow ceaselessly for hundreds of miles. All of us jumped out of the van excited about our new adventure. We unpacked our barrels of food, tents and canoes then set off into the lakes.

There was such a sense of freedom and adventure that came with doing this. The feeling of being at one with nature felt more magical than anything I had ever done before. It was even better than I had imagined.

We canoed for 8-12 hours each day, with amazing conversations, fresh air, no modern technology or distractions. Just great friends and the world in its natural beauty.

All of this was amazing for the first 10 days while we still had the food that we had packed. When the belly is full life seems like it is much more beautiful.

Then what happened was we started to run out of food and had to rely on catching fish and gathering berries, roots and whatever else we could find. This is not as easy as it looks on the survival TV shows.

As we went deeper into the wilderness we had constant fights at night with bears stealing whatever food we did have, mosquitos, black flies, horse flies, leeches, raccoons, foxes and lots of other creatures that wanted to eat our food, or eat us.

I had hundreds of mosquito bites all over me, it was 40°C+ every day, no cool clean water, and when we ran out of food the magic quickly disappeared and we were only left with the harsh reality that we had another 500 km to paddle before we got back to where we could get lift to civilization.

After reading all the books which said that nature loves us and we need to work with nature, I quickly realized that this was complete garbage.

When living in nature it felt like everything in nature wanted to kill or eat me. And everything in nature was trying to kill or eat everything else. Having the constant feeling of some creature biting at your skin can quickly drive a person insane.

It was being in the forest for a full summer that I realized that humans are one of the least equipped species for surviving in nature. We feel the cold, the heat, our skin is soft, we are easily damaged, we have no real strength, can’t naturally climb or swim or run fast.

When we got to the last few days I just felt like my whole worldview changed. The first night back in the hotel was the best feeling I could ever have imagined. Going to the pizza shop, listening to the nice music, eating ice cream, having a warm shower and a cold glass of clean water just felt like I was in paradise.

Now I felt like for humans to experience the world for thousands more years we didn’t need to go back to living like cave men. We needed to go forward. Having all of the modern luxuries we love, making them better and innovating so that we can make the world a true paradise for humans.

This took me into studying books like “Unlimited Wealth” by Paul Zane Pilzer. Which was a mind blowing transformation into looking at how everything that humans were doing was moving us into a better place.

It wasn’t so long ago that Women in Scotland and Ireland needed to have 9 children for 3 to survive. The other six would die of starvation, disease or the process of child birth. People lived in constant fear of starvation, plagues or being murdered by the neighboring tribes.

For those who made it past the first few years, life expectancy was about 40-45 years. And every day of those years would have been a tough battle for survival. Working in the fields 10-14 hours 7 days a week just to get enough food to survive. People who had rotten teeth would tie it to the door and kick the door to rip it out.

Doctors were experimenting with crazy methods to try and heal people with diseases. The streets were full of human waste and garbage. The pollution from the factories would create smog in the air that would choke people. The rivers in the cities were full of every piece of garbage and dirt that could be thrown into it.

Now it is getting clearer to see how the world is quickly moving forward. The rivers in the cities are actually getting cleaner, the air in the cities are much nicer than they were 100 years ago.

When we look at all of the new buildings that are being designed to look like they are part of the forest. They have trees and grass on top of them, waterfalls inside, ponds full of fish surrounding it.

Basically all humans in the developed countries have access to great medical care, plenty of food and clean drinking water.

Then for the people who are concerned with over population… In the next 24 months it will be possible to take a vacation into space from the small fee of $180,000. Over the next 10-50 years there will be huge space missions that will need as many people as possible to go to the new space stations and maybe even other planets to build colonies. At that point we will have a huge shortage of people.

There are now even companies who are working to mine the raw materials from asteroids in space and then bring them back to Earth. We have renewable energy sources that can produce power from the sun and wind.

When we see that humans are moving forward to a higher level of existence with all of the new wonderful technology we lose the fear that humans are a disease. And we start to accept the idea that we are on an evolutionary path that has endless possibilities.

This will help us to be open to accepting all of the abundance that is waiting for us.

So I would ask you to just be aware of anyone who will try to tell you that humans are destroying the Earth. Because how likely is someone to accept abundance when they are walking around thinking that they are a disease? ….Not likely at all.

A belief like that can only come with low self-esteem. This will repel all of the opportunities that come their way.

Surely someone who thinks that humans are one of the most amazing creatures ever to exist will be much more likely to accept all the good things in life.

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a prosperous week-end!


Step 5 - Money Loves Order

“Money eventually flows away from a disorganized system… …to an organized system”

John DeMartini

Something I notice with all of the Wealthy people I am around is that they have their money well organized, they know how much they have, what they own and their revenue for their company. Most will check all of their accounts daily and certainly weekly.

I was very surprised when I first met really wealthy people and saw how they organize their possessions.

Every valuable item is photographed, logged in a folder, attached to insurance documents with a valuation. This way they know what possessions they have and they don’t have any fear over losing any of them.

If an item goes missing they just claim insurance. This brings peace to their lives and allows them to fully enjoy their wealth without fear.

Also if you get to peek into their wallets… they are perfectly ordered. €500’s at the back, followed by €50’s, then €20’s, then €10’s then €5’s. They are facing the same direction and in good condition.

They know where their money is going to go before they get it. There is a plan for all new income and a system which the money flows through. If they make €200,000 it goes into the specified bank account.

10% goes straight into prosperity account, 10% into the investment account, 10% into the self-development account, 20% for taxes. 20% back into the business for growth, 30% for bills and spending.

This is all decided before they do something to make the new money. When they get paid there is no celebration or crazy spending. The money is just allocated naturally and they get onto making the next income.

