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The hotelier’s unofficial guide to managing your online reputation on TripAdvisor, Online Travel Agencies, Google and elsewhere

About the Book

For hotels wanting to sell online, user reviews have become incredibly influential. Every customer has an opinion and is increasingly broadcasting it to the whole wide world!  What past customers are saying about your hotel, on dedicated review sites such as or built into property pages on Online Travel agency websites, can make or break your business. This makes proactively managing your online reputation essential.  However, responding to harsh and sometimes unwarranted criticism is challenging. Many hoteliers struggle to manage the process effectively, resulting in missed opportunities, a damaged online reputation and lower revenues. 

Thankfully help is at hand. Based on techniques gleaned from working with both independent and chain hotels, Reviewed! The hoteliers’ unofficial guide will assist you in defending, controlling and enhancing your property’s online reputation. Using a highly practical approach, this guide provides precise, detailed, step-by-step solutions, tactics and suggestions to help hoteliers to:

  • Better understand the role and importance of user reviews in today’s highly competitive online booking environment
  • Manage your hotel’s pre-purchase image so you can more easily exceed guest expectations and drive better user reviews
  • Use proven strategies to respond to reviews, both positive and negative
  • Challenge and remove suspicious or unwarranted reviews
  • Appreciate how the main review channels work and how best to manage their idiosyncrasies and requirements
  • Assess which software tools to use to assist in online reputation management
  • Understand how you can drive additional favourable reviews to increase your rating scores and positioning
  • Use reviews as free corporate intelligence tool to better understand your, and your competitors’, relative strengths and weaknesses.

About the Author

Peter O'Connor
Peter O'Connor

Peter O’Connor is Chaired Professor of Digital Disruption at ESSEC Business School, France, where he also serves as Academic Director of the specialized courses in Hospitality Management. Peter’s research, teaching and consulting interests focus on the use of technology in online retailing, distribution and electronic marketing.  In parallel to working at Essec, Peter also consults with internet analyst firm PhoCusWright Inc. as a senior analyst. In 2015, he launched ESSEC’s first MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on Coursera, which currently has over 12,000 active learners.  

Table of Contents

01 First Impressions                                                                                           

02 Why User Reviews Are Important                                                                       

03 The Reputation Management Process 

04 Where Do Customers Find User Reviews?                                                          

05 Anatomy Of A User Review                                                                                 

06 What Do Consumers Actually Look At?                                                              

07 What Happens When Someone Posts An Online Review?                                  

08 Managing Expectations                                                                                     

09 Prevention Is Better Than Cure                                                                           

10 Registering Your Property With Relevant Online Review Sites                           

11 Systematically Monitor Your Online Reputation                                                 

12 Responding To Reviews                                                                                     

13 Threats, Blackmail, Fraudulent Or Unfair Reviews                                            

14 Taking Legal Action                                                                                          

15 Wiping The Slate Clean                                                                                       

16 Proactively Managing Your Ratings                                                                  

17 Adding Reviews To Your Website                                                                      

18 Online Reputation Management Tools                                                                                                                                                          

19  Using Reviews for Corporate Intelligence                                                         

20 Managing Tripadvisor                                                                                        

Your Tripadvisor Listing                                                                                    

Managing Your Reputation On Tripadvisor                                                          

Registering As The Hotel's Owner/Manager                                                         

The Owners Centre                                                                                           

Modifying Your Property's Profile On Tripadvisor                                                

Adding Additional Photos To Tripadvisor                                                            

Removing Photos From Tripadvisor                                                                    

Adding Video To Tripadvisor                                                                             

Monitoring New Reviews                                                                                   

Responding To A Review                                                                                 

Challenging A Review                                                                                        

The Q&A Section                                                                                              

Review Express                                                                                                 

Tripadvisor Business Advantage                                                                          

Tripadvisor Sponsored Positions                                                                         


Instant Booking                                                                                                

21 Managing Google                                                                                               

Google My Business                                                                                           

Optimize Your Gmb Listing                                                                               

GMB Posts                                                                                                        

GMB Questions & Answers                                                                                

Reviews On Google My Business                                                                        

Responding To GMB Reviews                                                                             

Challenging GMB Reviews                                                                                 

22 Managing OTA Sites                                                                                          

Hotel Reviews On Booking.Com                                                                     

Your Booking.Com Profile Page                                                                         

Monitoring Your Reputation On Booking.Com                                                    

Responding To Booking.Com Reviews                                                                

Challenging A Review                                                                                        

Guest Review Awards                                                                                        

Hotel Reviews On Expedia                                                                              

Your Expedia Property Page                                                                               

Monitoring Your Reputation On Expedia                                                             

Responding To Expedia Reviews                                                                         

Posting A Management Response                                                                        

Having Reviews Removed From Expedia                                                             

23 Managing Facebook Reviews                                                                             

Reviews On Facebook                                                                                       

Managing Reviews On Facebook                                                                         

Monitoring Facebook Reviews                                                                            

Removing Facebook Reviews                                                                              


About The Author                                                                                                   

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