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Last updated on 2015-09-29

About the Book

Certified to Teach, Equipped to Thrive: The Yogi’s Guide to Cashing in without Selling Out was written from the personal learnings, research and experience of Franceska Lavaggi, Business school graduate turned Yoga- entreprenuer.  Inspired largely by waht she believes are blindspots in teacher trainings, this ebook will show you how to:
  • communicate your strengths in a persuasive manner
  • debunk business misconceptions
  • use traditional techniques in branding, media, cyclical goal setting with a modern edge
  • bridge the gap being a passionate educator and a pfofitable entrepreneur
Before Yoga, Franceska spent 5 years studying business, managing her freelance styling and photography business, and working profressionally in marketing. Her transition into teaching Yoga wasrelatively seemless having had the business know-how from her previous years.  She hit the ground running while her peers struggle to find their footing.   Many of her peers sought her advice which lead Franceskato create handouts and FAQ's for freshly trained teachers.  Being a dedicated educator and student herself, Franceska set off on a year long mission spending hours upon hours researching, writing and evenutally teaching several versions of the ebook you see today.Franceska Lavaggi invites you to explore this workbook with grain of salt and an open heart!  

About the Author

Franceska Lavaggi
Franceska Lavaggi

Hi! I'm Frankie.

I was born to be a teacher, this I know for sure.  I've got a green thumb and plenty of ideas.  My very first word was 'why?'  You can see how that combination can create an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a need to know how things work from the ground up.  What I know, I teach!  My methods range from the systematic like goal setting to the sublime like Yoga.  I let my interests innovate how and what I teach but the themes are always based around my core values:

  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Give Value, Receive Abundance

Off the mat and out of the office, I head straight into nature.  I have a love/hate relationship with rock-climbing, a fasination with foraging and a nack for finding the best outdoor reading nooks.

You can also catch me and my latest obsession on social!

Instagram: @frankielovesyoga


-Franceska Lavaggi

Table of Contents

PREFACE- About the author

PREMISE- About the workbook

Section 1, A: Strengths: Who are you really?

Section 1, B:Strengths. Our Natural Edge.

Section 1, C: Strengths:Linked to Action

Section 2, A:Branding: As honest as it gets

Section 2, B: Branding: I AM.

Section 3,A: Vision: Free write your Future

Section 3, B:Vision: In Action

Next Steps- Final thoughts, Inspiration and Insights.

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