70 Top Leaders on the Most Important Questions to Ask Leaders
70 Top Leaders on the Most Important Questions to Ask Leaders
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70 Top Leaders on the Most Important Questions to Ask Leaders

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Last updated on 2019-05-16

About the Book

Leverage the experience, wisdom, and focused energy of a growing and inspiring alliance of 70+ global leaders.

About the Editor

Bill Fox
Bill Fox

Hi, I’m Bill Fox … I help leaders and teams ask new questions and align on a strategic conversation that engages and leverages the collective voice, energy and wisdom of everyone⏤to attract, retain and grow exceptional people and results. I lead a growing global conversation with 70+ forward-thinking leaders to help you discover new and better ways to achieve your most important strategic objectives. Learn more at billfox.co.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1 How to Get Updates or Other Formats
  • 2. The Most Important Questions Employees Should Ask Leaders
    • 2.1 What Do You Care About?
    • 2.2 How Do I Become a Good Follower?
    • 2.3 Why Is This the Way It Is?
    • 2.4 What Do You See?
    • 2.5 Is There Anything I’m Doing That Is Making It Hard for You?
    • 2.6 How Can I Contribute?
    • 2.7 How Can We Help Each Other Grow?
    • 2.8 What Do You Need From Me to Help You Do Your Job Better?
    • 2.9 If We Are Self-Organized, Why Is There Still This Divide Between Management & Employees?
    • 2.10 How Can I Help You?
    • 2.11 What New Questions Would We Ask if We Viewed the Relationship as a Collaboration?
    • 2.12 How Are We Doing?
    • 2.13 How Can I Understand What My Place Is Here?
    • 2.14 What’s Happens to Me if I Make a Mistake?
    • 2.15 What Will You Do to Make Me Thrive in Your Environment?
    • 2.16 How Can We Help You to Serve the World?
    • 2.17 How Can I Make This Organization Rock?
    • 2.18 What Are the Drivers of Success?
    • 2.19 Where Are We Going?
    • 2.20 What Question Should We Be Asking About the Future of the Employee or of the Company?
    • 2.21 What Is It I Can Do That’s Going to Contribute to the Success of the Organization?
    • 2.22 What Is the Role of Our Business in Society?
    • 2.23 What Else Can I Learn?
    • 2.24 What Do You Need & What’s Meaningful to You?
    • 2.25 How Can We Inspire Our Diverse Employees to Be All They Can Be at Work?
    • 2.26 What Do We Need to Do?
    • 2.27 If You Weren’t Doing This With Your Time, What Would You Be Doing?
    • 2.28 Who Are You & How Can I Help?
    • 2.29 When Efficiencies Are Considered, Could These Be Discussed With Staff Too?
    • 2.30 Are Our Customers Happy With the Value We Deliver?
    • 2.31 Are They Being Coherent?
    • 2.32 What Do You See in Me That I Don’t See in Myself?
    • 2.33 What Do You Want From Me as Your Subordinate?
    • 2.34 What Would My Contribution Look Like if I Couldn’t Wait to Get to Work Each Day?
    • 2.35 Can You Help Me See What I Don’t See?
    • 2.36 How Can I Be of Service?
    • 2.37 What Can I Do Better for This Company?
    • 2.38 What Are Your Expectations of Me?
    • 2.39 What Is My Weakness?
    • 2.40 What Outcome Are You Looking For?
    • 2.41 Can You Help Me With This?
    • 2.42 How Are We Doing?
    • 2.43 What Do I Need to Learn?
    • 2.44 How Do You See the Future?
    • 2.45 What Do You Think?
    • 2.46 How Can We Be More Curious, Ask More Questions, and Have an Open Dialogue?
    • 2.47 What’s the Future You’re Sensing Into?
    • 2.48 Are They Being Coherent?
    • 2.49 Is There a Reason We Do It That Way?
    • 2.50 What Are You Doing Now & Does This Make Sense?
    • 2.51 What Counts That We Aren’t Counting?
    • 2.52 What Is It I’m Doing This For?
    • 2.53 What Can We All Do to Manifest Purpose in the World?
    • 2.54 Where Are We Going?
  • 3. About Bill Fox

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