In Contrast, I remember how my friends and I kept our money when we were poor. When we got some money we would just stuff the cash into our pockets any way it would fit. The money would be rolled up and squashed. One of my friends would actually keep the money in his sock.

We had no idea how much we had. Money just came to us so that we could spend it. The mindset was - get money, spend money! get more money, then spend more money!

This was where the philosophy ended. That is why lottery winners usually spend everything they have and more within a few years. They get money and they spend it with no system or organization.

One of my friends was asking me how to create more wealth in his life. I tried to explain that if he kept at least €50 - €100+ and organized the notes in his wallet he would feel more prosperous and be more likely to start creating more wealth. So he did it when I was with him. Then when I saw him a week later, the money was in a mess again. So i asked him what happened.

He said: “I can’t be bothered to organize the money in my wallet; it takes too much effort every day!”

Think about that - If he cannot be bothered to organize €100 in his wallet, how does he think that he will be able to organize €1,000,000?

“Until we can handle what we have got, we won’t get any more!”

€ £ $ :) :) :) EXERCISE :) :) :) $ £ €

  1. Have a daily or at least weekly check on all income, expenses, debt and savings. (This is very simple with on-line banking). Start to make this a new life habit.

Regularly update the sheet that you filled in for exercise number 1. Keep checking the sheets and tracking your progress.

  1. Organize the money in your wallet!

And start to always have some money in your wallet that you don’t ever spend. Having money in your wallet will make you constantly feel richer and draw more money making ideas to you.

Keep at least 100Ron always. Hopefully closer to 500Ron or 1000Ron.

When I first heard about doing this it took me 3 weeks to get €100 to keep in my wallet. So start to build up even if you can only get 20 Ron to start with then keep adding to it. Keep your wallet organized from Higher to lower notes. All facing the same direction neat and crisp :) Remember. . . If it is too difficult to organize 500 Ron in your wallet then what will it be like organizing €1,000,000?

:) :) I will be doing a wallet check next time we meet, to make sure that there is money in there first of all and that it is all organized :) :)

A full wallet attracts money, an empty wallet repels money!

The best way to be Rich is to do what the Rich do!

Mastering the Basics, Makes the Master

Have a Great Week and please take the time to do this exercise and get used to organizing the money that you already have. We don’t get a new assignment in life until we are over qualified for this one. When we get the lesson and change our behaviors then new opportunities naturally start to flow to us.


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Are the Rich Evil-Tyrants or Wonderful People serving Humanity?

It is fascinating that you can ask two people this same question and get two completely different answers.

Most of the people I grew up with would tell you that the Rich are all Evil, Nasty and Selfish. They don’t care about anyone; all they want to do is get more money no matter what it takes.

Then you ask my Rich friends and they would say that the Rich are the people who are out there providing all the products and services that everyone in the world enjoys. They are the ones creating the jobs, building the homes, producing all the necessary technology which has almost doubled human life expectancy in 100 years.

They would point to examples of Andrew Carnegie who built almost every Library in North America and the UK with his own wealth so that the poor would have access to education.

They would talk about Steve Jobs creating iPhone, the App Store, iPod and all the other products that have changed the way we live.

Bill Gates who has made home computing available to almost everyone and his software has made life saving information accessible to people all over the world.

Thomas Edison created the incandescent light-bulb revolutionizing the living standards of people in their homes.

What I see very often when having conversations about this is that whoever I am talking to will usually have made a sweeping generalization and say…

Rich People are Evil or Rich People are Wonderful

This is very strange to me. Because neither are true.

If a poor man gets drunk every day, beats his wife and never talks to his children then everyone will say it is because he is just stupid and mean. If a Rich man does the same then most people will say it is because he is Rich that he does those nasty things.

If a poor man is rude to a waitress then people will just say….he is a rude person. If a Rich man does it then most often the people watching will say that he is rude because he only cares about money.

The truth is….”people are people” and they are the same if they have wealth or don’t have wealth. But when someone has a lot of wealth they become much more noticeable so everyone has an opinion about them.

Some people are Rude, boring, and nasty and enjoy making other people feel miserable. Many of those people don’t have any money and many of them do have a lot of money.

Some people are fun, exciting, loving, kind, generous and care deeply about everyone they meet. They will do anything they possibly can to make sure that everyone around them feels great and has an amazing life. Many of those people don’t have any money. And many of those people do have lots of money.

Here is why this is important to understand…

If we generalize about Rich or poor people then when we are deciding what type of person we want to become our subconscious mind will choose based on those generalizations. Then this will set our path to be Rich or poor.

When a person has decided that the Rich are the worst thing on this planet, while poor people are much more friendly, much more fun, more spiritual and love their family more then they may say that….being poor is rubbish but I would rather be loving and kind than be Rich. (this is a harmful belief and not true)

If a person has said that poor people are lazy, stupid, boring, and live like slaves…. ….while Rich people are fun, exciting, intelligent and creative. They get to experience the best of the world, and use their wealth to uplift humanity… (this is an effective belief but also not true)

Then that person is more likely to do whatever it takes to get out of poverty and be Rich. Even if that means reading thousands of books, learning from other successful people, investing time and money into their own education, going to seminars, working late while their friends are at that pub.

I heard Will Smith, the famous American Actor say in an interview that…

Money And Success Doesn’t Change People, It Merely Amplifies What Is Already There

That is why we need to decide what type of person we want to become. And forget what the other Rich people are doing. We need to be our own person.

We may want to be kind, loving, fun, exciting, generous, passionate, uplifting, confident, and peaceful. And get as Rich as possible so that we can amplify all of those wonderful traits and share them with the world.

Money will make us more of what we already are, so the only time we should fear being Rich is if we don’t like what we have to share with the world. If that is the case then get to work and change that then get as Rich as possible.

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a great week-end!


Step 6 - The Company You’ll Keep Will Define You!

