Technical Leadership
Technical Leadership
Technical Leadership

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Giuliana Carullo
Giuliana Carullo

Giuliana Carullo - CCSK, PSM certified - is a Research Engineering Manager at Tenable. She has grown her expertise mainly in the Networking, Security, Cloud Computing, Telecommunications and Internet of Things industries. She dealt with research in all the application fields - from academia to industrial research within SMEs and Corporate Companies. Giuliana has 15+ years of software engineering background, meanwhile, she has been doing research for 7+ years, 5 of which in the InfoSec area. Author of 15 research papers and 5+ books, she loves to make even difficult concepts easy to grasp.

Giuliana is in love with the intersection point between science and human behavior. She believes that there is more than one way to good, much more to do bad, but she ends up being really opinionated on what good is.

In her spare time, she loves to write and to help others in doing their best at their jobs and with their careers.

Check out some of her articles:

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