Why Should I Use TranslateAI?

A cartoon machine taking stacks of books, sitting below a bookshelf
With TranslateAI you can press a single button and translate your book into 30 languages

"Why would I use Leanpub's TranslateAI service when I have access to Chat-GPT?" you might be wondering.

For the same reason you use leanpub.com to publish books: it's worth it!

We didn't just hook a button to an API call and call it a service (if we did, we would have launched this a lot sooner!).  We've had a team of engineers working full-time on this service for months to make it Great!

Our prompt engineers have run countless experiments to dial in the hyper-parameters that make translations natural in the target language, but still convey all of the technical information that our authors want their readers to have.  We have burned through hundreds of different prompts to coerce GPT-4 to give us the very best possible translations.  We've read technical papers on Chain-of-Thought prompting and improving generated responses with Self-Consistency techniques, and then we went and experimented with these techniques (and others) for days.

We run every part of your book through GPT-4 multiple times to get the very best translations from your text.  

And for when all of that fails, we have built sophisticated error-checking and retry logic into our workflow to make sure that GPT-4 doesn't delete contents or hallucinate and add contents.

Not to mention, we seamlessly integrate this service with leanpub.com. Authors that purchase TranslateAI get their title, teaser text, about the author text, and everything else translated and slated into a new book, ready to be published. We even generate a new cover for you that has translated contents on it.

We did all of this because that's what it takes to translate books into 30 languages and get a final product worthy of our readers.

We know this because we've delivered dozens of books to our beta-testers and early-adopting authors, most of whom speak the language that we translated their book into.

Leanpub's TranslateAI service is an innovative solution tailored to offer you the most natural and contextually accurate book translations. It's not merely a simple translation tool; rather, it is a finely tuned, meticulously crafted service designed to put your book into the hands of readers worldwide.

So, why should you use TranslateAI? The answer is simple. It's a service built upon thorough research, relentless experimentation, and a profound understanding of how to harness the capabilities of AI for high-quality translations. It's a service that stands by our promise of delivering value and quality to our authors. It's a service that's worth it.

So, embrace the future of translation with TranslateAI, broaden your reach, and let your work resonate with readers worldwide. TranslateAI isn't just about converting words from one language to another; it's about making your voice heard, no matter the language. It's about crossing borders with your thoughts and stories. It's about reaching more readers, touching more lives, and making a bigger impact. Translate your work with TranslateAI, and let the world read your story.