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  • Dream up a story people will love

    You can use Leanpub to write your story or novel on your computer in a folder you share with us.

    That way, we make it easy for you to just write, and also get the benefits of our powerful self-publishing workflow, without any manual uploading or sending any files.

    Once you’re set up on Leanpub, you can just type and save your work as you normally would, so nothing gets in the way of your writing process.

  • Publish & sell while you write

    People often think that writing has to be done in private from start to finish. But what if you want to start building an audience before you’re completely done writing your story or novel?

    With Leanpub you can easily publish as you write. Publishing a new chapter and making it available for all your existing and future readers is as easy as clicking a button.

    Publishing serially lets you start building an audience for your book right away. It’s a great motivator, even for the most disciplined authors!

  • Distribute your book when you're done

    For every copy of your book sold through Leanpub’s online bookstore, you will earn a great royalty rate of 80% per sale.

    When you’re done writing, you can take your ebook files and put them up for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, or anywhere you like. You can even use our easy print-ready PDF feature to make a print copy available through sites like Lulu and CreateSpace.

    You are not required to sell through our storefront - your book belongs to you!

What you get for only $99 per book

  • A unique set of powerful self-publishing tools

    - Once you’re set up, Leanpub magically lets you write and save on your computer as you would normally with no need for uploading or sending files again and again

    - Easily publish your book as your write it, serially or in-progress

    - Create bundles of your own books, and create bundles with other authors

    - Get a great-looking web page for your book & author profile on Leanpub

    - Create coupons to sell your book at a discount as part of a marketing campaign or promotion

    - You can easily add co-authors for free and set the royalty split yourself

    - Provide readers with lots of ways to read your book: on their computer as a PDF, on their smartphone or tablet, on their Kindle, online in their internet browser, as well as in the dedicated Leanpub app

  • Earn great royalties and sell your book anywhere

    - When you sell your book on Leanpub you earn a great royalty of 80% on every sale

    - We have no special restrictions on where and how you can sell your book and no complex royalty structure to keep track of

    - You can take your great-looking, properly-formatted book files and publish your book on any platform you like, including Amazon, iBooks, and Smashwords

    - Use our variable pricing model when you sell your book on Leanpub & let people choose what to pay

    - Change your book’s prices anytime to run promotions and pricing experiments

    - With the click of a button on Leanpub, we’ll generate a print-ready PDF file that you can use to create and sell print books through services like Lulu and CreateSpace

For more information, please email our friendly team at hello@leanpub.com!

Leanpub authors have earned over $6 million in royalties and they Leanpub!

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