Everywhere we look it appears that there are millions of people all over the world queueing up to get their share of success. They are trying everything possible, reading all the books, listening to the audios, working their assess off. The problem is that they are all lining up at the front door waiting for everyone else to clear out of the way. If only they knew that…


Every time I get to meet with Wealthy People I always like to ask the same question…

“What is the most influential thing you do that helped you create and keep your wealth?”

Time after time the response is pretty much always the same:

“I get around other people who push me to become more of what I am capable of.”

And this always reminds me of a lesson I had heard over and over again from all the great personal development speakers such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill etc.

Our life is the average of the 6 people we spend the most time with!

When I first made the decision that I was going to put an end to my financial struggles and was committed to creating wealth in my life, I started to look at the people I had chosen to spend a lot of time with.

The First thing I did was write down the names of the 6-8 people I spent the most time with now and beside their name I wrote down their income and net worth. (Making the best possible guess)

I know that the first time I did this exercise I had my two student friends with no income, my other friend who was making around £6,000 per year working part time in a shop. And my work colleagues making around £10,000 each per year while I was working for a charity.

It turned out that I was making around £8,000 per year at that time. So I knew that there was a lot of truth to this principle.

This rule works for our quality of health, relationships, wealth, fun, adventure, contribution and all other areas of life. Usually if we total up the income of the 6 people we are with then we will be earning very close to the average (give or take a few thousand).

Exercise #1

:) Try it now… if you want to test it. Write down the names of the 6 people you spend the most time with and make a guess at their income.

It should only take 5 minutes and it will be very revealing. :)

So at that point I decided that I was going to raise my game and get around people who would not accept any more of my excuses for not stepping up.

The first thing I did was put up this quote from Brian Tracy in front of my desk:

“Everything we do in life is to gain the respect of the people we respect or at least not to lose the respect of the people we respect.”

Then I made a list of the people who I would Ideally like to be around and work with.

When I do exercises like this I don’t write out who I want to meet in my current world. I write out who I would meet if I was on a brand new planet that I created and made the rules. Doing it like this makes it infinitely more powerful as it lets our minds access all of our true desires that have been beaten down with years of failure, frustration and external programming.

So I invite you now to join me in doing this…

€ £ $ :) :) :) EXERCISE :) :) :) $ £ €

  1. Get the feeling of sitting out in the Universe on top of a Star. Then get to work creating a planet as you want it to be. You can be any person you want here, there are no limits. (I would suggest doing this every time you want to find out what your real desires are, self-doubt will keep our real desires locked inside us).
  2. Write out a list of 6-8 friends that you want to have on your ideal planet.

You will not take any actual people which you know from this planet!!!

It is important to create brand new people. Being too specific blocks off the flow and it is the synchronistic flow that makes the magic happen.

  1. Write out their monthly income.
  2. Write out their Net Worth.
  3. Write out a little bit of the industry they work in (Stocks, Real Estate, Venture Capitalist, Athlete, Musician, Author, Space Travel, TV etc.)
  4. Write out the personal traits they have.
  5. Write a brief description of the interaction you have when you are together.

Here is an example of how I did it:

Person 1 - “AAA”

Monthly Net Income - £150,000

Net Worth - £65,000,000

Real Estate Investor

“AAA” is very kind, friendly and very powerful person who does not put up with any crap from anyone. He knows his business better than almost anyone else in the country. He really values his time and knows what he wants and how to get it.

AAA is the type of person who will be totally honest with me and push me harder than I know how to push myself. He has contacts in all the key areas of Real Estate and is willing to help me along the way because he knows that I am stepping up and doing everything I can to reach my true potential.

AAA opens doors for me by making key introductions to other people who can help push my projects forward. We can still have a great laugh when we are together and our main focus is making our businesses grow.

I feel that I deeply respect him and he respects me for my enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible service for my customers so that we can have a long term lasting relationship.

“I am open and willing to accept this great friendship or an even better one.”

Person 2. BBB Person 3. CCC Person 4. DDD Person 5. EEE Person 6. FFF

Note – It is important to not put a real name to the person… that is why I used AAA… BBB etc.

Just create the essence of the person and their relationship with you. This keeps the door open to hundreds of different ways to meet them without being a scary creep when you meet them. :)

After I did this exercise it took 2 weeks before I had the door open and the process started to get around all the people on my list. Within 4 months I was traveling to a different city every weekend working for the Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad company with many of the Richest people in the country.

There I got to spend time with the people who matched exactly my list and it all happened through lots of chance meetings (it always looks like chance meetings but that is how it always happens). :)

Be open to the magic and say “yes” when the door opens!!!!

When the list is complete start to think where people like this would be. Would they be sitting in your house watching your TV with you??? Or would they be out somewhere? Seminars, Golf Clubs, Top Hotels, Charity Events, Concerts, Operas, Sailing Club, Classic Car Clubs?

Then get to those places and find a way to add value to their lives.

So as always please have lots of fun doing this as it is conditioning your mind to think like the Rich think. The power of creativity is one of the fastest ways to bring in new wealth.


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With the Group, the participants that completed Step #5 will share their questions and experiences related to the exercises and will have access to relevant information regarding the Wealth Club-Romania Project. The discussions will be held both in English and Romanian.

All you need to do in order to get full access is to visit the Group’s pageand join in until Sunday, November 24, 2013, the latest.

Is The Game of Money Win-Lose or Is It Win-Win?

This is the question that causes a major conflict in most people. We have been trained to think that for one person to get rich then another person must stay poor.

The majority of people really care about helping our friends, family and even strangers have a better life. So the idea of getting Rich while others are forced to stay poor will make many people decide that they don’t want to hurt anyone. Many people, especially those will low self-esteem, decide that they should be the people who stay poor so that there is enough for everyone else.

