Zend Framework 2… by Matthew Setter [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Zend Framework 2 Foundations
Zend Framework 2 Foundations
Zend Framework 2 Foundations

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Completed on 2015-01-13

About the Book

Whether you're completely new to Zend Framework, have experience in other PHP frameworks, such as Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Kohana and FuelPHP or have a background in other, MVC-based frameworks, this book will teach you what you need to know to begin successfully developing with Zend Framework 2. 

With a framework as sophisticated and feature rich as Zend Framework 2, it can be easy to get lost in all of the possible options to choose from and paths to go down. This book helps you stick to the essentials as you're coming to grips with the framework, focusing on what you really need to know, to get the job done.

What You Will Learn

Readers will learn the core fundamentals along with the key areas of the framework that you need to get you up and running quickly. The key topics cover:

  • Core Patterns (including):
    • Factory
    • MVC
    • Observer/Subscriber
    • Inversion of Control
  • Core Concepts (including):
    • ModuleManager
    • EventsManager
    • ServiceManager
    • Dependency Injection
  • Modules
  • Routing
  • Configuration
  • Controllers & Actions
  • Testing

About the Author

Matthew Setter
Matthew Setter

Matthew Setter is an application developer and freelance technical writer with over 15 years of professional software development experience gained in Australia, England and Germany. He regularly blogs about the Zend Framework at Master Zend Framework and writes for a variety of publications including PHP Architect magazine and Sitepoint, amongst others. You can also find him on: Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

About the Contributors

Bart McLeod
Bart McLeod


Tom Oram
Tom Oram

Editor / Technical Reviewer

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