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Software Craftsmanship

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This book is now published by Prentice Hall as "The Software Craftsman", part of the Uncle Bob series.
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I'm happy to announce that this book is now published by Prentice Hall as part of the Uncle Bob series under a new name: The Software Craftsman.

The Software Craftsman was proofread, revised, and edited by professionals and provides a much better reading experience. The content is basically the same besides a few improvements in some chapters and a new appendix. 

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After decades and many different methodologies, software projects are still failing. Although there are many reasons why they fail, there are a few things that cannot be ignored: managers see software development as production line, companies do not know how to manage software projects and hire good developers, and many developers still behave like factory workers, providing a very poor service to their employers and clients. With the advent of Agile methodologies, the software industry gave a big step forward, however, the percentage of failing software projects are still incredibly high. Why is it? Why are we so bad at it? What is missing?

Although the term has been around for over a decade, it was just in recent years that Software Craftsmanship emerged as a viable solution for many of the problems the software industry faces today. Proposing a very different mindset for developers and companies, a strong set of technical disciplines and practices, mostly based on Extreme Programming, and with a great alignment with Agile methodologies, Software Craftsmanship promises to take our industry to the next level, promoting professionalism, technical excellence, the death of the production line and factory workers attitude.

How can we become better developers? How can we make our companies deliver better software projects? With real stories and practical advices for developers and companies, this book is recommended to all software developers and every professional directly involved in a software project.

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