There was the famous line from the Wall Street movie:

“It’s a Zero Sum game – somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made, it’s simply transferred” Gordon Geko.

This would only be true if you are talking about the government, who just takes money from one person by force, passes it to another and then they squander it.

Unfortunately, Hollywood controls the philosophy of the majority of the planet. The programming is very subtle so people don’t even notice they are being programmed with garbage beliefs that will keep them poor. They just think it is a fun movie.

Most movies in Hollywood are made by Limousine Liberals who make huge amounts of money, love the wealth and at the same time they hate themselves for it.

And they hate anyone else who makes lots of wealth. Because they have never taken the time to think through their philosophy.

Think about this for a moment….

When two people do a trade with each other….why do they both say “thank you”?

If one of them was winning and the other was losing would they both say “thank you”?

…..Of course not.

The person who sells the melon for €2 would rather have the money than the melon because they can grow a melon for 50 cents. Leaving them €1.50 profit.

The person with the €2 would rather have the melon than the money. To pay for the melon they can go to work for 10 minutes doing what they are good at and have enough to pay for it. But to grow the melon themselves would take several days of work, over many months.

By trading with each other they are both winners.

Wealth is not merely transferred as the Movie Wall Street suggests. Newwealth is being produced every day all over the world. More furniture, houses, cars, phones, computers, food, entertainment etc. etc. are being produced every minute of every day.

Wealth is really the products and services we use, not the pieces of paper issued by the government that we use to keep score. The pieces of paper we use in every transaction are just a receipt of wealth that can be used to claimwealth.

The more we produce goods and services, the faster the prices will fall, which makes it easier for the poorest people to get access to all the wealth that the rich enjoy.

Think about mobile phones. When they first came out they were the size of a large brief case, had only one function and cost €2000+. Very few people could afford them.

But as more and more companies started to produce them the prices have fallen so low that even the poorest people in the world can afford them. A basic phone which is much better than the first mobile phones will cost around €20 or maybe even less.

Here is why this is so important to understand….

If we get up every day and think that by us getting Rich we are making people Poor then it makes it very very difficult or impossible to enjoy the process of building wealth. Which will kill any incentive to do it and build a huge level of guilt if we do ever get the money.

However if we get up everyday knowing that by getting Rich we are actually making it easier for everyone else to get Rich, then this makes it exciting, fun and very rewarding to focus on building wealth.

We shift the morality to feel that if we are not getting Richer then we are keeping other people poor. And if we are getting Richer then we are saving people from suffering and making their lives much better.

When we know that everything we are doing in our life is making the world a better place for us and for everyone else then we get excited and love the whole process.

So think about that next time you trade with someone and you both say “thank you”. Know that you have both made each other Richer.

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a great week-end!


Step 7 - Be The Star Of Your Own Movie

I am very happy that you are still with us at this stage. Every week you are proving that you are ready for success and new wealth. We would love everyone to have amazing and prosperous life, but sadly most people are not willing to do what it takes.

That is why the majority of the population lives a life of struggle rather than a life of passion, adventure and prosperity. Money comes to those who take prosperous action.

Last week you made a list of the 6 people who you would like to meet and spend some time with. You had written a few details about them, their net worth and how interact together.

Today we are going to take this one step further and write out a movie script of a specific experience you will have with these people.

This will get your mind prepared for when you do actually start to meet wealthy, famous and influential people. They are actually pretty easy to get access to, but because most people have not prepared themselves to meet them and have them as part of their network then they never become part of their lives.

If you meet people from the group who are now into week 15+ they have been out over the last few weeks meeting lots of Rich and Famous people for real.

A few weeks before they didn’t think it would be so easy. But because they have been taking action and preparing themselves for the new life by doing the exercises, it has started to happen for them at a super-fast speed.

It is important to be ready for opportunities when they arrive. Very often what happens is that people work very hard for many years waiting for their big opportunity and when it comes they are not able to take advantage of it and waste years of progress.

The first time I was introduced to Hollywood movie stars, pop stars and super-models at a poolside party in LA I was completely overwhelmed. I hadn’t even thought about how I would feel when I finally got to meet them.

Then when they asked me to do something impressive I wasn’t able to take full advantage of it and missed an amazing opportunity.

Luckily I knew how to get to meet more Rich and Famous people, so for the next few weeks I mentally rehearsed what I would do the next time I was in that situation and how I would feel about it.

I worked on the famous 5 minute phobia cure and a magic trick which was able to impress everyone enough to start getting lots of famous clients.

From there I was invited to work on Movie sets and get to meet the directors and lots of other very wealthy clients who were able to pay much higher fees. And it all was possible because of mentally rehearsing the situation and being ready for it when it arrived.

I want to remind you that anyone who does create a huge amount of wealth in their life has a powerful network of very influential people. At least 90% of your wealth will be determined by the quality of the people in your life.

…And wealthy people only want to be around other people who have developed the ability to think prosperously and be comfortable around successful people and wealth. All of these exercises are preparing you for this.

So here is today’s exercise….

€ £ $ :) :) :) EXERCISE :) :) :) $ £ €

Take about 1/4 - 1/2 of a page for each and write out the experience you have when you are actually meeting the person for the first time andmake it be in an ideal situation or location.

The more detail that can be put into this the better it will work.

To get to the next stage I would ask you to write a movie script about your meeting with at least 2 people. If you are really committed and want wealthto come faster then please do all 6.

Here is how I did it….


“Now that I am having dinner with Bruce Willis I am feeling very happy and excited to be in his company. We are in a beautiful restaurant at the top of the Highest Building in New York; the waiters are the most professional and provide the best service I have ever seen.

The view over the city is even more magical that I had ever dreamed of. While we are talking we are deeply engaged into a subject that we both love. He is telling me about how he learned stunt driving and some of the near death experiences he had on the newest Die Hard movie.

