Java Lambdas
Java Lambdas
Java Lambdas

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Completed on 2016-10-21

About the Book

This book orginally accompanied the What's New in Java 8 Udemy video course and has since been updated and expanded. It describes, in-depth, Java 8 lambdas and related new features of Java 8.

After reading the book, you'll;

  • Have an overview of new features in Java 8
  • Understand lambdas in-depth, their background, syntax, implementation details and how and when to use them
  • Understand the difference between functions to classes and why that's relevant to lambdas
  • Understand the difference between lambdas and closures
  • Appreciate the improvements to type inference that drive a lot of the new features
  • Be able to use method references and understand scoping and "effectively final"
  • Understand the differences in bytecode produced when using lambdas
  • Be able to reason about exceptions and exception handling best practice when using lambdas

So whether you're migrating existing Java programs to Java 8 or building applications from scratch, this course and book will help you start to leverage the power of functional programming on the Java platform.

Table of Contents

    • About the Book
  • Introduction
      • Java 8
  • Lambdas Introduction
      • λs in Functional Programming
      • Functions vs classes
      • λ Basic Syntax
  • λ In-depth
      • Functional Interfaces
      • Type Inference Improvements
      • Target-typing for lambdas
      • Method References
      • Scoping
      • Effectively Final
      • Exception Handling
      • Lambdas vs Closures
      • Invocation & Bytecode
    • Appendix A
      • Bytecode

About the Author

Toby Weston
Toby Weston

Toby is an independent consultant based in London. He specialises in agile enablement, training and modern software development.

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