The Murders in "Norrort".
The Murders in "Norrort".
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The Murders in "Norrort".

Last updated on 2015-02-20

About the Book

This is the story about a serial killer that lived north of stockholm in Sweden. The murder doesn't work as the "normal" seriekiller. All the murders are different made. The victims are all from the same school and born on the same years, but they comes from different groups. 

The police are having problems finding the motiv, not even the Swedish best professor in kriminality and serial killers have a chance in this case.

There is one that takes care of the investigation, Frederick. A swedish private investigator. he is not very much liked by the police, because of his mafia-inspired methodes.

Will Frederick succeed? How many more will have to be killed before The police or Frederick get the hold of the killer?

About the Author

Martin Liss
Martin Liss

Made in England 1970.

Born in Sweden (Stockholm) 1971.

Senior High in SC Crescent High 1989

Moved To Spain 2004

Moved to France 2014 Became

"The Suiciduial Writer"

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Lotta
  • klassfesten
  • Efter festen
  • The list
  • Frederick in Italy
  • Anna A
  • Joel
  • Ninne
  • Peter S
  • Caroline E
  • Fredrik B
  • Peter Jans
  • Kristina B
  • Anna Karin B
  • Jonas N
  • Anna F
  • Ola O
  • Anders Pe
  • Satu
  • Lotta R
  • Helene B
  • Nicklas L
  • Martin Exner
  • Rickard S
  • Caroline E
  • Emma L
  • Jenny S
  • Johan S
  • Sofia H
  • Frederick summary.

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