We are with a lot of other great friends who I feel very comfortable with. They are some of the funniest people I have ever been with and I just feel a sense of connection, peace and fulfillment in this place. We chat together for hours and time just seems to stand still.

Before we leave we exchange numbers and he invites me to his beach house to party with all the other movie stars and I gladly accept his offer.”

Remember, all of the first exercises are like in the Karate Kid movie, where the guy is forced to pick up his jacket hundreds of times to build the muscle memory. Or if you watched the original….”wax on, wax off”.

With all prosperity tools and philosophy it is important to get it all into the muscle so that it becomes automatic and a life habit.

Throughout this program each skill will build on the last and they are all essential. As the program continues they will be more frequent and more in depth, but that will only be for those who prove that they are committed by doing the simpler exercises.


To receive the Wealth Philosophy on Thursday please click the “Check!” button below.

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Have a great week.

Best Wishes,


Do we need to work hard to be rich? …or is making lots of money easy?

This is not the easiest question to answer.

I remember when I was finishing my last exams in high school. One of my classmates had just finished the exam that I was about to go in and do. As he was walking out of the hall I asked him…

“…is that exam difficult?”

I will never forget his answer….

He said….

”Not if you know the answers!”

I didn’t realize the power of his answer until a few years ago when I bought my first business.

When I was growing up it looked like everyone who had a nice home, expensive clothes and a prosperous car was working extremely hard. They would go out and work their asses off doing every shift they could do. Very often working 60-100 hours per week and they never had time for their family.

I would hear people talking about them and say that it was sad to see people missing out on their family because they want to buy some useless material items. Why would you give up time with the people you love for some shiny objects?

They would say… I would rather be happy and be with the people I love than have a nice home and car.

This seemed to make sense to me, because I could never imagine giving up time with the people I cared about for some material objects.

…And it wasn’t until I met a Multi-Millionaire for the first time that I started to see this differently.

He had the biggest home I had ever seen, he had a beautiful boat, lots of cars, and I mean very beautiful cars. Many old classics, a Bentley, a Ferrari, Jaguar and several more. When he opened his wallet it looked like it was about to burst open because he had so much in there.

But what impressed me so much was all the time he had for his family and to do fun things. Every weekend he was at the beach or out on his boat with his children and wife.

He was fit and healthy, always smiling, his children were always hugging him and he was happily married.

After spending some time with him and playing with his children, who were about the same age as me, my mindset started to shift. I could feel it literally started to open up as it was seeing a whole new reality.

Many years later, what I realized was…

The people who were working their asses off, long hours 50 weeks of the year were NOT Rich at all!!

The people who we thought were Rich were only Rich compared to how I was living.

They were people who had grown up with the same garbage idea that you have to work hard for money. So they just got a job in an office and put in lots of hours at low pay.

They were not reading good books, not taking seminars, not asking questions to the successful people around them. They just tried to work hard.

And they were sacrificing their life for this philosophy.

The Rich man I met had a huge library in his home; he was always reading and taking trainings.

Because he was constantly learning he knew the answers and did not have to work hard.

We either work hard internally or we work hard externally. We work hard with our mind or we work hard with our body.

He knew how to delegate tasks to employees. He understood customer service, marketing, sales, how to manage staff effectively, how to inspire investors, and all other necessary business skills.

It turns out that the people who had to work hard and do long hours were people who did not know the answers. So life was hard for them.

This was a huge mental shift for me. And I was very happy to discover this secret that almost no one else seemed to know. I was especially happy because I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet.

Generally I do not like working at all. I know that for the first few years I would just put some personal development material onto my iPod and listen to it all day long. This took no effort at all.

I could play video games, go out walking, running, playing football, and listen to it when I was driving.

What I found was that after listening to sales speakers on my iPod everyday whenever I could, that when I got into a sales job I could become the top sales person within 3-4 months.

I could work 3-4 days and get paid 5-10x more than everyone else who was working 50 hours a week.

To me this was very exciting and I started to do this with every area of business and I still do it. And I promise you that it is much better than going out and working hard.

My favorite podcast now is ilovemarketing.com. It is free and some of the best business building material I have ever heard. They have helped me transform my companies and it is a lot of fun to listen to. Joe Polish and Dean Jackson bring on lots of the top business people in the world such as

Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Dan Kennedy and many others to share their experiences in business.

If you want to find what books I read then I made the list of my top 30+ books on prosperity and business on my Facebook page.

Rather than reading the same 1000 books I have read on wealth, just read those 30 and you will get 80% if the knowledge I received from those 1000.

So I would say that if you do start to work hard with your mind, then you will start to love it especially when the money starts to flow.

What could be easier than listening to audio-books all day while doing whatever else you want?

When we always focus on the easy way to do things then life become much more fun and prosperous.

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a great week-end!


Step 8 - Your Wish is my Command!

Do you remember the children’s story of Aladdin and the magic lamp? When Aladdin finds an old ancient lamp, which he thinks is just a piece of old trash, he rubs the lamp with his sleeve to see if he can clean it up…

In the story the Genie pops out and says to Aladdin

“Your wish is my command”

Aladdin was granted 3 wishes in the story

…but what if there was a way to have as many wishes as you want granted, would you be interested?

For decades brain Scientists have been researching the part of the Brian that they call the RAS. (Reticular Activating System)

This part of the brain is able to filter through Billions of bits of information every day and sort through all the pieces that are relevant. Then it filters the most important information to your conscious mind so that you can take action on it.

Many people believe that this is the real power behind the law of attraction. Because the opportunities are all around us every day, but very few people are aware of them until they call upon the RAS and get clear about what they want.

The people who find the most opportunities in life are the people who have trained their mind to be able to see them when they arise.

The members of Wealth Club Group 1 have been training their minds to be able to see the opportunities and to have the strategies to take advantage of them when they arrive.

