Windows 10 Field Guide (Book + Printable Posters)
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Windows 10 Field Guide

Includes Reference, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Studio posters

About the Book

Windows 10 Field Guide is a full-length e-book about the latest version of Microsoft Windows, aimed at those users who will upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, or acquire Windows 10 with a new PC.

Windows 10 Field Guide is...

Self-published. We wrote this book ourselves and there's no publishing company to get in the way.

Transparent. This book is written and updated transparently and publicly, over time, so you can follow along, download updates, and provide feedback as it is updated. The book now supports Windows 10 version 20H2.

Inexpensive. A traditional technical book about Windows 10 typically retails for $29.99 or more and is made available in print and e-book formats. But the authors receive only a very small portion of that price. With Windows 10 Field Guide, we are using the pricing model popularized by mobile apps, but with a twist: we're letting you, the reader, pick your price so you can pay more than our recommended price of $9.99.

Available in multiple formats. So what does $9.99 buy you these days? In this case, it provides you with the book in the following formats: PDF, MOBI, and EPUB. Get one, get them all.

Not available directly from Kindle or other e-book platforms. Thanks to our previous experiences dealing with these organizations, we are only offering this book directly to you, the reader. No worries: it will always work properly with Kindle, Nook, or whatever other e-book software you use. We're just cutting out the middleman.

A how-to and a reference. This book provides tips, how-to's, and reference information about Windows 10, and assumes only that you have used some version of Windows previously. But rather than cover every single little checkbox and option in all apps and features, this book focuses on the important stuff, on what's new and what's changed in Windows 10, so you can quickly get up to speed and master this new OS version and be productive as quickly as possible.

Windows 10 Field Guide is the only Windows book you'll ever need.

--- Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera, and Martin McClean

About the Authors

Paul Thurrott
Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott is an award-winning technology journalist and blogger with over 25 years of industry experience and the author of about 30 books. He is the major domo at and the host of three podcasts: Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte and Richard Campbell, First Ring Daily with Brad Sams, and Hands-On Windows. He was formerly the senior technology analyst at Windows IT Pro and the creator of the SuperSite for Windows. You can reach Paul via email or on Twitter at @thurrott.

Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera

Rafael Rivera is a software engineer with 18+ years of experience working on mission critical systems for the United States Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. He is also a certified reverse engineering analyst and takes Windows apart for fun in his free time. You can reach Rafael via email or on Twitter at @withinrafael.

Martin McClean
Martin McClean

Martin McClean is a computer scientist, electronic engineer and writer. He works as a program manager developing mobile software. He is a huge fan of all things Windows and he loves creating visual content, especially technical posters.

