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The Bellman

The Bellman

& Other Narrative Poetry

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About the Book

A few years ago I wrote my first narrative poem, or poem that tells a story. It was titled Checking Out and instantly became my favorite work. I loved being able to combine my affinity for structure and rhyme with my need to convey a narrative. Unable to find a suitable outlet for Checking Out and poems like it, I soon pursued other areas of writing.

When I discovered Leanpub, I thought it was the perfect platform to release my poetry. I retitled Checking Out, it became The Bellman and the centerpiece of a new body of work. The Bellman & Other Narrative Poetry will be a poetry collection by myself, with the only restriction being that each poem must tell a story. I'll commit to one piece a week, but will more than likely add much more frequently than that.

If you want a taste of my style, go ahead and download the sample PDF.

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