Web Visual Effects with CSS3
Web Visual Effects with CSS3
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Web Visual Effects with CSS3

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Last updated on 2018-05-22

About the Book

This is a book with examples and solutions to create practical visual effects on web by using CSS3.

The purpose of this book is to let you use the effect right away. You can directly use the code examples in your web projects.

The book will keep update with new examples. The price will increase when more examples created in the future. You’ll get free update of new examples if you already own the book.

About the Author


Makzan has trained award-winning students in the past 10 years. His students won several medals of high-standard international competitions, including a gold medal in a 4-day WorldSkills Web Design and Development competition. 

He has written 5 books and 2 video course on building a multiplayers virtual world, creating games with HTML5 and web development with latest web standards.

Table of Contents

  • About Author
  • Latest Version Update
    • What’s expected in next update ?
  • Chapter 1—Misc Tips & Tricks to get started
    • Pseudo Elements
    • Customizing checkbox and radio button
    • Text highlight effects
    • Box Shadow basic
    • Using transition
  • Chapter 2—Drawing Shapes
    • Drawing triangle
    • Drawing circles
    • Drawing pie
    • Drawing pixel art
    • Creating tab
    • Creating tabs 2
    • Animated underline effect
    • Float with shape-outside
  • Chapter 3—Drawing with Gradients
    • Linear gradient basic
    • Drawing lines with linear gradient
    • Drawing repeat patterns with gradient
    • Radial gradient basic
    • Drawing highlight with radial gradient
    • Compose with several linear gradient
  • Chapter 4—Skeuomorphic and Depth
    • Drawing realistic buttons with box shadow
    • Drawing realistic paper with box shadow and gradient
    • Drawing realistic notebook with box shadow and gradient
    • Grow effect with text shadow
  • Chapter 5—3D Effects
    • Pop-up effects
    • 3D Button
    • 3D Card Flipping Effect
    • Parallax 3D Rotation
    • Cube Rotation
    • Constructing 3D Scene
    • Parallax Scene
  • Chapter 6—Animation
    • Transition with transform
    • Key frame animation
    • Pause in between animation
    • Sprite sheet animation
    • Circular motion lines
    • Password input transition
    • Circular motions
  • Summary
  • Thank you
  • Detailed Version History

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