When I look through the pictures in Wealth Club Romania Group 1 there are 100’s of pictures of the members driving Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, meeting with Rich and Famous people, at lots of luxury events, beautiful restaurants and generally experiencing the wealth they had been fantasizing about for years.

Many of those group members did not even have any thoughts of being able to have these experiences before they started taking action on all of these processes.

Now the members who continue to take action are finding ways to make their dreams come true on a daily basis.

The people who did not take action or dropped out earlier in the programme are now looking at them in amazement as to how they have been having so many prosperous experiences.

So what I am going to invite you to do this week is to make a 101 Wish list.

This is very often called a bucket list and I am sure you have heard of it, but have you ever done it?

From the Wish list I made 3 years ago I have been lucky enough to complete over 90 of the items on my list and it has been a lot of fun doing it.

Since then I have met many of the influential people I wanted to meet. For 2 years I was in a different country every week, I have flown upside down in airplanes, been a copilot beside a rally champion in his €150,000 rally car.

Got my skydiving license, bungee jumped at many of the highest sites in the world, zorbing, whitewater rafting down 12 m. waterfalls, been 60 m. underground in an inflatable ring going down water rapids in pitch dark with the only light being millions of glow worms on the walls.

I have flown glider planes, been on enduro dirt bike trips, seen the northern lights, driven pretty much every super-car I can think of, taken helicopter trips up the glaciers and went ice climbing and so many other activities I can hardly remember them.

Ever since I made the list of 101 things that I wanted to see and do my life took an adventure supercharger. It really is amazing how creative we can become when we are clear about what we actually want.

Many of the experiences we want to have are more accessible than we would think.

When I went to Cluj to Visit a good friend we went along to fly a glider plane. I thought it would have been €100’s to this. But it turns out we got to fly the plane for 30mins for €15. Let me say that again…. €15.

For the price of a Salad at the Hilton you can have 30 minutes being a pilot. But if it hadn’t been on my list then I wouldn’t have thought about doing it and would have missed a life enhancing experience.

€ £ $ :) :) :) EXERCISE :) :) :) $ £ €

For this exercise you will need to make out a list of 101 things you want to see, do and experience. This can take some research to even get your mind to think of 101 things that are possible. You can do a Google search for Bucket list ideas if you get stuck.

The list should include people you want to meet, places you want to visit, cars you want to drive, adventure sports you want to try, food you want to eat, skills you want to learn.

What I can say is that the first 30 items on your list will be easy. Then 30-60 will be a tough challenge and very few people take this exercise to 101.

But I promise you that if you are one of the people who do make it all the way….that is where the real deep desires are hidden.

…And it unlocks a new level of creativity which starts to help us when we are looking for new business opportunities.

When you get used to being creative then the whole world opens up and you wonder why so many people live their life like they are in a little self-made cage.

To get to the next stage please finish at least 30 items on your list and please have a lot of fun with this. :) You may surprise yourself with the things that you want to do and have never realized before.

  1. Fly a plane
  2. Spend a night in a 5* Hotel
  3. Speak in front of 1000 people
  4. Build a website with 5000 readers
  5. Go to Sydney to see the Opera House
  6. Sky-dive
  7. Learn French
  8. Drive a Ferrari
  9. Ride an Ostrich
  10. Do a Bull Run in Spain
  11. Build a School
  12. Start a company 13. 14. … 98. 99.
  13. New Year’s Even in Bangkok
  14. Go to the Moon


To receive the Wealth Philosophy on Thursday please click the “Check!” button below.

In order to get access to the next step you need to confirm the completion of Step #8. So once your homework is done, please make sure you reopen this email and hit the confirmation button below until next Saturday.

PS1: Before the end of the programme you will need to get a new bank account for a prosperity fund that you will start savings into, that will not be for spending. So please start to look at opening a new account or reactivating a dormant account that you have not been using. If you want new wealth it is important to have somewhere to put it :)

PS2: Remember that if you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a great week.

Best Wishes,


Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work for Me?

I have recently listened to Joe Vitale talk about this subject… He said he gets so many emails asking this big question.

”If Attraction is actually a law then why won’t it work for me as automatically and as effortlessly as Gravity does?”

Then Joe says that just like Gravity, the Law of Attraction is always working… You don’t need to do anything to make it work; you just need to do some things if you want to harness it and make it work for you…

Well then the question is why do some people struggle to make money, struggle to bring abundance and prosperity into their lives… while other people seem to get whatever they want, whenever they want it…?

Many of you have this friend who has a small vision board on their wall with three items on it: a nice house, a brand new car and a vacation on a tropical island… And they have all come true in 2 months, while in your case, all the vision boards on every wall of your house don’t seem to bring any results.

Well the fact is the Law of Attraction works every time, and when your own results fall short, then the difference must be in you.

If we state an intention and it doesn’t work there’s a part of you that’s fighting with another part of yourself.

If your conscious mind says “I want a Lamborghini” and your subconscious mind says “Lamborghini is not good. Lamborghini consumes lots of fuel, the spare parts cost too much, and all my neighbours are going to scratch it because of envy”, then the subconscious wins…

Why is that? Because in each of every second our conscious mind only processes 9% of the total information we process while the subconscious takes care of the other 91%…

This means our conscious mind is just the tip of an iceberg and most of our thoughts happen beneath the waterline out of our awareness…

What this means is what your conscious mind thinks isn’t nearly as important as what your subconscious mind thinks. So when your intentions fail to manifest all too often it is because there’s an unconscious conflict, a belief that’s deep down. A belief that’s been buried there since childhood.

Until you can clear these counter intentions it is very difficult for you to attract any thing you want…

Well let me share with you how things worked in my case… For what seemed to be ages I had this belief that you need to work hard for money and guess what? Every single time an opportunity to make easy money came to me I repelled it… It freaked me out!

