The service-oriented enterprise

Enterprise architecture and viable services

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About the Book

A service-oriented architecture is fundamental to many new IT applications, from Web 2.0 to social software and cloud-computing. Yet everything is a service: we can apply the same principles to every aspect of the service-oriented enterprise.

This book explores how enterprise architecture and viable services link together to create a simpler yet far more powerful view of the enterprise, as a dynamic, unified whole. The techniques described can be used in business transformation, workflow mapping, system design and much else besides, in every type of enterprise - including those in which there is little or no IT at all.

Topics covered include:

  • how to identify and describe the right delivery services, infrastructure services, management services and pervasive services you need for your enterprise
  • how to distinguish between services you can safely outsource, and services you need to keep in-house
  • how to enhance service quality, interdependence and completeness
  • how to pinpoint and map the information-flows you need for service-management and service-performance
  • how to construct function-models and service-models of your enterprise, as a base for service-mapping
  • how to use services to support agility and innovation across the entire enterprise

If you want to apply the full power of the service-oriented enterprise to your own business context, this is one book you'll definitely need.

The Tetradian Enterprise Architecture Series presents new developments on theory, principles and practice of enterprise architecture - moving beyond IT to the whole enterprise.

About the Author

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. The service-oriented enterprise
    2. Who should read this book?
    3. What's in this book?
  2. Basics -- An overview
  3. Basics -- Enterprise architecture
    1. Summary
    2. What is enterprise architecture?
    3. The scope of architecture
    4. The purpose of architecture
    5. Application
  4. Basics -- Service-oriented architecture
    1. Summary
    2. Services and IT-architecture
    3. Security and other service challenges
    4. Services and service-management
    5. Everything is a service
    6. Application
  5. Basics -- A matter of metaphor
    1. Summary
    2. Machine and organism
    3. Services in the living enterprise
    4. Application
  6. Principles -- An overview
  7. Principles -- The structure of services
    1. Summary
    2. Brain and brawn
    3. Service-relationships
    4. Services as viable systems
    5. Application
  8. Principles -- Delivery services
    1. Summary
    2. Description
    3. Sub-units or variants
    4. Interfaces
    5. Application
  9. Principles -- Management services
    1. Summary
    2. Description
    3. Sub-units or variants
    4. Overall interaction
    5. Interfaces
    6. Application
  10. Principles -- Coordination services
    1. Summary
    2. Description
    3. Sub-units or variants
    4. Interfaces
    5. Application
  11. Principles -- Pervasive services
    1. Summary
    2. Description
    3. Sub-units or variants
    4. Interfaces
    5. Application
  12. Principles -- Properties and patterns
    1. Summary
    2. Services as systems
    3. Service quality
    4. Service interdependence
    5. Service completeness
    6. Application
  13. Practice -- An overview
  14. Practice -- Service purpose
    1. Summary
    2. Business as a service
    3. The structure of purpose
  15. Practice -- Services and functions
    1. Summary
    2. Function as service, service as function
    3. The Functional Business Model
    4. Creating a Function Model
    5. Verifying a Function Model
    6. Function Model examples
  16. Practice -- The knowledge of services
    1. Summary
    2. Services and business-systems
    3. The value of services
    4. Verifying viability
  17. Practice -- Services in action
    1. Summary
    2. Actions and transactions
    3. Breaking free from IT
  18. Practice -- Optimising services
    1. Summary
    2. Audit and improvement
    3. Improvement and optimisation
    4. Optimisation and engagement
  19. Appendix: Building a Function Model in Visio
    1. Preliminaries
    2. Application
    3. \nobreakspace {
  20. Glossary

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