70 Top Leaders on What People Lack and Long for at Work
70 Top Leaders on What People Lack and Long for at Work
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70 Top Leaders on What People Lack and Long for at Work

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Last updated on 2019-12-28

About the Book

Leverage the experience, wisdom, and focused energy of a growing and inspiring alliance of 70+ global leaders.

About the Editor

Bill Fox
Bill Fox

Hi, I’m Bill Fox … I help leaders and teams ask new questions and align on a strategic conversation that engages and leverages the collective voice, energy and wisdom of everyone⏤to attract, retain and grow exceptional people and results. I lead a growing global conversation with 70+ forward-thinking leaders to help you discover new and better ways to achieve your most important strategic objectives. Learn more at billfox.co.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. What Do People Really Lack and Long For at Work?
    • 2.1 People Want to Feel Like They Matter
    • 2.2 The Human Spirit Is Breaking Open
    • 2.3 People Want to Feel a Connection
    • 2.4 Feeling Valued in Many Forms
    • 2.5 Being Seen, Recognized and Appreciated Genuinely and Sincerely
    • 2.6 Having Real Meaning in Their Work
    • 2.7 Sacrificing for Something Worth Sacrificing For
    • 2.8 The Purpose of Leadership Is to Make Other People Successful
    • 2.9 People Long for Self-Insight and for Getting Themselves Back
    • 2.10 Connectedness, Respect, Dignity, and Opportunity
    • 2.11 People Would Like to Feel Like That Don’t Have to Edit Themselves When They Come to Work
    • 2.12 Allow People to Be More Human in the Office
    • 2.13 Are We Taking Care of Each Other?
    • 2.14 Is That Sense of Belonging Missing?
    • 2.15 People Feel Trapped When There’s No Sense of Security
    • 2.16 Today People Want to Be Their True Self
    • 2.17 People Want Their Work to Mean Something
    • 2.18 If Your Ideas Are Heard and Listened to, Then You Feel Your Contribution Matters
    • 2.19 Purposeful Work That Has Something to Do With Them
    • 2.20 On Track, on Purpose & Aligned With Life
    • 2.21 Being Excited and Passionate About What They’re Doing
    • 2.22 We Are in a Time of Restructuring and of Expressing a New Identity
    • 2.23 People Want to be Excited, Happy, and Passionate About What They’re Working On
    • 2.24 Clear & Creatively Responsive State of Mind
    • 2.25 When People Aren’t Wedded to Their Own Ideas, Magic Can Happen
    • 2.26 We All Have Different Longings — Look at Values
    • 2.27 It Depends on the Degree in Which Your Values Are Met
    • 2.28 It’s So Important for Us to Get an Understanding of What Does It Look Like When I Press Submit?
    • 2.29 Helping People See the True Impact of Their Work Is Very Important
    • 2.30 People Need to Feel Valued & Part of Something Bigger
    • 2.31 People Want to Participate in Creating What’s Next
    • 2.32 Recognize We Bring All of Ourselves
    • 2.33 Treat People as Human Beings & Not as Employees
    • 2.34 Allow People to Be Themselves at Work
    • 2.35 Give People the Ways & Tools to Find Harmony Between Work & Home
    • 2.36 Big Challenges We Need to Think About
    • 2.37 Emotional Intelligence Isn’t Enough
    • 2.38 People Want to Have Time to Do the Things That Are Important in Their Life
    • 2.39 What People Look for in General Is Positive Community
    • 2.40 A Community You Can Trust Where You Feel Respected
    • 2.41 An Opportunity to Tell the Truth
    • 2.42 Shared Public Vulnerability
    • 2.43 Understand What Each Person Values
    • 2.44 Purpose Is an Opportunity to Bind People Together
    • 2.45 People Lack and Long for Purpose and a Vision
    • 2.46 A Fundamental Respect for People
    • 2.47 Respect People’s Opinions & Celebrate Them
    • 2.48 Be More Purpose Centered Than Self-Centered
    • 2.49 Through Community We Get Much Better Mindsets & Work
    • 2.50 People Want to Be Appreciated, but They Also Want to Be Part of a Winning Team
    • 2.51 People Are Longing to Feel the Workplace Is One Where They Belong and Can Contribute
    • 2.52 A Clear Mind & Meaningful Work
    • 2.53 A Sense of Connection With Life’s Purpose
    • 2.54 What Proportion of the Population Do You Think Would Give Up What They Do if They Had a Free Choice?
    • 2.55 Business Is One of the Three Legs of Our Society — We Can’t Lose It
    • 2.56 People Are Looking for Meaning in the Work They Do Every Day
