Art Peace War
Art Peace War


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Art Peace War

Last updated on 2017-12-25

About the Book

God will do nothing, but he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets”. Spiritual things is spiritually discerned and cannot be naturally understood. The Book of Revelations is a prophecy thus it is a spiritual book which the natural man cannot receive for they have not the Spirit of God in them. Where is the prophets where is the preachers, yes the teachers and the shepherds who should foretell the things that will surely come to pass and with speed. From Genesis to Revelation God reveals Himself to us. God gave men a curiosity to search the truth and to find Him.

About the Author

About the Contributors

Table of Contents

  • Chapter and Title’s Introduction:
  • Intro.
  • Chapter 1 - Jesus is Alive!
  • Chapter 2 - The 7 Churches: The Times of the Gentiles.
  • Chapter 3 - The 7 Churches: The Fullness of the Gentiles.
  • Chapter 4 - The Invitation into God’s Throne Room.
  • Chapter 5 - A Sealed Book, and the Lamb who is Worthy.
  • Chapter 6 - 7 Seals and the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse.
  • Notes:
  • Chapter 7 - Israel’s 144 000 Sealed and the Faithful Martyrs.
  • Chapter 8 - The 7 Trumpets.
  • Chapter 9 - Three Terrible Woe’s.
  • Chapter 10 - A Little Book and 7 Thunders.
  • Chapter 11 - The 2 Witnesses.
  • Chapter 12 - Signs in the Sky and the Red Dragon.
  • Chapter 13 - The Beast and His Magician Prophet.
  • Chapter 14 - The Lambs 144 000 Witnesses and Angels.
  • Chapter 15 - God’s Wrath and a Temple filled with Smoke.
  • Chapter 16 - 7 Vases full of Plagues and 3 Frogs.
  • Chapter 17 - The Whore of Revelations.
  • Chapter 18 - Babylon Desroyed in One Hour.
  • Chapter 19 - Armageddon: The Warrior Christ 2nd Coming.
  • Chapter 20 - Christ 1000 Year Reign of Peace.
  • Chapter 22 - The Throne, The River and The End.

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