So You Want To Be a Wall Street Programmer?
So You Want To Be a Wall Street Programmer?
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So You Want To Be a Wall Street Programmer?

Last updated on 2014-01-17

About the Book

Questions answered in the book:

What can I expect to do as a Wall Street programmer?

How can I find a job as a programmer on Wall Street?

How do I pass a Wall Street interview?

What skills do I need to qualify as a programmer on Wall Street?

What can I expect from my daily routine?

What kind of salary and bonus will I receive?

... and more.

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About the Author

Andrey Butov
Andrey Butov

Andrey Butov is the owner/developer at Antair, where he builds all sorts of things.


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Table of Contents

  • Who is this book for?
  • Disclaimer
  • Introduction
  • What can I expect to be doing as a Wall Street programmer?
  • Required skills and knowledge
  • Finding a job
  • The Wall Street job interview
  • Fear of the code
  • Salary and bonuses
  • From 9 to 5?
  • Office characters
  • Wall Street traders
  • Large banks vs. small hedge funds
  • The programming environment
  • Typical day - then and now
  • Random advice (or, things I wish I knew before I signed up for this)
  • Interview with a Wall Street programmer
  • So, what now?

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