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Steal Raganwald's Book!
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Completed on 2015-08-15

About the Book

Reg "Raganwald" Braithwaite's internet ranting, raving, and good-old-fashioned rambling on subjects he is utterly unqualified to speak about: The politics of intellectual property and the erosion of civil liberties. From "The Freedom to Drink Coffee" to "I Have A Bad Feeling About This," these essays will educate where they fail to entertain and entertain where they fail to educate.

Proudly manufactured from 100% recycled blog posts. NOTE: This book is inspired by Abbie Hoffman's anti-authoritarian classic Steal This Book, but is obviously a different book.

ATTENTION: This material is free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-speech, so you are free to repost, remix, or toss in the refuse bin as you see fit.

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About the Author

Reg “raganwald” Braithwaite
Reg “raganwald” Braithwaite

When he's not shipping CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Ruby, and Java applications scaling out to millions of users, Reg "Raganwald" Braithwaite creates programming libraries such as, Method Combinators, Katy, JQuery Combinators, YouAreDaChef, andand, and others.

He writes primarily about programming. Find out more on his  home page.

Table of Contents

  • Preamble
    • Introduction
    • Steal This Book!
    • Contact the author
    • The MIT License
  • So Long, Reddit
  • A Woman’s Story
  • Hello, My Name Is Reginald and I Am a Socialist
  • Ursidae et Crocodylidae
  • Never Again
  • The Tyranny of False Positives
  • The Freedom to Drink Coffee
  • Today You… Tomorrow Me
  • The Internet Made Me Sad Today
  • Friendly for Business
  • The Free World
  • False Dichotomy
  • I Have a Bad Feeling About This

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