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Beginning Web Development with Node.js cover page

Beginning Web Development with Node.js

Beginning Web Development with Node.js

A guided walkthrough of the development of a complete web application using Node.js, MongoDB, user authentication, form validation, and the Bootstrap UI framework. See how to build a web application using one of today's hottest technology stacks.
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About the Book

There are plenty of blog articles and tutorials available today that show various aspects of web development with Node.js, but it can be difficult to figure out how to piece different elements together and assemble a complete web application. This book will guide you through the development of a web application using the following components.

  • Node.js
  • Express.js Web Framework
  • MongoDB Database
  • Mongoose Database Mapping Utility
  • Passport.js for User Authentication
  • Express Validator for form validation
  • Twitter Bootstrap for the User Interface
  • Connect Flash for Message Passing
  • Mocha and Zombie for Testing

We'll build an application using these components, version our code with Git, push it out to GitHub, and deploy it to a real production environment using Heroku. This book is not an encyclopedic reference of any of these technologies, but rather a simple guide to building a usable application with them.

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