I consciously declared over and over again I wanted to make money doing little or no work… I mean most of my friends actually heard me say that several times.

Well it wasn’t until David’s seminar in August this year that I realised I had this belief and it was actually stopping me from making money effortlessly…

The clearing processes we’ve been through at the seminar helped me get rid of it and… guess what? Miracles happened in no time!

Two days after the event I made my first thousand Euros deal as an entrepreneur… All I had to do was make a couple of phone calls and have an absolutely enjoyable meeting for a coffee with two lovely ladies. My only role in the whole deal was to get in contact the person who provided a service with the person who offered that specific service.

And since then, the pattern repeated itself several times, which lead me to a new, much healthier belief which sounds like this:

“The less effort I put into my work, the more I enjoy it, the more money I make.”

If you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a great week-end!


Step 9 - What kind of Person would live like this?


The last time I was in San Francisco the locals told me that the coast road drive to Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful road trips in the world. As I love to go on adventures and explore new places I decided to rent a car and take the trip down. I had heard that there were lots of amazing things to see and do like Monterey Bay Aquarium, 17 Mile Drive, Carmel Valley, Sterns Wharf at Santa Barbara and 400 km of beautiful Coast Road and beaches. How could anyone resist?

So I jumped onto my computer, logged onto Google Maps and typed in Sunset Boulevard as my destination. Why not head straight into the action…? Hollywood Stars, Celebrity Parties, the walk of fame, Luxury Everything, and one hell of a good time was waiting. :)

The final destination came straight onto my screen. So now I had found out WHERE I was going to, I needed to find out HOW to get there.

Then I pressed “Get directions” and the very first thing Google Maps asked for was “Current Location” so that it could give me directions from exactly where I was at that time.

If I had not given my current location then no matter how awesome Google is… it could not have given me accurate directions and I would probably have ended up in the hot Texas desert, which is certainly not where I wanted to go.

But when I typed in my address and let Google have my current location it gave me a clear and detailed course on how to get there.

And that is why this week we are going to find OUR CURRENT LOCATION in our life path. From there we can plot a new course and make it easy to get where we want to be.

This Step is all about Self Awareness. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to be honest about WHO AND WHERE WE REALLY ARE RIGHT NOW.

I heard T. Harv Eker say:


And I think it is very accurate!

That is why we are going to find out how you do ANYTHING so we can change how you do EVERYTHING :)

:) :) :) € £ $ EXERCISE € £ $ :) :) :)

Take this list…then go around your living space, such as:

• Bedroom • Living Room • Bathroom • Closet • Wash Bag • Sports Kit • Car • Office

and observe:

• the data in your phone • the data in your computer • what type of books do you read • what type of movies do you watch • what fills your brain all day… (news, newspapers, radio, or high quality books and audios?)

Look at it as if you were Donald Trump (or any other wealthy person you respect), then ask…

What type of person lives like this?

Is the house organized in a manner which helps productivity or is it designed for drinking and parties? Or is it just a mess? When it is cleaned, do the corners and under furniture get cleaned also or is there hidden dirt under everything?

What type of person keeps their car like this?

How clean is it inside and out? Does it smell fresh? Is the fuel tank running almost on empty or is it kept full and prosperous? Are the tyres worn down? Is there garbage inside or is it cleaned out regularly?

What type of person keeps their computer and phone data like this?

Are there hundreds of old contacts you know that you will never call again? Old songs that you dislike? Movies that you liked years ago but have moved on? Old documents you have had for years and know you will never use again? Or is everything current with just people you spend time with and documents that you are working on now?

What type of person works in an office like this?

Is the desk organized and simple to work on or is there stuff and old documents everywhere? Would Donald Trump promote a person who works like this?

What Type of person sleeps like this?

Is your bedroom a place of ZEN and CALM where you come to have a clear mind and a healing sleep? Or is it chaos with a TV, Radio, Computer, Magazines? Food and junk everywhere? Would the person you are wanting to become leave the bedroom in the morning with the bed messy, clothes on the floor, curtains closed or would they have a place for everything and everything in its place?

What Type of person uses their brain this way?

What do you allow into your brain through media, TV, radio, movies, gossip, people sitting beside you on public transport? What advertisements do you see all day, what books do you read, what audios do you listen to, who do you talk to? Which of that information would pay to study?

Go through all of the areas you spend time in for the next week and just make quick notes on this.

To get to the next stage give each area a score between 1-10 (1 is not prosperous at all. 10 is “I would be happy to invite Donald Trump to visit..”)

Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2 Kitchen 5 Car 7 Wash bag 6 Computer 7 Brain 3 Office 4 etc. (other relevant areas) etc.


Be aware that you are not rating the level of prosperity on the quality of your house or car, such as Dacia vs. Rolls Royce. The rating is about how well you are using what you already have

Such as a Dacia that is Clean, Good Smell, Everything Working, Full of fuel would be(10) vs… Dacia that is Dirty, Smelly, With Garbage inside, fuel almost empty would be(1)



Take at least 2 Minutes on each area and think about how they would look if you were your ideal prosperous person and write out at least 20 words for each

Writing things down even if it is just a few words that only have meaning to you will increase the power of the exercise by around 200-300%(according to recent studies by Brian Tracy and Colin Rose)

:) Have Fun and Get it Done! :)


P.S.: The event we are holding on December 14th-15th is filling up fast. I think there are only a few spaces left.

And because you will be learning how to coach each other and yourself with the wealth exercises we need to keep the group small, around 30-40 people.

As this is a test seminar every penny you pay is covers the costs (hotel, conference-room and tea/coffee breaks).

Usually this 2 days seminar would cost €1,000. That is the price that I will be putting on the next one.

For 2 days of one on one coaching with me it would cost you at least €10,000.

