Sublime Productivity


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Sublime Productivity

Code Like a Pro with Today's Premier Text Editor

About the Book

Remember that time you had to build a whole page of HTML links from a .csv file, and you wound up copying and pasting the opening and closing anchor tags 300 times?

Or when you transferred that list of names into an Excel spreadsheet just to sort it alphabetically?

Isn’t it a pain to hit Delete three dozen times just because you decided that you want to join the line you’re editing with the line below it?

You already have a powerful ally in the fight against tedium: your text editor. And Sublime Text is a heavyweight—just the partner you want to have in your corner.

But all that power doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know it’s there. If you haven’t taken the time to learn Sublime’s advanced features, you’re wasting time every day.

Sublime Productivity is packed with tips and tricks that turn painful editing chores into trivial tasks. You’ll smile inside every time you fire off a keyboard shortcut instead of groping for the mouse, or use a couple of quick commands to shave off dozens of clumsy keystrokes.

Proficiency with your text editor won’t make you a rock star programmer. But Sublime Productivity will help you learn to quickly complete those boring-but-necessary tasks and get back to doing what you do best: solving problems.

What’s included?

Sublime Productivity includes more than 100 pages of examples, walkthroughs and keyboard mappings, including in-depth coverage of:

  • Common editing tasks like sorting items, joining lines, transposing words and commenting code
  • Precision selection with Sublime’s multi-select and quick add and quick skip features
  • Navigating among project files and jumping around in the current file
  • Organizing your work into projects

What version of Sublime does this book cover?

The final version of this book will target Sublime Text 3. Although I started writing the book before the ST3 beta went public, I've already added sections that cover most of the important changes in Sublime Text 3, and I'm in the process of incorporating the less significant changes into what I've already written.

What's planned for future versions?

There are a ton of Sublime features that I haven’t covered yet. Among the topics I’m planning to include in the near future:

  • Introduction to vintage mode
  • Extending Sublime with the best plugins
  • Integrating Sublime into your version control workflow
  • Writing plugins
  • Configuring Sublime for an optimal experience while coding

Wait, the book's not done?

Sublime Productivity is a work in progress. There’s a lot to cover, and the Sublime Text team is constantly adding features. Rather than waiting until I have the entire book “done,” I decided to release it in a partially complete state, then publish regular updates until the book is finished.

For you, as a reader, this means a lower price if you’re willing to overlook the occasional formatting glitch or misspelling. Once you buy the book, you’re entitled to receive all future updates for free.

You also have an opportunity to influence the direction this book takes. Did I miss a great feature that you think other readers should know about? Is my organization of the book completely whacked? Is there a topic you’d like to see addressed next? Send me an email at, or let me know on Twitter or in the comments on this page. I’m eager to incorporate reader feedback into future revisions.

About the Author

Josh Earl
Josh Earl

Josh Earl is a software developer, writer and total text editor geek. He loves learning the ins and outs of whatever tool or platform he finds himself working on and tweaking his daily workflow to eliminate mundane and repetative tasks. He blogs with Sublime Text at

