About Leanpub

Leanpub is a bootstrapped startup co-founded in 2010 by Peter Armstrong and Scott Patten. Both Peter and Scott had experience writing computer programming books, and they were both looking for a better way to write and publish in the digital age. Basing their approach on the principles of Peter's Lean Publishing Manifesto, they founded Leanpub with the intention of building the best platform for authors and publishers to write and publish in-progress ebooks.

Since the first Leanpub book was published (it was Startup Lessons Learned by Eric Ries), Leanpub has been growing steadily, evolving in response to feedback from early-adopter authors.

If you'd like more information regarding what Leanpub's all about, here's a video of a talk Peter gave at the Tools of Change conference in 2013, on the subject of Lean Publishing:

If you have any questions about Leanpub, please feel free to email the whole team at hello@leanpub.com!

The Leanpub Team

These are the people who are helping to make Leanpub the best way in the world to write and publish an in-progress ebook.