Xamarin Android Application Development
Xamarin Android Application Development
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Xamarin Android Application Development

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Completed on 2014-03-16

About the Book

Are you new to Xamarin? Are you a C# .NET developer? Are you planning to do Android development using C#.NET?

Well this book would help you from START to END of your Android application development.

About the Author

Diptimaya Patra
Diptimaya Patra

Diptimaya Patra is a blogger at http://diptimayapatra.wordpress.com. He was Microsoft MVP in Client Access Development in 2011. He has hands on experience in Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, Xamarin, Android and Windows 8 development.

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Xamarin Android Application Development
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Table of Contents

  • About this book
  • Introducing Xamarin
    • How it works?
    • Installing Xamarin in Windows
    • Conclusion
  • Hello World
    • Creating an Android Application
    • Understanding Folder Structure in Android Project
    • Visual Studio 2012 Designer
    • Toolbox
    • Property Window
    • Conclusion
  • Layout
    • Linear Layout
    • Relative Layout
    • Table Layout
    • Frame Layout
    • Using Android Styles in Layout
    • Conclusion
  • Controls
    • Button
    • ToggleButton
    • TextView
    • EditText
    • AutoCompleteTextView
    • CheckBox
    • RadioButton
    • RadioGroup
    • SeekBar
    • Spinner
    • ImageView
    • ProgressBar
    • RatingBar
    • ScrollView
    • HorizontalScrollView
    • Menu
    • Conclusion
  • Activity
    • Activity Lifecycle
    • Intent
    • Pass Data to Activity
    • Closing Current Activity
    • Open Activity for Results
    • List Activity
    • Display Timer in Activity
    • Clearing Activities in Back Stack
    • Preference Activity
    • Conclusion
  • TabLayout
    • TabActivity
    • Image in Tab
    • Selected Tab Image
    • Conclusion
  • File Input and Output
    • Read A Text File
    • Read and Parse An XML File
    • Read and Parse A Json Text File
    • Using Json.Net
    • Read an Image File
    • Write to SD Card
    • Read and Write In Internal Memory
    • Read and Write In Cache
    • Read Asset File
    • Conclusion
  • ListView
    • Binding Data to ListView
    • Display Entity Collection
    • Selective ListView
    • Get Selected Items from ListView
    • ListView in a ScrollView Issue
    • Selective ListActivity
    • Selective ListActivity with Entity
    • Context Menu in ListView Item
    • Displaying selective Image in ListView
    • Conclusion
  • GridView
    • Displaying Images in GridView
    • GridVIew Item Click
    • GridView Item Template from Custom Layout
    • Context Menu in GridView
    • Conclusion
  • ViewSwitcher, ViewAnimator and ViewFlipper
    • ViewSwitcher
    • ViewAnimator
    • ViewFlipper
    • Conclusion
  • Fragments
    • Fragment Lifecycle
    • Displaying Fragments
    • Dynamically Add Fragment
    • Dialog Fragment
    • List Fragment
    • Preference Fragment
    • Conclusion
  • Dialogs and Toast
    • Alert Dialog
    • Date Picker Dialog
    • Time Picker Dialog
    • Toast
    • Conclusion
  • Xamarin Errors
    • Error 1
    • Error 2
    • Error 3
  • Android Emulator
    • Know Your Android Emulators
    • Adding PC Keyboard Support
    • Copy File to SD Card Using ADB.Exe
    • Copy File to SD Card Using WinImage
    • Copy File to SD Card Using Eclipse
    • Capture Screenshot Using Eclipse
  • Publish
    • Publish Your App
    • Debug with your Android Device
  • Source Code

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