    • 2.57 Helping People Get to Meaning Quickly Helps Them Feel More Part of the Workplace
    • 2.58 It’s Up to All of Us to Help Each Other Make Meaning of What’s Going On
    • 2.59 People Want to Feel Good
    • 2.60 Nothing Different From the Rest of Their Lives
    • 2.61 People Lack Being Recognized
    • 2.62 Feeling Valued
    • 2.63 People Want a Sense of Purpose and Desire to Make a Difference
    • 2.64 People Want to Deliver Results
    • 2.65 People Want to Be Able to Pick and Choose the Work That They Do and Balance That Work
    • 2.66 People Need Time to Think, Not Just Execute
    • 2.67 People Need Freedom to Grow & Express Themselves
    • 2.68 It’s Not New, We Long for Significance
    • 2.69 People Want Three Things: Purpose, Master & Autonomy
    • 2.70 Help People See a Direct Loop Between What They Do & How It Affects Customers, Society or the World at Large
    • 2.71 Get Underneath to the Why
    • 2.72 Passionate Connection to Why
    • 2.73 Craving That Sense of Being Part of Something Bigger
    • 2.74 A Purpose Recognized by You as a Mighty One
    • 2.75 Everybody Longs to Be Doing Something That’s Meaningful to Them
    • 2.76 People Want to Have Autonomy in Their Work
    • 2.77 A Sense of Clarity and Direction
    • 2.78 Communication Influences and Affects Every Single Aspect of an Organization’s Success
    • 2.79 Purpose and Impact
    • 2.80 Accept What Is & Be Detached From It
    • 2.81 Engaging Employees Needs to Go Beyond Big Cheerleading Events
    • 2.82 There Needs to Be More Targeted Recognition
    • 2.83 People Want to Matter
    • 2.84 It’s the Employers Job to Create an Environment Where Everyone Matters
    • 2.85 Engagement With Something Important
    • 2.86 Help People Grasp on a Multi-Sensory Level What We’re Trying to Do
    • 2.87 Constantly Stretch Yourself & Realize Mistakes Will Be Made
    • 2.88 Make It Ok to Try Something New
    • 2.89 Deep Down Most People Want to Live the Hero’s Journey
    • 2.90 They Lack the Same Thing We Long for at Life in General
    • 2.91 The Workplace of the Future Will Target All Needs Including the Needs of Our Souls
    • 2.92 Feeling Like They Have Impact on What’s Around Them
    • 2.93 We Need Liberty to Explore, Equality to Perceive & Fraternity for Collaboration
    • 2.94 Companies Should Focus on Long-Term Needs
    • 2.95 There’s Great Insight in Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning
    • 2.96 Connect the Work That People Do to the Value That the Organization Delivers
    • 2.97 Ask People What They Lack & Long For!
    • 2.98 Peace Is a Natural State When Thinking Comes Off Our Minds
    • 2.99 The State of Peace Is a Very Productive State
    • 2.100 People Really Lack and Long for Meaning
    • 2.101 We No Longer Have Control of Messaging
    • 2.102 People Long to Be in Alignment With Their Heart’s Desire or Passion
    • 2.103 Change Often Begins When People Notice What’s Not Working
    • 2.104 People Want Three Things: Purpose, Mastery & Autonomy
    • 2.105 Help People See a Direct Loop Between What They Do & How It Affects Customers, Society or the World at Large
    • 2.106 A Sense of Clarity and Direction
    • 2.107 Communication Influences and Affects Every Single Aspect of an Organization’s Success
    • 2.108 When Leadership Teams Show Humility & Start Listening, It Has a Dramatic Effect
    • 2.109 Create Space for People to Engage in Meaningful Conversations & Be Themselves
    • 2.110 The Biggest Thing People Lack Is Transparency
    • 2.111 People Get Frustrated & Stop Contributing When Knowing Whatever They Say Won’t Get Actioned or Heard
    • 2.112 Does a Corporate Strait Jacket Limit Imagination?
    • 2.113 Align True Personal Objectives With Work Objectives
    • 2.114 People Long to Feel Seen, Heard and Appreciated
    • 2.115 People Want to Feel Like They’re Contributing to Something Greater
    • 2.116 It’s What We All Long for — to Be Loved — to Be Seen
    • 2.117 People Are Lacking There a Feeling They Have Influence
    • 2.118 Open Spaces Where People Are Protected
    • 2.119 People Need to See That They Can Contribute & What They Do Adds Value
    • 2.120 A Goal That Intrinsically Motivates People
    • 2.121 Allowing Meaning to Show Up for Each Individual Is What’s Important
    • 2.122 Alignment With Personal Purpose
    • 2.123 Purpose We Can Buy Into
  • 3. About Bill Fox

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