All I ask in return is that you come and give it your allthen let me work with you to readjust the exercises until you get wealth that you desire.

All of the emails have been leading you up to this seminar where the real deep work will begin. And we will have lots of fun!


To receive the Wealth Philosophy on Thursday please click the “Check!” button below.

In order to get access to the next step you need to confirm the completion of Step #8. So once your homework is done, please make sure you reopen this email and hit the confirmation button below until next Saturday.

PS1: Before the end of the programme you will need to get a new bank account for a prosperity fund that you will start savings into, that will not be for spending. So please start to look at opening a new account or reactivating a dormant account that you have not been using. If you want new wealth it is important to have somewhere to put it :)

PS2: Remember that if you want to have your friends and family join you in wealth then we would love for you to send them this link and they can go through the process with you. People who grow together stay together!

Have a great week.

Best Wishes,


Your Circumstances Reveal You to Yourself

After listening many times to James Allen’s As a Man Thinket, I have decided to also read the book and when I got to the following sentence I had an aha moment. Here’s the quote:

”Circumstance does not make the man, it reveals him to himself.”

At that point I realized that one’s outside world is only a reflection of himself. People usually tend to be unhappy with their circumstances and start to blame their unpleasant situations on something or someone else, also from their exterior world most of the times, but the fact is that we are the makers and shapers of our circumstances.

What we see on the outside is just a reflection of our own thoughts, words and actions.

You know the saying that what we love or hate about others we love or hate about ourselves. This is just another way of the universe to mirror us through the people around us.

People usually get angry with their circumstances, with the other people around them, but what they do not realize is that they only get angry with the mirror in which they see their reflection. Instead of doing this, they can watch everything that this mirror is showing them and use it for their own good, use it to make the necessary changes in their lives.

It is just like when you fix your hair in the mirror. If you want to change the way your hair looks, you will change it on yourself, not by touching the mirror.

Don’t blame the mirror. Realize that it is an amazing tool always showing you your present status, always showing you on what you have work to do.

Also, I hear people complaining that they keep getting the same kind of people around them, keep getting into the same kind of relationships and into the same kind of situations. This is nothing but the universe telling them something about themselves, giving them the specific circumstances out of which they have important lessons to learn.

Again, don’t blame the mirror, use the mirror! :)

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Step 10 - The First 10% of All I Make Is Mine To Keep

One of the oldest, simplest and most powerful principles of wealth building is the habit of Saving the First 10% of all new income.

This is something that almost everyone has heard, but very few actually do it regularly.

Then from those who actually do it the majority will dip into the savings account and spend it.

When I first heard this principle from the Richest Man in Babylon I could only start saving €10 per month and it almost felt pointless. After 3 months I only had €30 in my prosperity account and it certainly wasn’t enough to excite me, as now I spend more than that for lunch when I go out for friends.

But when my mind accepted that I was committed to the principle of saving and I wasn’t going to touch it then I started to keep my eyes open for any new opportunity to add extra money to it.

Very soon I was able to double it, and then double it again. Within 2 years I was saving €1,500 per month and my prosperity account was growing rapidly. The faster it grew I got more excited and kept finding new ways to make more money.

If we are not making saving a regular habit then it feels like every year is just flying past us without getting richer.

The money from this account is not to be spent. The reason we never touch it is because if we know we have access to it then something will always happen that makes it necessary to dip into it.

You may be thinking… …if I am not going to spend it then why would I even save the money? Wouldn’t it be better to just enjoy it and have a good time?

….Well, as our wealth increases so does our confidence and feeling of certainty. This feeling will transfer into every other area of our life and make it easier to make more wealth.

Just as a full wallet attracts money, so does a full bank account.

If you have ever seen someone trying to sell products when they are desperate for money you can see the desperation on their face.

The more you need money, the harder it is to get more. The less you need money the easier it is to get more.

When we have 6-12 months or more of living expenses in an account then we cannot easily be controlled by anyone.

An employee who only has enough money to live for 1-2 weeks will always be living in fear and have to do whatever the boss tells them to do.

When you have 6-12 months of living expenses in savings then if a boss or client is rude or asking you to do something that goes against your values then you can easily refuse and find a new source of income.

Most of us are looking for the big exciting ways to make a lot of money without applying the basics.

The habit of saving is the most basic and important step towards building long term sustainable wealth.

And I know that you, Adrian, can be one of the few who actually take action on the most important wealth habits and become richer and richer every year.

:) :) :) € £ $ EXERCISE € £ $ :) :) :)

Get A New Prosperity Bank Account

Go to the bank and set up a new account and use it to put the first 10% of your income into and commit to let it build up without ever spending it.


Use a bank account that will not be used for any purpose other than saving the 10% and commit to let it build up without ever spending it.

For example if you make €1,000 per month then transfer €100 automatically into your new prosperity account, before you pay any bills or spend any of it.

You may have many reasons why you cannot start saving now and why it would be better to wait. But what I have found is that we can always think of a reason why “now” is never the best time?

If 10% is too much for you now then start with whatever you can afford and then gradually build up to 10%.

Even if it is 10 lei per month then please just start the habit of saving every month. As every year passes this is the most consistent and easiest way to build wealth.

The most consistent way to make this happen is to set up an automatic transfer payment so that it goes into your savings before you ever get to touch it.

Most of us will spend the money if we get it so it is important that we don’t have access to it.

And this process will be much more powerful if you do not have a debit card so that you can spend the savings.

W. Clement Stone, formerly the Richest Man in America said that…..

“If You Cannot Save Money Then The Seeds Of Greatness Are Not In You”

But we know that the seeds of greatness are in you and you can take action. By joining Wealth Club Romania you do have what it takes to be Rich.

I just ask that you prove it to yourself, get the account and start building real wealth.

This could be the greatest financial decision that you ever make.


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