Table of Contents

  • Contact Me
  • Free Weekly Productivity Tips
  • About this Book
    • Which version of Sublime Text does this book cover?
      • The short answer
      • That awkward phase
    • Conventions
      • Why are you telling me to click stuff in menus?
      • Hey, where are the keyboard shortcuts?
      • Formatting notes
  • Did you get this book for “free”?
  • Side Bar
    • Toggling the Side Bar
    • Previewing Files
    • Opening Folders
    • Toggling the Open Files Section
    • Menus
  • Command Palette
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Minimap
  • Sessions
    • Viewing the Session File
    • Tweaking Session Preferences
      • Disabling Hot Exit
      • Disabling Remember Open Files
  • Projects
    • How Projects Work
    • Creating Projects
    • Adding Folders
    • Opening Projects
    • Multiple workspaces per project
    • Navigating in Projects
    • Editing Project Files
    • Project-Specific Settings
      • Including folders
      • Excluding files and folders
      • Overriding settings
    • Project File Example
  • Tabs
    • Opening Tabs
    • Closing Tabs
    • Tearing Tabs Off
    • Reopening Closed Tabs
    • Switching Tabs
  • Panes
    • Layouts vs. groups
      • Layouts
      • Groups
    • Managing layouts
    • Managing groups
      • Creating groups
      • Arranging groups
      • Closing groups
    • Rearranging tabs
      • Move to Next Group
      • Move to Previous Group
      • Move to numbered group
    • Navigating between panes
      • Focus Previous Group / Focus Next Group
      • Focus Numbered Group
      • Panes: Separate or not?
    • Moving files between panes
    • Resizing panes
    • Saving and restoring multi-pane configurations
    • Split View of a Single File
  • Editing Text
    • Paste and Indent
    • Paste from History
    • Indent, Unindent, Reindent
    • Insert Line Before/Insert Line After
    • Delete to End/Delete to Beginning
    • Delete Word Forward/Delete Word Backward
    • Soft Undo/Soft Redo
    • Transposing Letters and Words
    • Changing Capitalization
    • Joining Lines
    • Swapping Lines
    • Deleting Lines
    • Duplicating Lines
    • Wrapping Paragraphs
    • Commenting and Uncommenting
    • Sorting and Reordering Lines
    • Sorting and Reordering Selected Items
  • Selecting Text
    • Multi-Select
    • Split Selection into Lines
    • Quick Add Next
    • Quick Skip Next
    • Column Selection
    • Invert Selection
      • Cleaning up CSV data
      • Filter unwanted lines
      • Strip HTML tags
    • Scoped Selection
      • Words
      • Lines
      • Paragraphs
      • Brackets
      • Indentation Levels
      • Tags
      • Expand to Scope
  • Navigation
    • Goto
      • Goto Anything
      • Goto Definition
      • When does indexing run?
      • What’s include in the index?
      • Limitations
      • Goto Line
      • Goto Symbol
      • Goto Symbol in Project
        • What symbols are included?
        • Limitations
      • Combining Goto commands
    • Jump Forward, Jump Back
      • Limitations
    • Scrolling
    • Code Folding
      • Fold
      • Fold Level
      • Fold All
      • Fold Tag Attributes
      • Unfold
      • Unfold All
    • Bookmarks
    • Reveal in Side Bar
    • Open Containing Folder
  • Find and Replace
    • What are modes and settings?
    • Modes
      • Find, Find Next, Find Previous, Find All
        • Shortcuts
      • Incremental Find
      • Replace
        • Preserve Case
        • Shortcuts
      • Quick Find
      • Find in Files
    • Regular Expressions
      • Enabling Regular Expressions
      • Using Regular Expressions
    • Special Scenarios
      • Line Breaks
        • Shortcuts
  • Autocomplete
    • Basic Usage
    • Suggestions List
    • Disabling Auto Complete
    • Wrap Selection with Tag
    • Close Tag
        • Shortcuts
  • Vintage mode
    • How to Enable Vintage Mode
    • The “Big Idea”: Modes Explained
    • Insert Mode
  • Snippets
    • Inserting Snippets
    • Viewing Available Snippets
    • Wrapping Existing Text
    • Creating Custom Snippets
      • File Format
        • Scope
        • Content
        • Fields
        • Placeholders
        • Environment Variables
      • Implementing the Custom Snippet
      • Installing Snippets
  • Macros
    • What are macros?
    • What are they good for?
    • Creating macros
      • Recording macros
      • Saving
      • Playback
      • Editing
      • Creating keyboard shortcuts for macros
    • Limitations
      • No find and replace support
      • One tab, one macro buffer
      • Some commands are ignored
  • Command Palette Tweaks
    • Configuration Files
    • Adding Commands
  • Menu Enhancements
    • Configuration Files
    • Customizing the Context Menu
  • Key Bindings
    • Configuration files
    • How can I tell if a key binding is already used?
    • Creating custom key bindings
    • Context-specific key bindings
  • Managing Plugins
    • Package Control
    • Installing Packages
    • View Installed Packages
    • Disabling Packages
    • Troubleshooting Packages
  • Writing Plugins
    • What is a plugin?
    • The Command Logger plugin
    • Creating a new plugin
    • Installing the plugin
    • Testing the example plugin
    • Implementing CommandLogger
    • Integrating with the command palette
    • Learning more
  • Essential Plugins
    • Extend Menus for the Sidebar
    • File Creation
    • HTML Generation
    • Blogging
  • Cross-Platform Syncing of Settings and Plugins
  • PHP
    • Setting up a New Project
      • Fetch Installs Libraries for You
      • Installing Fetch
      • Configuring Fetch
      • Using Fetch
    • Code Checking
      • Setup
      • Linting
        • Configuration
        • Basic Commands
        • Usage
      • Code Sniffing
        • Configuration
        • Usage
    • Documenting Your Code
      • Setup
      • Usage
      • Building Documentation
    • Getting Help
      • Goto Documentation
      • Stack Overflow
  • SASS and SCSS
    • Preliminaries
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Compiling
      • Changing the Output Directory
      • Preventing Compiled Output from Appearing in Project
      • Automating Compilation
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Windows
      • Side Bar
    • OS X
      • Side Bar
    • Linux
      • Side Bar

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