Table of Contents

  • About the Book
    • Trademarks and disclaimers
    • We want your feedback!
    • Meet the authors
    • Thanks!
  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the final version of the Windows 10 Field Guide
    • Original introduction
  • Get to Know Windows 10
    • Start: Menu or full-screen
    • Taskbar: Manage apps and windows
    • Search: Find what you need
    • Cortana: Chat-based productivity
    • Desktop: Your scratch space
    • File Explorer: Manage documents and files
    • The Microsoft Store: Apps, games, and more
    • Action Center and notifications: Find out what’s new
    • Multitasking: Manage multiple windows at once
    • Clipboard: Copy, cut, and paste
    • Screenshots: Capture an image of the PC screen
    • Touch and multitouch
    • Tablet experience and Tablet mode
    • Windows Ink and smartpens
    • Portrait mode
    • Settings: Customize and configure Windows
    • Windows Update: Keep Windows up-to-date
    • Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Lock and Sign-Off
    • Quick Access: A menu for power users
  • Install Windows 10
    • Initial Setup: The Out-Of-Box Experience
    • Post-Setup tasks
    • Upgrade from one Windows 10 product edition to another
    • Power user: Clean install Windows
  • Personalize
    • Get to know the Settings app
    • Eliminate the biggest Windows annoyances
    • Customize your privacy settings
    • Customize the display
    • Customize the desktop
    • Configure and customize Start
    • Configure and customize the taskbar
    • Customize the lock screen and sign-in screen
  • Files and Storage
    • Get to know File Explorer
    • Configure or disable Quick access in File Explorer
    • Share pictures and other files from File Explorer
    • Use OneDrive to sync files between the cloud and your PC
    • Protect your most important files with OneDrive Personal Vault
    • Manage your PC’s storage
    • Back up and recover documents and other personal files
  • System Recovery
    • Get to know the system recovery options
    • Create a Recovery drive
    • Start over quickly with Reset this PC
    • Perform advanced recovery tasks with the Windows Recovery Environment
  • Devices
    • Get to know Devices settings
    • Connect a device
    • Configure a mouse or touchpad
    • Configure a keyboard
    • Configure removable storage
    • Configure a printer
    • Configure a second display
  • Phone
    • Get to know the Your Phone app
    • Link your phone with your PC
    • Access Android phone features from your PC
    • Use Continue on PC to pick up where you left off
  • Accounts
    • A quick word about Windows and accounts
    • Get to know Accounts settings
    • You should sign-in to Windows with a Microsoft account
    • Microsoft account security first steps
    • Manage your sign-in account
    • Manage other sign-in accounts
    • Manage your online accounts
    • Configure app accounts
  • Windows Update
    • Get to Know Windows Update
    • Use Windows Update to keep Windows up-to-date
  • Security
    • Get to know the Windows Security app
    • Use Windows Defender to protect your PC from threats
    • Find your PC if it’s lost or stolen
    • Use BitLocker to secure your personal data
  • Networking
    • Get to know Windows networking
    • Understand network profiles
    • Use a Wi-Fi network
    • Use an Ethernet network
    • Use a cellular data network
    • Share your Internet connection
    • Connect to known-safe public wireless connections automatically
  • Microsoft Store and Apps
    • Get to know the Microsoft Store
    • Before you start
    • Find and install apps and games
    • Update apps
    • Manage app notifications
    • Uninstall an app
    • Configure default apps
    • Configure where apps are located
  • Microsoft Edge
    • Get to know Microsoft Edge
    • Configure Microsoft Edge
    • Manage and monitor your passwords
    • Manage your favorite web pages
    • View and manage your browser history
    • Read on the web
    • Read and manage PDF files
    • Manage website notifications
    • Manage tabs
    • Manage downloads
    • Collect and organize web research with Collections
    • Save money when shopping online
    • Do more with Microsoft Edge extensions
  • Mail
    • Get to know the Mail app
    • Manage your accounts
    • Read and send email messages
    • Use Mail more efficiently
    • Customize Mail
  • People
    • Get to know the People app
    • Manage accounts
    • Manage contacts with the People app
    • Access your contacts from outside the People app
    • Configure People
  • Calendar
    • Get to know the Calendar app
    • Manage accounts and calendars
    • Create and manage events
    • Create and manage meetings
    • Access events from outside the Calendar app
    • Customize Calendar
  • Skype
    • Get to know Skype
    • Configure Skype for the first time
    • Manage your Skype profile
    • Manage your contacts
    • Send and receive Skype messages
    • Communicate with audio and video
    • Call land lines and smartphones
    • Use Meet Now to create and join Skype meetings
    • Configure Skype
  • OneNote for Windows 10
    • Get to know OneNote for Windows 10
    • Create and manage notebooks and sections
    • Create and manage pages
    • Share a page
    • Pin a notebook, section, or page to Start
  • Photos and Video Editor
    • Get to know the Photos app
    • Configure Photos
    • Import photos from a phone, camera, or other device
    • Edit a photo
    • View, create, and edit videos
  • Groove Music
    • Get to know the Groove Music app
    • Tweak music playback with the equalizer
    • Find music on your PC or home network
    • Pin your favorite music to Start
  • Movies & TV
    • Get to know the Movies & TV app
    • Configure Movies & TV
    • Play and control a video
    • Rent a movie from Microsoft
    • Purchase a movie or TV show from Microsoft
    • Watch movies you’ve purchased from other services
    • Use subtitles
    • Wirelessly cast a video to an HDTV or other display
  • Xbox and Games
    • Get to know Windows gaming
    • Configure your PC to play games
    • Find and buy games
    • Play a game
    • Capture gameplay content and do more with games using the Xbox Game Bar
    • Stream games from the cloud with Xbox Cloud Gaming
    • Use the Xbox Console Companion app to interact with the Xbox Live community
  • Maps
    • Get to know Maps
    • Navigate and change the view
    • Find and explore places
    • Save and manage places
    • Get directions
    • Explore 3D city views
    • Write on your maps with Ink
    • Configure Maps

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