React-Architect: Full-Stack React App Development and Serverless Deployment
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React-Architect: Full-Stack React App Development and Serverless Deployment

About the Book

This book aims to be your comprehensive guide on solving problems from end-to-end. You’ll not only learn how to write the code of a full-stack application. But you’ll also learn what it takes to think and act like a full-stack developer.

This book ships with lots of practical solutions to real-world problems. We’ll go through all the code examples in detail. We’ll look at how the code works. You’ll learn how to create full-stack applications with different architectures. In a practical and applied manner.

By the time you finish this book, you’ll be well equipped to create applications that solve your problem at hand. You’ll have gained hands-on knowledge that you’ll need to be successful in the real world.

You will have a deep understanding of full-stack software architectures. You will no longer be limited to creating Single-Page-Apps. You won’t hack together a bunch of code snippets anymore. But you’ll be able to create production-ready, well-structured solutions to real-world problems.

About the Author

Frank Zickert
Frank Zickert

I have been working as an IT professional for 15 years. I studied Information Systems Development and earned my PhD in 2012 at Goethe University of Frankfurt

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 Why Should I Even Bother With Full-Stack Development?
    • 1.2 Who This Book Is For
    • 1.3 Book Organization
    • 1.4 Let's Start Thinking Like a Full-Stack Developer
    • 1.5 Programming Paradigm, Software Stack and Libraries
  • 2 Get Started
    • 2.1 Create the app
    • 2.2 Define the architecture
    • 2.3 Run your app locally and deploy it to AWS
    • 2.4 Add a database
    • 2.5 Store the data
    • 2.6 Display the data
  • 3 How Much Configuration Do You Need?
    • 3.1 Is Create-React-App A Dead End?
    • 3.2 Configuration Is Not a Developer's Task
    • 3.3 Why Don't You Configure Your Infrastructure With React?
    • 3.4 The Common Language of Developers and System Engineers
    • 3.5 The Architecture-as-a-Function Paradigm
    • 3.6 Which Architecture Is Right For My Project?
  • 4 Set Up An Infrastructure-Components-Based Project
    • 4.1 Set up your development environment
    • 4.2 Create Project Files
    • 4.3 Prepare Your AWS Account
    • 4.4 Run The Scripts
    • 4.5 Remove An App From AWS
    • 4.6 Summary
  • 5 Serverless Single-Page React App (SSPRA)
    • 5.1 The Architecture Of An SSPRA
    • 5.2 Create, Start, and Deploy An SSPRA
    • 5.3 Serving Static Files
    • 5.4 Styling the entries
    • 5.5 Advanced User Interaction
    • 5.6 Local Component State
    • 5.7 Serving Different Routes
    • 5.8 Evaluation
  • 6 Serverless Service-Oriented React App (SSORA)
    • 6.1 The Architecture Of An SSORA
    • 6.2 Create, Start, And Deploy An SSORA
    • 6.3 Advanced Styling
    • 6.4 File-Management
    • 6.5 Working With Services
    • 6.6 Using A Database
    • 6.7 Evaluation
  • 7 Serverless Isomorphic React App (SIRA)
    • 7.1 The Architecture of an SIRA
    • 7.2 Create, Start, and Deploy An SIRA
    • 7.3 Server-Side Rendering
    • 7.4 Request Preprocessing
    • 7.5 Authentication
    • 7.6 Sending emails
    • 7.7 Evaluation

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